"I love you". These three words can change somebody's life. At least when they are meant from the heart. Love is one of the key aspects in life. They say that only the lucky ones get it. So, when you find that special someone to love, and who loves you back, you need to let them know why you feel the way you do. These reasons why you love someone are what differentiates love from the common, run-of-the-mill infatuation. Also, I believe that in true love, you need to be able to pinpoint the reasons why you feel the way you do towards your partner. So, if you find all these reasons in your feelings for the person, it most likely is love.

Common Reasons
  • You are always there when I need you. Not that I only call you when I need you or that I use you, but you have an ability to see beyond my self-protective "I don't need help" stance. You see that I need help, and you are there; no questions, no expectations, and no demands. Sometimes, you force me to take your help. It angers me, but I know you mean well.
  • You annoy me at times, but I still long for you when you are not around. You have the ability to get to me. Your stupid antics make me smile, laugh, as well as angry. But even when I pretend to be angry or annoyed, I know that I just want you by my side. Your company is worth all the embarrassment in the world.
  • He protects me, physically and emotionally, and I always feel safe around him. When he sees me walking through a crowd, I see his face light up. He looks at me with love, and not lust. Yes, I know he longs to touch me, but he never forced his desires over my comfort. He doesn't call me sexy or hot, he calls me beautiful. What's more, when he calls me that, I feel beautiful!
  • She is feminine, but not feeble. I know that our interests don't always match, but she makes every attempt to give my interests a chance. When I walk into a room, I see a sparkle in her eyes. She is always a lady when around my friends, but only I know the child inside her. When she looks into my eyes, I can feel her probing into my soul, knowing my deepest fears and thoughts. She knows I am "all man", but she still accepts it when I get childish, and cares for me when I am sick. She is beautiful!
  • You made the attempt to know my friends. I know you didn't like all of them, but you were civil with them and didn't complain. You participated in our group events and were by my side like my support, my award, and my pride. You defended me when my friends tried to take my case, and pulled my leg. You are my best friend.
  • You introduced me to all your friends; not because I was particularly awesome, but because you believed I was. You bragged about me to your friends and kept stealing glances all the way. You prepped me before I met them, and held my hand when you thought I would get nervous. After meeting all your friends, you told me how great I was. I saw you call your friend later (when you thought I was asleep), and say that "I don't believe I finally found love!". I was touched!
There are many more reasons for loving someone, but the reasons that I have given above probably gave you the hint of how it goes. You can take them as reasons for why I love my girlfriend, or reasons for why I love my boyfriend, or reasons for why I love that person who doesn't know how I truly feel. When in love, you have to be friends. Always be honest and never stray. Love comes with a lot of trust, and never leaves (I guess I agree with Celine Dion about this). So, when you find that special person who deserves your love, keep him/her and cherish every moment together. For, love knocks but once, and seldom comes back when the door is unanswered!