Choosing Eyeglass Frames For Face Shapes
Choosing eyeglass frames for face shapes
The right eyeglass frame will accentuate the inherent appeal of your face shape, while masking the disadvantages. Ergo, choosing the right one might just increase the chances of turning more heads, bringing the best out of your...
Eyeglass Frames For Women With Round Faces
Eyeglass frames for women with round faces
Choosing eyeglass frames for women with round faces can be a daunting task. Here are some tips and ideas on how to choose one.
Computer Reading Glasses
Computer reading glasses
Computer reading glasses are increasingly in demand due to the many hours spent by people in front of the computer. Are these glasses helpful for your eyes or are they just a fad among computer users?
Fake Glasses
Fake glasses
No matter if you want to don a cool look or appear a geek, you can get fake glasses for each of your avatar. Read on to know more..
Eyeglass Frame Trends 2015
Eyeglass frame trends for 2013
This year is totally rife with cool eyewear styles, like totally cool. This article from Buzzle brings to you some of the most modish, chic, and prevailing eyeglass frame trends of 2015 that have been sighted on some of the most...
Round Eyeglass Frames
Round eyeglass frames are back in the world of eye-wear and if you thought they are meant only for oldies, you are wrong. Read on to know more about round eyeglass frames.
How to Buy Over-the-counter Reading Glasses
Over-the-counter reading glasses are a cheaper alternative to buying readers from an optometrist. Important guidelines mentioned herein, may help you arrive at a conclusive choice.
Eyeglass Scratch Repair
A scratch on your eyeglass cannot be shied away from, especially if you are a regular user. Check out the article below for methods of eyeglass scratch repair.
History of Eyeglasses
Eyeglasses date back to 1000 A.D. and have undergone several changes before reaching their present form. To know more about their invention, and their evolution over the years, read this article...
Benefits of Anti-Reflective Coating on Eyeglasses
Anti-reflexive coating on eyeglasses is a necessity for those whose job demands continuous staring at the computer monitor or driving at night.