List of English Words with No Vowels
English words with no vowels
The English language comprises several words that do not include a vowel. Buzzle provides a list of words without vowels. Check 'em out!
Critical Thinking Puzzles
In this article, we will check out the importance of critical thinking puzzles in developing one's rational thinking and reasoning ability...
How to Play Sudoku Step by Step
Sudoku is an interesting board game related to numbers. Read on to know some tips to play sudoku step by step.
Free Crossword Puzzle Makers
Crossword puzzle makers encourage people to get creative and construct ingenious puzzles for all to solve. The article below will discuss free crossword puzzle makers.
How to Solve Sudoku Faster
If you have been just gotten hooked to solving Sudoku puzzles and are looking for some tips to solve them faster, this article is for you.
Importance of Puzzles for Toddlers
Though considered plainly as a source of entertainment, puzzles are important tools for development in toddlers. This article provides their importance in a toddler's growth, and how to choose the right ones.
How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Easily
Have you ever tried solving a Rubik's cube? Wondering how to solve a Rubik's cube easily? Scroll down to find out ways to solve this engaging logical puzzle.
How to Solve a Sudoku Cube
If you are looking for tips on solving a Sudoku cube, then you have landed on the right page. Keep reading to learn all about it.
Sudoku Strategy
To solve a puzzle like Sudoku at a rapid pace, one needs the right strategy to begin with. In this article, I discuss basic tips for beginners, who wish to master solving this addictive puzzle game.
Tips for Playing Word Games
The concept of vocabulary and the capability to make permutations and combinations of letters, words, and sentences has promoted the development of games based on vocabulary. Read on to know some tips for playing these word games.
Sudoku Tips for Beginners
Sudoku is a popular Japanese number puzzle with a deceptively simple game of logic. Let us try and understand some basic Sudoku tips for beginners.
How to Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle
A jigsaw puzzle, as we know, is a game in which a person has to reassemble a picture which is originally cut into small, interlocking pieces. I am sure, we all must have played this game at least once in our life, but has anyone...
12 Easy Steps to Glue a Puzzle
Steps to glue a puzzle
Assembling your favorite jigsaw puzzle is a fun activity that we've all loved doing as kids. But wouldn't it be a wonderful idea to preserve it? With this Buzzle post, you will learn that in 12 easy steps, you can glue any puzzle...
How to Play the Creative Thinking Game 'Scattergories'
Scattergories thinking game rule
'Scattergories' is an interesting icebreaker word game, wherein players have to answer the categories mentioned in the lists, starting from a specific letter, and within a predetermined time limit.
List of Words Containing Both the Letters X and Z
Words containing both the letters X and Z
When would you most feel the need to search for words that have both X and Z in them? When you have a test? Or when you are playing a word puzzle game? We know everybody wants to win a game, and so we give you a list of all the...
How to Solve a Cryptogram
Tips to solve a cryptogram
Cryptogram, being one of the earliest methods of encrypting simple text into cipher, and which was once used to send secret messages, is now used in word puzzle games. Train your brain to decipher some challenging codes with these...
Tips and Tricks to Play 2048 Puzzle Game
Tip to play 2048 puzzle game
Addictive, strategic, and a great way to pass the time, 2048 is a web-based and mobile platform game which is fast becoming popular all over the world due to its simple, yet effective playing technique. Read this Buzzle article to...
Easy Logic Puzzles
Do logic puzzles puzzle you? Don't lose heart, for here are some easy ones to get you started. Just try to solve them by yourself before you click to find the answers. Are you ready?
How to Unscramble Words
This article is all about unscrambling words that have been cleverly scrambled by some wordsmith for your preoccupation.
How to Play the Buzzword Game
Buzzword game rules
Buzzword is a game which tests a player's vocabulary as well as general knowledge. This article explains the rules to play the Buzzword game. Have a look...
Instructions to Play the Catch Phrase Game
Rules to play the catch phrase game
Catch Phrase is basically a word-guessing game, it is manufactured and marketed by Hasbro, and is quite fun to play. Buzzle provides instructions to play this game. Take a look!
Crossword Puzzles for Kids
Crossword puzzles can be a very good way in which kids can learn new words and also have some fun. Let's go through some sample crossword puzzles for kids presented by Buzzle.
Rules to Play the Taboo Word Game
Taboo word game
If you have a good vocabulary and love to test your mettle, Taboo is the game for you. This Buzzle article explains the rules of playing Taboo so that you can enjoy this fine word game.
Rules for Playing the Boggle Word Game
Boggle word game rule
Boggle is a word game that pushes players to use their knowledge of the English language to the maximum. There are various rules that all players need to adhere to when playing this game. Let's have a look...
Tips and Tricks to Play Candy Crush Saga Game
Trick to play Candy Crush Saga game
It is next to impossible that someone hasn't heard about Candy Crush! You might not be a player of sorts, but ask those who are hooked onto this game, and you'll know how addictive and fun this game can be. Nevertheless, for all...
Free Printable Word Searches for Kids
Word searches for kids
Self-help is the best kind of help there is, so they say. And it holds true when it comes to learning and building a child's vocabulary. This Buzzle post has some easy printable word searches for your kids to have fun with, and...
Words with Q Not Followed by U for "Words with Friends"
Words with Q not followed by U
Trying to figure out a word (or two) with a Q not followed by U is sure to leave a person racking his brains for a while. Stop bothering your brains as we can sort this problem for you. Coming up is a list of Q words without U...
Addicting Games like 2048
Addicting games like 2048
If you are looking for puzzle games similar to 2048, or its alternatives, you have landed on the right page. 2048 is a mellow addiction in this fast-paced life, where people don't get time to relax and are looking for ways to...
Logic Puzzles for Kids
Looking for some fun logic puzzles for kids? Then, take a look at these puzzles given in this articleand see how many you can answer.