What would the English language be like, without these wonderful puns? They bring in the element of unintentional humor by their sheer presence, and deliver laughter at the most unsuspecting moments. Here are a few of those in their most crass avatar...

Is marriage a word or a sentence?

Accountants have the toughest job in Afghanistan because of the tally ban.

My wife kept saying she's always right, so I left her.

More Puns Intended...

Comedians earn money for their cents of humor.

What did the salad say to the plate? I'm all dressed up but there's nowhere to go.

Can a kleptomaniac take something to cure him?

Regular visitors to the dentist are familiar with the drill.

Notice outside the supermarket: Chicken soup is out of stock.

The fractions were really happy about the new addition to their family.

Never marry porters. They come with a lot of baggage.

The chef entered the kitchen with caution. It was smelling fishy.

Remember the Italian chef who pasta way?

Whale, whale, whale, what have you done this time?

I'll be lion if I say I like this haircut.

You think he can pull off those tight pants?

It rains cats and dogs. Why doesn't it reindeer?

She dyed at the first sight of a gray strand.

I don't knead that dough. You can use it.

Am I looking hammered today?

Sometimes electricity can't conduct itself.

Found these funny? Well, the pun was intended, in this case. Do try and send us some of your own!