Psychosocial Evaluation in Decision-making Process
Are you the next Hamlet in the decision-making process? According to psychosocial evaluation, human mind is blocked at 'to be or not to be?' We have many critical questions in our mind. This Buzzle article will help you for an...
What is the Meaning of Rashomon Effect?
Meaning of Rashomon effect
The Rashomon effect is a phenomenon that describes how a single entity is described differently by different people. In the following Buzzle article, we will understand this concept in greater detail.
Difference Between Reality, Pleasure, and Morality Principle
Example of reality, pleasure, and morality principle
The reality, morality, and pleasure principles are based on Freud's theory of psychoanalysis. The latter has more to do with biological drives, whereas the ego and super-ego are concerned more with satiating biological drives in a...
Understanding the Reality Principle in Psychology
Reality principle in psychology
Have you ever felt the urge to eat a lot when on a diet? You surely must have. But then, you must have curbed these urges in order to achieve a long-term fitness goal. The urge, here, is the pleasure principle, and the thought of a...
Understanding the Concept of Sublimation in Psychology
Concept of sublimation in psychology
Sublimation is a subconscious process whereby certain negative urges are converted into positive behavior. Let's understand the concept in greater detail.
Understanding the Psychological Projection Theory with Examples
Psychological projection theory with example
Projection is a very common psychological defense mechanism that all of us take to from time to time, even though adopting the same may seem unlikely. We will delve deeper into this topic and help you understand the concept better.
What Does Displacement Mean in Psychology?
Meaning of displacement in psychology with example
Displacement is a defense mechanism whereby a person directs their negative emotions and frustrations onto another object in order to get rid of the negative feelings. In this Buzzle article, we will understand this concept further...
Explanation of the Inoculation Theory with Examples
Explanation of inoculation theory
The inoculation theory informs us about how to strengthen our existing attitudes and beliefs, and resist attempts of persuasion. The theory, given by social-psychologist William J. McGuire is explained with the help of examples.
The Meaning of Rationalization in Psychology
Example of rationalization in psychology
Rationalization is one of the most common defense mechanisms. Here, we shed light on the meaning of rationalization, and put forth some examples of the concept to make it easier for you to get well-versed with it.
Explanation of Intellectualization with Examples
Concept of intellectualization with example
Intellectualization is a commonly adopted defense mechanism that involves intellectualizing a stressful situation such that dealing with it becomes easier. In this Buzzle post, we will understand what this concept entails.
Explanation of Overcompensation in Psychology with Examples
Overcompensation in psychology
Overcompensation involves shadowing one's inadequacies by excelling in another field and feeling superior thus. Here, we will understand this defense mechanism in greater detail.
Explanation of Regression in Psychology
Meaning and example of regression in psychology
Regression is a defense mechanism that causes a person to adopt certain behavior traits from an earlier stage of development. In this Buzzle post, we will go into more detail about this concept and give you examples to help you...
Explanation of Projective Identification with Examples
Concept of projective identification
Projective identification is a slightly complex phenomenon that builds on the defense mechanism of projection. In this Buzzle post, we will provide a simple explanation of this theory along with some examples.
Repression Vs. Suppression in Psychology
Difference between repression and suppression in psychology
Though these terms are used synonymously, they do not mean the same thing. Repression and suppression are different concepts altogether. Here, we will highlight the differences between the two.
A Brief Insight into the Rorschach Inkblot Test
Use of Rorschach inkblot test
In the field of psychology, projective tests are those that determine the personality and behavior of an individual based on his/her reaction to a set of standard ambiguous stimuli. The Rorschach inkblot test, one of the most...
What is Ego Ideal
What is the ego ideal? How does it work and affect our daily life? Is it a universal concept? Or does your ego ideal differ from that of your best friend? Find out answers to all these questions in this post about the fascinating...
Interpretation of the House-Tree-Person (HTP) Psychology Test
Interpretation of the house-tree-person (HTP) psychology test
The House-Tree-Person (HTP) test in clinical psychology is part of the series of a group of projective tests which help in the assessment of personality traits. The HTP test is also administered to identify mental disorders like...
Thematic Apperception Test
If you have ever wondered about those picture card tests that many interview panels put you through, then you would want to learn more about Thematic Apperception Test or TAT. This article will tell you more about this test that is...
What is Reaction Formation in Psychology?
The information regarding reaction formation, conditions/situations in which it takes place and the treatment measures is presented in the article below.
Psychoanalytic Therapy
One of the most popular concepts in psychiatry, psychoanalytic therapy has been in picture for more than a century now. But is this form of therapy effective?
Psychometric Testing
Psychometric tests are standardized tools for evaluation of intelligence, attitude, and characteristics of an individual. This article provides information regarding the same.
Psychological Testing
Psychological testing is a widely employed method for assessing several cerebral characteristics of human beings. Learn how this is applied when it comes to testing several areas of the human psyche.