Good Career Opportunities for Psychics
Career options for psychics
If you have an inborn or acquired talent for psychic abilities, you must make this gift pay off with an occupation as a psychic professional. Any psychic skill that you possess can be turned into a psychic job in numerous ways....
Psychic Cleansing
Psychic cleansing
Due to the busy schedule of everyday and running into thousand things, your mind gets stuffed with a number of things and it feels like everything is cluttered inside. You know you need to undergo a psychic cleansing process when...
Precognitive Dreams
Precognitive dreams fact
You have a precognitive dream. That is, things you dream of, turn into reality. The precognitive experiences recur. You think you have precognitive abilities. You are thrilled, then scared, then confused, about what your...
Premonition Dreams
Premonition dreams
What is a premonition dream? Do dreams foretell unpleasant events likely to happen in future? Do dream premonitions turn true? Read on to find the answers.
7 Predictions Made by Edgar Cayce
Fact about Edgar Cayce
Edgar Cayce had identified himself as a healer all his life, who never used his gifts for profit. Through his predictions, he would usually help people diagnose health problems; sometimes, he would make predictions about wars,...
Traits and Abilities of a Psychic Empath
Traits of a psychic empath
Are you an highly sensitive person, an empath, or a psychic empath? Psychic empathy is often misunderstood as being paranormal. Buzzle solves this enigma by telling you what a psychic empath actually is, describing different types...
Is Psychic Surgery Real?
Psychic surgery is a lie
Psychic surgery has been exposed as a fraud by skeptics and stage magicians time and again, and yet it continues to be a thriving trade in places like the Philippines and Brazil. We don our skeptic's hat and tell you why psychic...
Signs of Psychic Abilities
Psychic abilities are those gifts of nature that enable you to sense something that is beyond the capacity of your five senses. To know that you possess them, you need to understand the signs of psychic abilities. So, read on...
10 Famous Psychic Mediums In The World
Famous psychic medium - Lisa Williams
Psychic mediums are revered by believers, and ridiculed by non-believers. However, it is well accepted that psychic mediums and their work fascinate countless people, believers and non-believers alike. Read on for 10 famous psychic...
How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading
There's more to psychic reading that meets the eye. Proper preparation is required if you are planning on visiting a psychic in the near future. Read the article on how to prepare for a psychic reading below to learn what you...
Psychic Reading Tips
All of us consider using a psychic reading at least once for curiosity cases. Here are some psychic reading tips for you to keep in mind when you visit a psychic. Take a look.
How to Become a Psychic Reader
Becoming a psychic reader does not involve taking a course online for certification. It requires you to put in a lot of effort to develop and hone your abilities, and then help others. Here's a small guide to becoming a psychic...
How to Test Your Psychic Ability
Different individuals have different psychic abilities. It is present in a few lucky people and not in all the people. If you think you have it in you, here's how you can go about checking it.
Awakening Psychic Abilities
The exceptional abilities that help you perceive something that cannot be understood by your senses are known as psychic abilities. Is awakening them easy?
Types of Psychic Abilities
Psychic ability is an extraordinary power that exists in each one of us. It gives us exceptional powers with the help of which we can guess the future, understand a person's state of mind, and even move objects without physical...
What are Psychic Predictions?
When we think of predictions, images of astrologers sitting with their charts (or nowadays computers and printouts) spring to our mind. No doubt at some point of time in our lives, we may have consulted an astrologer of some sort...
Choosing a Psychic Advisor
Many people might not even be knowing what a psychic advisor is, and what role they perform. How, then, does one go about choosing the right one? Find out in this Buzzle article dedicated to the same.
Psychic Healing
Ever wonder what is Psychic Healing all about? Read on...