Ring, O bells, and shout, O people,
Float, O flag, from sea to sea!
We, thy children, rally 'round thee,
Hail, O flag of liberty!
―Song of Freedom
by Florence A. Jones
Barbecues and picnics, fireworks and parades. Independence Day is marked by these activities all throughout the country. And speaking of activities, young children can always be kept occupied with some classic ones like board games, puzzles, and yes, coloring pages.

These coloring pages can be printed out and handed to children and toddlers, who can then spend an enjoyable afternoon, while the elders can relax. With the Fourth of July just around the corner, we've kept them a little patriotic, with flags, bald eagles, and even a portrait of George Washington.

4th of July Coloring Pages

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American Patriot Coloring Page
Patriotic man with flag Coloring Page

Bald Eagle Coloring Page
Proud Bald Eagle Coloring Page

Bald Eagle with Fireworks Coloring Page
Celebratory Eagle Coloring Page

Dancing Firecrackers Coloring Page
Firecracker Parade Coloring Page

Celebrating Firecrackers Coloring Page
Flag and Fireworks Coloring Page

Democratic Coloring Page
Republican Coloring Page

4th of July Banner Coloring Page
Patriotic Children Coloring Page

George Washington Coloring Page
Uncle Sam Coloring Page

Happy Man Coloring Page
Patriotic Cat Coloring Page

Noisy Firecracker Coloring Page
Smiling Firecracker Coloring Page

Soaring Firecracker Coloring Page
Soaring Eagle Coloring Page

Statue of Liberty Celebrations Coloring Page
Statue of Liberty Fireworks Coloring Page

Have a great Independence Day Weekend―enjoy the summer, relish the barbecued food, and have loads of fun watching the fireworks at night!