Funny Pranks to Play at Sleepovers
Every sleepover owes its funniest of memories to the funniest of pranks. Here are a list of pranks that you can try on your friends at your sleepover this weekend!
Good Pranks to Pull on People
Clean pranks to pull on people
Honey in hair, duct taped phone book, Chinese fire drill; all are really good pranks to pull on people. If you want more funny, exciting, and hilarious pranks to play on everyone, then keep reading...
How Does Itching Powder Work
Itching powder is one of the most widely used practical jokes pranks. But, have you ever wondered how does itching powder work? If this is the question running through your mind, read on the following article for some useful...
Harmless Pranks
A good prank in the one that guarantees a hearty laugh for both, the prankster and victim (i.e., the person at the receiving end). That invariably makes all harmless pranks good pranks to play on people around you.
How to Make Itching Powder
Itching powder is a great way of getting back at someone who least suspects it. Right? Absolutely. Want to know how to prepare itching powder? Read on.
Hilarious Senior Pranks
If a prank is carried out in the right manner, everyone loves it and remembers it. Here are a few examples of high school senior pranks that can really leave a mark in the tradition of the school.
Best April Fools' Pranks
April fool prank
Needless to say, everyone loves a good prank. April Fools' Day is getting closer and as the tradition goes, you can't miss out on playing some funny pranks on your family and friends. Read the Buzzle article and find out how you...
Ideas for High School Pranks
Playing pranks in high school has somewhat become a rite of passage. Here is a Buzzle post that will give you amazing ideas on pranks that are entertaining (for you) and irritating (for others).
Funny Prank Calls
Out of ideas where prank calls are concerned? If yes, then with this article you could increase the tricks in your bag while placing joke calls to unsuspecting victims.
Revenge Pranks
Want some great revenge pranks to get back at someone? Read the following article for some great ones.
Pranks to Pull on Teachers
To pull a prank on your teacher can be quite a risk, unless it is absolutely harmless and non offensive. Take a look at such funny yet healthy pranks to pull on teachers mentioned just for you in the following article.
How to Make a Fake Pregnant Belly
Are you looking for ways to create a fake pregnant belly at home? The following Buzzle article suggests some very easy, and uncomplicated ways of making one.
Good Prank Calls
Do you want some ideas for prank calls? In this article, we list out some of the best ideas that we have either been made victims of, or have played on others.
Birthday Pranks
Birthdays are a fun occasion to play some tricks on, as well as to be nice to, the birthday boy/girl. It's a great occasion to pull some pranks on them, since it is their day. Read on to know about some fun birthday pranks.
Pranks for School
Everyone loves playing pranks on unsuspecting people. School days are littered with such incidents, and this article will give you a crash course on some pranks for school that you can play on your friends.
Hilarious Pranks
What is life without a little laughter? Pull these hilarious pranks on your friends and give yourself a good laugh!
Scary Pranks
Need to play pranks on someone? Scary pranks are always the way to go, they're always a hit. Try some of these and you'll know what I mean.
April Fool's Pranks
The article below presents few of the best pranks for the 1st of April. The top April Fool's pranks mentioned in the article are a nice way to enjoy the day.
Pranks to Pull on Roommates
When you are staying with a bunch of flat mates, life can be made fun with a few mischievous pranks played well on each other. Read on for some really interesting and funny pranks to pull on roommates.
Email Pranks
Are you bored of playing the same old tricks on friends again and again. Why not try the email pranks, which are fun and exciting and at the same time a wee bit scary. This article helps with some email pranks that can be tried out...
Computer Pranks
Do you want to pull a fast one on your friend or co-worker? This article will tell you some funny, harmless computer pranks that you can play on someone and get a good laugh out of it.
Great Prank Ideas
Jokes and tricks lighten everyone's mood without hurting anyone's sentiments. Read on for some great pranks to pull on people.
Good Prank Ideas
Everyone loves a good laugh, and goodhearted pranks have been giving people reasons to laugh for centuries. Let this article be a guide for all the pranks you wish to pull on anyone and everyone.
Party Pranks
A party is happening somewhere and you need some great party pranks to play? Exactly those coming right up in the article that follows. Read to know what, where, how...
Office Cubicle Pranks
Bored at the office? Do you enjoy pulling pranks on people who don't see your naughtiness coming? Here's giving you some pretty cool pranks to play on an unsuspecting co-worker.
April Fool's Jokes
The following article presents April fools jokes and pranks to be played on one's friends, neighbors, and family members. Some popular jokes that caught media's attention are also listed in this Buzzle article.
How to Annoy People
Revenge is sweet! Find out how to annoy people and get back at them for all the times they've done it to you! Else, just have some fun!
Pranks to Play on Friends
Some pranks that you can play on friends and have a hearty laugh while you see them caught in odd situations. Make sure the friend on whom you are playing these pranks is sporty, or else be prepared to flee.
Church Camp Prank Ideas
Church camps are known to be a hit with kids and teenagers. Here are some great camp prank ideas which will make your church camp experience, both humorous and memorable.
Funny Pranks to Play on Your Friend's Car
If your friend can't stop boasting about his brand new car, and you are getting exhausted listening to his rants, the best thing to do is play a prank on him. Given in this article are some really funny pranks that you can play,...
Practical Jokes to Play on Friends
Here is a collection of all kinds of funny practical jokes to play on people. You could use these pranks anywhere. They are sure to make everyone burst out laughing.
Sleepover Pranks for Boys
Boys love playing pranks, and sleepovers are just another opportunity for them. Read this article to know some harmless sleepover pranks for boys.
Practical Joke Ideas
Playing practical jokes or pranks on people around you, is a nice way to ease the atmosphere, but it is important that these jokes are within a limit and don't harm anyone. Here, we have compiled for you some simple, but effective...
Practical Pranks for Kids
Practical pranks for kids are sure to guarantee some laughs. What's more, if done right they can be entertaining for others too. Read on to know more about some of the best practical pranks and jokes to play on kids.
Harmless Practical Jokes
Do you like playing jokes and pulling pranks on other people? Well, here are some practical jokes that are completely harmless to play on your friends in school.
Pranks to Pull on Friends at Sleepovers
Make the sleepover exciting for you and your friends by playing some really fun pranks to pull on friends at sleepovers. Read on for some ideas.
April Fool's Day History
If you're ready to play a prank on any of your acquaintances on the coming April 1, by all means carry on. Since it is a customary day meant for making a fool of people, you have every right to do that!! Read on to know more about...
Office Pranks: Practical Jokes at Work
Practical jokes to play at work
Everyone, at one point or another, has been the butt of office pranks. Practical jokes spice up office life. But I'd rather play practical jokes at work than have them played on me. So this post is a compilation of office prank...
Email Prank Ideas
Email prank idea
Email pranks can scare the living daylights out of someone depending on how mean you want to be, or how far you want to push it. Here are some email prank ideas that aren't cruel but quite hilarious.
Great Prank Call Ideas
Prank call idea
It is safe to assume that many of us have made prank calls when we were young; to a neighbor, grumpy store manager/clerk, an annoying classmate, or even a friend. Prank calls are quite common, and frankly speaking, great fun. But,...
Funny Prank Call Ideas
Funny prank call idea
Prank calls are fun, irrespective of your age. Let Bart Simpson be your muse, prank on!
Pranks to Pull on Friends
Pranks to pull on friends
When it comes to friends, you needn't wait for an occasion (like April Fool's Day) to pull a fast one on them. There are some fantastic prank ideas you can adopt, to trick your buddies. Of course, remember that they need to be...
Pranks for Kids
Prank idea for kids about replacing biscuit cream with toothpaste
Pranks are something that may or may not go down well with everyone. But for the person playing them, they're always fun!
Funny Prank Ideas
Funny prank idea
Wow... this is fun! Who doesn't want their birthday to be a memorable one! Why not a little differently then? Just mail all the guests that this friend of yours is turning a year older than he actually is. He'll be more than amazed...
Pranks to Pull on Your Sister
Prank to pull on your sister
We never leave any opportunity to pull pranks on our siblings as it is a whole lot of fun. The only thing is that you need to think of some great and unexpected pranks which will take them by utter surprise. Try out some of these,...
Sleepover Pranks for Girls
Sleepover prank for girls
Wondering what to do at this sleepover? If you girls just want to have fun, read the fun sleepover pranks for girls to make a night to remember!
Scary Computer Pranks
Scary computer prank
Scary computer pranks are a great way of fooling your friends, without causing any physical damage. Learn some really cool ideas for playing scary pranks on your friend's PC.
Pranks to Pull on Your Brother
Prank to pull on your brother
Tortured siblings of the world unite! After being at the receiving end of your brother's pranks time and again, here's your chance to get back. A bagful of exciting pranks await you to play on your loving, naughty brother and to...
20 Awesome Pranks to Pull on Your Boyfriend
Prank to pull on your boyfriend
How much ever we grow up, we can never stop playing pranks, especially if the person is your boyfriend! Relationships start to get boring and dull after a while. So instead of getting bored, play a few harmless pranks on your beau...
Harmless Car Pranks - Safe, Good Pranks to Pull on Cars
Harmless car prank
From quirky props to smashed side windows, there are some car pranks that promise a lot of fun. What's more, they are completely safe pranks to pull. You just need to pull them out successfully with correct timing.
25 Simple and Funny Pranks to Pull on Your Girlfriend
Funny prank to pull on your girlfriend
All have been the butt of someone's prank one time or the other. It is a purgatory of embarrassment and humor that keeps you wondering whether to laugh, hide, or cry. It is especially hilarious when played on a loved one, maybe...
Dorm Room Pranks
Dorm room prank
Pranksters can either be fun or vicious, where the latter are usually sucker punched. Pranks aren't actually all that bad, except those on the receiving end need to be the ones who think your humor makes sense.
15 Easy Harmless Pranks to Pull on Your Parents
Harmless prank to play
Are you targeted by your family and friends on April Fool's Day? It's time to take revenge by playing pranks on them! Buzzle loads you with 15 easy and harmless pranks to play on your parents.
15 Funny Ways To Wake Someone Up
Breaking the snooze button to wake someone up
Do you find it tiring to wake someone up? That you try your best every time, but these slothful lazy men and women simply won't budge. This Buzzle write-up enlists 15 different funny ways you may find helpful to achieve this...
Good Pranks to Play
Good pranks to play
For some, playing pranks is an art, while a few others struggle for ideas to carry out the same. Here is a look at some good pranks that you can play on your near and dear ones.
Mean Pranks
Looking for some mean pranks to pull on roommates? Search no further as here are some meanest practical jokes that would make your frenemies weep.
Harmless Senior Pranks
All senior high school students want to leave their high school with a bang. And what better way to do it with some best harmless senior pranks. A few fun ideas are put up in this article.
Funny Camp Prank Ideas
Funny camp prank idea
Pranks are meant for fun and amusement. You can have a good laugh with clean pranks and practical jokes during your camp, they will make camping more amusing and enjoyable.
Senior Prank Ideas
Senior prank idea
Senior pranks are acts of fun and amusement that leave hilarious and sweet memories for you, your classmates, teachers, and the school. If you are looking for some really cute and funny senior prank ideas for your high school, read...
How to Annoy Your Neighbors
Have your neighbors ever done anything in the past to annoy you, accidentally or on purpose? If yes, it's payback time! Here are some really interesting ways to annoy your neighbors.
Pranks for Sleepovers
Pranks can make a night's stay exciting and fun-filled. If you are planning to add this fun element to your next sleepover with friends, read on for some funny pranks for sleepovers.
Harmless Halloween Pranks to Play on Your Friends
Harmless Halloween prank
Want this Halloween to be really awesome? Then you will need some ideas for pranks to make that happen. The following Buzzle article will give you exactly that ... harmless Halloween pranks to turn this Halloween completely around.
Funny Office Prank Ideas
There's nothing like a good stock of funny pranks to lighten up the mood in an otherwise stiff atmosphere at the office. Through this article, discover ways on how to fool your employees/colleagues whenever things get a little too...