Low Potassium Foods List
Food with low potassium
A diet that includes low potassium foods, is an important part of the treatment process for people having high potassium levels; a condition called hyperkalemia. This article gives you a printable list of all such foods.
What does Potassium do for the Body?
Role of potassium in the body
Potassium acts as an electrolyte, along with sodium, calcium, and magnesium, and conducts electricity in the body.
History of Potassium
History of potassium
Caustic potash was widely used for various purposes, for a very long time. However, nobody was familiar with the element potassium till 1807, when it was discovered.
39 Uses of Potassium Hydroxide
Uses of potassium hydroxide
Certain properties of potassium hydroxide make it an extremely versatile cleaning agent. This Buzzle article presents the uses of this compound in various industries like cosmetics, food, agriculture, and petrochemicals. Know the...
Importance of Sodium-Potassium Ratio
Importance of sodium-potassium ratio
Sodium and potassium are two important elements that play a vital role in the metabolic processes in the human body. Maintaining the ratio between these two elements is key to good health. Learn more about the sodium-potassium ratio...
Difference Between Potassium Hydroxide and Sodium Hydroxide
Difference between potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide
Although potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide have almost similar properties, one cannot replace the other in certain applications. This Buzzle article describes the slight differences between these two compounds.
4 Common Uses of Potassium Perchlorate
Use of potassium perchlorate in fireworks
Made by combining solid potassium chloride with a solution of sodium perchlorate, potassium perchlorate has numerous uses. It is a powerful oxidizing agent and is chiefly used in pyrotechnics.
4 Uses of Potassium Chlorate
Use of potassium chlorate for longan trees
Being an oxidizer, the uses of potassium chlorate in explosives, fireworks, and safety matches are well-known. The following Buzzle article elaborates more on the uses of this compound.
Steps for Making Potassium Chlorate from Bleach and Salt Substitute
Steps for making potassium chlorate from bleach and salt substitute
When using bleach for making potassium chlorate, make sure it is boiled properly before adding it to a salt substitute like potassium chloride. Read the following Buzzle article to know how to make this crystalline compound.
How Does Potassium Reduce Heart Risks
Potassium is one of those minerals which are essential for the proper functioning of the body. It has several functions in our body but the most important one is keeping the heart healthy. In this article, we shall delve into the...
How Much Potassium Do You Need Per Day
You must be aware that potassium is an electrolyte that carries electrical charge when dissolved in water. It has the same action in the body and helps maintain electrolyte balance within the body. Let us find out how much...
What is Potash?
Potash is a mined or manufactured salt which contains soluble potassium. It is poisonous for the human heart and nervous system but is useful for plants in the form of fertilizers.
Potassium Chloride Uses
There are many uses of potassium chloride, including its use to treat hypokalemia. Read on, to know its various uses and applications in different fields of science...
Potassium Iodide Uses
Most of the potassium iodide uses are attributed to health science, including treatment of iodine deficiency disease, thyroid gland problem and thyroid cancer. For more information on this, read on.
Potassium Supplement Side Effects
Potassium is a mineral concerned with the transmission of nerve signals, regulation of blood pressure and heartbeat, digestion, and muscle contraction. The excessive intake of its supplements can cause several side effects, such as...
How Much Potassium is in a Banana
Bananas are very rich in potassium, but people seldom know the amount of potassium present in them. This article will specify the aggregate amount of potassium present in bananas.
Leg Cramps and Potassium
A deficiency of potassium can trigger leg cramps or the sudden contractions of the leg muscles. A deficiency of potassium signifies an electrolyte imbalance, which can manifest in forceful muscle contractions, especially in the...
Health Benefits of Potassium
Potassium is one of the essential elements required for good health. There are several potassium benefits we are unaware of. Here's an article on benefits of potassium. Read on...
Uses of Potassium
The uses of potassium include its application in various industries as well as its biological application. This Buzzle article highlights some of the key uses of potassium in various spheres of life.
Potassium Chloride Side-effects
Although rare, potassium chloride does have certain side effects that cannot be ignored. This article discusses certain precautions to be taken before starting the medication and its possible side effects.
Potassium Levels in Humans
Potassium performs a lot of key functions in the human body. But what are the normal levels of potassium in humans? Here's an article on the permissible levels of the same in human beings.
Fun Facts about Potassium
The element potassium is one of the most popular alkali metals and is of great biological importance to human beings. This Buzzle article lists some more information related to the same.
What is Potassium Used For?
Potassium and its compounds have some unique properties that make it useful for many practical purposes. Read this Buzzle article to know more about the uses of this element.
Interesting Facts about Potassium
Potassium, usually found dissolved in seawater or plant cells, is extremely important for the normal functioning of the human body. Read this Buzzle article to know more about this metallic-based chemical element.
Potassium Bromide
Potassium bromide or KBr, is a salt which used in the manufacture of sedatives, and works as an anticonvulsant. However, the use of this drug for humans and animals has not been approved by the FDA. This article provides...