The Power of Prayer and Positive Thinking
The power of prayer
The power of prayer has been a much-debated topic since the start of organized religion as we know it. Is it really powerful, or is it something else?
Positive Character Traits
Traits of a positive person
It is a well-known fact that it is easier to be negative than positive. To be able to see the good in everything is something we all have to learn. However, all it takes is a little effort to develop some positive character traits.
What's the Difference between Pessimism and Realism?
Difference between optimism, pessimism and realism
While anything that opposes optimism is usually tagged as pessimism, this viewpoint is not always accurate. Similarly, the concept of realism is often mistaken for pessimism―again, not true. In this Buzzle post, we will try...
Dealing with Negative Emotions in a Positive Way
If there is good, there is bad; if there is light, there is darkness; if there are happy times, there are bad ones too. Negative emotions, feelings, sentiments or people are something we can't avoid. What we can avoid is falling...
Positive Thinking Quotes and Phrases
What a Girl Wants movie quote on positive thinking
How many a pessimist would ever have stopped by to smell the roses out of fear of the thorns all around? Life is all about pushing through the tough times, believing always that the good times are just around the corner. How we...
Types of Attitudes
Types of attitudes
The term 'attitude' refers to an individual's mental state, which is based on his/her beliefs or value system, emotions, and the tendency to act in a certain way. One's attitude reflects how one thinks, feels, and behaves in a...
Positive Daily Affirmations
Louise Hay quote
Positive daily affirmations can provided motivation in simple ways. They are nothing but your inherent sense of confidence and self-esteem expressed in the form of motivational lines.
101 Things You Need to Be Thankful For in Life
Being thankful for receiving unconditional love
Being grateful for what we have and who we are, as an individual, is a reward in its own right; but of course, there are many more such things. Which is why, Buzzle decided to put together a list of 101 things a person can be...
4 Things In Life That Are Worth Waiting For
Things in life that are worth waiting for
Good things come to those who believe in it and wait for it. Life doesn't hand you things easily, there comes a time in everyone's life when we almost give up but when something is really worth it, waiting doesn't seem to matter...
How to Start Living in the Moment
Tips to start living in the moment
Very often, we find ourselves in the midst of troubles and heartaches. This is because of the fact that we cannot stop thinking about our past and worrying about our future. Buzzle helps you with some easy tips telling you how to...
12 Ways to Be Thankful Everyday for What You Have
Ways to be thankful in life
The feeling of expressing gratitude is relieving and satisfying. Gratitude leads to love, forgiveness, and kindness. There are a million things to be grateful for, which man never acknowledges. We must learn the ways to be thankful...
How Gratitude Leads to Happiness
Joseph Krutch quote on gratitude and happiness
Gratitude is wonderful form of depicting appreciation and acknowledgment. Of course, it is easier to preach than practice. Research however, does indicate that gratitude makes people happier. The 'attitude of gratitude', as experts...
34 Quotes about Negative Attitude
Quote about negative attitude by anonymous author
A negative attitude harms a person in more ways than one. Changing it, albeit not easy, is not impossible. This is a collection of the best quotes and sayings about a negative attitude that you must read.
Why Positive Thinking Doesn't Help Some People
Why positive thinking may not help
Certain people, who are mostly pessimists, carry a negative mindset towards all events that transpire in their life. No matter how you tell them that things are better the way they occur, they still remain stuck with how...
Positive Thinking Quotes
Quote on positive thinking
Here are some positive thinking quotes that provide positive inspiration, which you need to overcome the negativity of this world.
Staying Positive Quotes
Martin Luther King Jr. quote on staying positive
Many a time, positive, encouraging words seem like a soothing balm and a renewed hope for a weary soul. Positive quotes by famous people inspire and incite us to do better, armed with an optimistic attitude!
Positive Attitude Sayings
Jim Rohn on positive attitude
Reading through positive attitude sayings everyday can help you face the challenges of life with a brave smile. Life is definitely not a bed of roses. Imagine how monotonous life would have been if small problems never surfaced....
Positive Self Affirmations
Ayn Rand quote
Positive self-affirmations help you think positively to achieve a successful balance of life. They help in building a positive self-confidence with constructive visualizations and positive instructions. A positive thought from the...
How to Get Rid of Negative Energies in Your Life
Laughing helps overcome negativity
Your aura houses random waves of energy and is a shield that masks your deeper soul. Many times, negative energy overpowers this aura. While most of the time, this energy is external, negative energy can be developed in oneself...
Positive Thinking Exercises
Tools for positive thinking
Positive thinking is essential to keep us going through any situation in life. There are certain exercises which enhance our self-confidence and help us do away with negativity. Here, we provide various exercises that might prove...
Positive Attitude in the Workplace
Importance of a positive attitude at the workplace
Motivational speaker Jim Rohn hit the nail on the head when he said, "Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want." It is of utmost importance for organizations to inculcate and maintain a...
How to Stay Positive
Joyce Meyer quote on being positive
Positivity can be found all around us, if only we choose to look at it! The greater challenge, though, is not just finding positivity but staying positive. With a little effort and enthusiasm, though, we can learn to see the...
Positive Thinking Techniques
Meditation for focus and positive thinking
Unless and until you decide that it is time for you to step up for yourself, get rid of all the negative thoughts and energy, and be positive for your own good, none of the tips and tricks mentioned on any website or in any book,...
Positive Thinking Tips
Positive thinking quote
We are always advised by our elders and well-wishers to think positively. But, how is it possible to think positively? It is not very hard to fully understand the tips for positive living and thinking, as you will learn here.
Ways to Bring Positive Energy into Your Life
Optimism brings positive energy
Spiritual healing, cleansing, and living life with content is possible with maintaining a positive self. Attracting positive energy is the path to achieve this. Developing and surrounding yourself with positive energy does not...
Power of Positive Thinking
Oprah Winfrey quote
The Law of Attraction replicates what scholars prior to the advent of Neuro Linguistic Programming confirmed. The 'mind' is an important resource that displays the ability to generate a desired outcome. The power of positive...
Positive Affirmations for Success
Louise Hay quote
Positive affirmations can help a lot in making ourselves mentally strong, thus making it easy to achieve success in the desired field. There are some positive affirmations for success, which you can use to reaffirm your belief in...
Negative Attitude
Mike Dooley quote
Lots of people go through life without realizing that their failures and frustrations are due to their negative attitude.
Seven Simple Steps to Shedding Toxic Thoughts
Mother Teresa quote on peace
Negative thoughts and emotions can affect not only moods and mental well-being, but also health. Whatever toxic thoughts have been building up inside you, are not important in the grand scheme of things, so let them go, and let...
Positive Mental Attitude
Fact about positive people
Talk show host Oprah Winfrey couldn't have summed it better when she said, "Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough". Success...
How to Stay Optimistic During Tough Times
Ways to be optimistic
Optimism isn't something you can inculcate overnight. It is very important to see the good in everything, this improves the way we perceive things and people. In a way, optimism ensures that we don't give up!
What is Attitude?
Quote on attitude
Attitude is an individual's expression towards his surrounding situations. This expression is different in case of every person.
Being Positive, Negative, Or Realistic
Being positive, negative, or realistic
A balanced life contains them all and the greater the battle, the greater the destiny. Observe more about the general outlook on life!
Optimism And Quotes About It
Dalai Lama quote on optimism
Where does optimism come from? Is it something we are born with, or is it learned? The answer is everyone has it inside them, but, the clouds of pessimism covers the ray of optimistic thoughts. It is us who need to choose, whether...
What is Pessimism Bias
Pessimism bias
There are different forms of bias, and it can range from being a personality quirk (favoring the color black over other colors) to being a serious bias (dumb, blond stereotype). One bias form includes a depressive or negative point...
How to Deal With Negative People Positively
Every day, we deal with a number of different people from all walks of life. However, we tend to turn our attention away when confronted with a high-intensity negative person. Here is a post to help you deal with negative people...
How to Keep your Mind Sharp and Positive
To live a happy and peaceful life, it's not only necessary to have a healthy body, but it's also required to maintain a healthy, sharp and positive mind. Let's find out some methods which can benefit your mind.
How to Cheer Someone Up
Everyone needs an agony aunt at some point of time. This Buzzle article will give you some simple ways to cheer someone up, when they need it the most.
How to Stop Negative Thoughts
Tips to stop negative thoughts
Negative thoughts can thwart a person's growth and minimize the chances of succeeding at any task at hand. It is, therefore, a good idea to learn how to stop negative thoughts and bring in positive thoughts instead. In the...
How to Become an Optimist
Wondering how to become an optimist? Read ahead.... even if this article doesn't fill you with positivity, you can't get any more negative either! After all, what harm ever came from reading an article?
What is a Self-fulfilling Prophecy and How does it Work?
Example of self-fulfilling prophecy
Self-fulfilling prophecy is a concept which states that by predicting a false outcome, we alter our behavior and actions, such that the predicted outcome ultimately becomes true. A more detailed explanation of this concept with...
Positive Affirmations for Women
How do positive affirmations help in developing a positive attitude towards life? What are they exactly? How can you feel the good vibes around you? Read the article and find out.
Pessimism Vs. Optimism
Is pessimism the exact opposite of optimism? Join us as we compare these two states of mind to find out whether they are at loggerheads.