Duties of a Police Officer
Duties of a police officer
Maintaining law and order in the society is one of the most important duties performed by the police. However, along with routine tasks assigned to them, police officers may also have to handle some critical and mind-boggling...
Difference Between Sheriff Department and Police Department
Difference between sheriff department and police department
Even though a police department and sheriff department are both law imposing organizations, they are different in many aspects. The main aim of these organizations is to provide protection to public.
Reasonable Suspicion Vs. Probable Cause
Example of reasonable suspicion and probable cause
Reasonable suspicion and probable cause are two terms that are often used interchangeably. For better understanding, here is a brief explanation about these terms and their differences, though a reasonable suspicion vs. probable...
Police Scanner Codes
Police scanner codes basically refer to different number-number, number-letter, or number-word combinations used by the police in radio communication. Buzzle introduces the concept and purpose of scanner codes, and also provides a...
What All You Need to Know to Become a Homicide Detective
Educational requirement to become a homicide detective
A homicide detective investigates and collects proof to expose criminals. Buzzle tells you what all you need to know to become a homicide detective.
Job Description and Average Salary of a Homicide Detective
Job description of a homicide detective
A homicide detective is one who helps catch culprits in murder cases by finding the missing clues. The Buzzle article below will give you the job description and average salary of a homicide detective.
What Does a Police Welfare Check Mean?
Police welfare check
A police welfare check is done if a call is made to check on a person presumed to be in danger. Buzzle delves deeper into what a police welfare check means.
Parole Officer Requirements
Educational requirements for parole officer
If you're interested in being a parole officer, you will have to know what some of the parole officer requirements are. Read to know more.
Physical Requirements for Police Officers
Do you look up to the guardians of civil law and order as your role models? Would you some day want to join their ranks and weed out crime from your society? Well, this is a demanding job and it calls for tough, enthusiastic...
Requirements to Become a Police Officer
Fulfilling the requirements to become a police officer is no piece of cake, and requires serious hard work. Police academies and forces take up only the best candidates, and if you are the best, then nothing like it, as you are in...
Interrogation Techniques
The article provides information on interrogation techniques that are used in obtaining data from subjects. It might come as a surprise for some people, but torture as an interrogation technique is still used effectively in many...
Police Academy Requirements
Police academy requirements vary from state to state, but there are certain conditions that have to be met throughout police academies of the country...
Requirements to Be a Police Officer
Good education, intelligence, discipline, and a desire to serve the people, are some of the fundamental prerequisites to be a police officer.
Types of Police Equipment
Either you want to become a police officer or are just curious to know the kind of police equipment used! Here is some information that will help you out.