Effects of Global Warming on Polar Bears
The polar bears and other Arctic animal species are becoming an endangered species, since the glaciers have been melting as a result of global warming. The article below elaborates on the effects of global warming on polar bears.
Knut: The Polar Bear Cub
Knut is an orphaned bear cub raised by humans. He became extremely popular in no time, and is today a matter of pride for Germany.
Polar Bear Facts For Kids
Polar bear fact
Polar bears are some of the most majestic, beautiful, and dangerous creatures on Earth. The Inuits call polar bears, Nanook. Today, there are an estimated 20,000 to 25,000 polar bears living worldwide.
Are Polar Bears Endangered?
Declining population of polar bears
Polar bear population was believed to be endangered, especially due to global warming and melting of sea ice. However, recent study shows polar bear numbers have risen. So what does this mean? Are polar bears endangered or not? The...
Interesting Facts about Polar Bears
Fact about polar bear
Polar bears are found exclusively in the Arctic regions, and are the apex predators of the region, and an integral part of the ecosystem.
Where do Polar Bears Live
Loss of habitat is the by far the biggest threat for the polar bears. If we are to conserve them, we need to find out the answers to some simple questions like where do they live and how they manage to survive in such harsh...
What do Polar Bears Eat
Native to the Arctic and its surrounding areas, polar bears are considered the largest land carnivores. Go through this article for a brief overview about polar bear diet.
Polar Bear Adaptations
Adaptation is the key to survival, and adaptations of the polar bear, which help it survive the harsh environment of Arctic tundra, are undoubtedly the best when it comes to kingdom Animalia. Continue reading....
Polar Bears Habitat
Grab some basic and important information about the habitat of the largest terrestrial carnivore, the polar bear, from this article.