10 Interesting Facts about Pluto
Fact about Pluto
How was Pluto discovered? What is Pluto composed of? What makes it different from other planets? Know this and more in the 10 interesting facts about Pluto.
Pluto's Moon Charon
Pluto's moon Charon has been lying in the realms of the anonymous for a long time, but since the time it has been discovered, there have been many interesting findings about Pluto.
Is Pluto a Planet?
Pluto cannot be called a planet
While most people have grown up with the knowledge that there are 9 planets in the solar system, we suddenly find that our textbooks fall 1 planet short, with eight planets.
Why is Pluto Not a Planet?
Why Pluto is not a planet
Is Pluto a planet? No, it is no longer a planet of the solar system. It was relegated to a 'dwarf planet' in the year 2006. But why is Pluto not a planet anymore?