How to Build a Platform Bed
Platform beds have seen a tremendous growth in popularity over the years. While they are available by the dozen in furniture stores, they can also be specially built and customized, as per your personal requirements.
A Guide for Buying a Platform Bed
Why you should buy a metal platform bed
Heading out to buy a platform bed? Before you do, take a look at this guide so that you know what to look for when buying the bed.
Mattresses for Platform Beds
Mattresses for platform beds
Platform beds are a very common incorporation in modern bedroom designs. Find some comfortable mattresses for these beds mentioned here, just for you.
Platform Beds with Drawers
Platform bed with drawers
Platform beds with drawers needn't be boring and old-fashioned. They can be rather trendy and versatile along with their usefulness. Also known as cabin beds, they are usually made of wood or metal.