How Many Planets are There in Our Solar System?
While we have been learning about the nine planets in our solar system since childhood, of late there has been a bit of confusion about the number of planets with Pluto being knocked off the list.
Mercury Planet Facts for Kids
Now that Pluto has been stripped of its designation as a planet, Mercury has become the smallest planet in our Solar System.
Terrestrial Planets
Did you know that the first four planets in our solar system, including the Earth, are classified as terrestrial planets?
Eris: The Dwarf Planet in the Solar System
Eris, the largest of the dwarf planets was officially identified in 2005, by Michael Brown and his team at the California Institute of Technology. The discovery of Eris erupted a series of controversies, that resulted in the...
20 Earth-like Planets That Could Support Life
Fact about Keppler 22b Earth-like planet
Are we alone in the universe? Or do similar civilizations exist on other celestial bodies in our solar system or even in other galaxies? Research has been going round the clock on to answer such questions, and to find out if any...
Planet Earth Facts
Fact about the planet Earth
Earth, also known as the Blue Planet, is the only planet in the Solar System that supports life. The Earth is, thus, unique in more than just one way. Several theories surround how it came into being. So, let's unearth some...
Interesting Facts About Neptune
Neptune planet fact
How was Neptune discovered? How did it get its name? What is Neptune composed of? Which color is Neptune? How many moons and rings does it have?
6 Facts About Alien Planet 'Kepler-186f' Worth Knowing
Fact about planet Kepler-186f
The discovery of the alien planet Kepler-186f could very well be a landmark achievement of modern-day astronomy. In the scientific community, it is being called Earth's cousin. Curious to know why? Then read this Buzzle post to...
How the Planets in Our Solar System Got Their Names
Names of planets in our solar system
The planets in our solar system are no less than a family! They have been named after Greek and Roman deities. This Buzzle article talks about how these nine astronomical entities got their names.
Facts about Dwarf Planets
Seven years after the IAU's decision to change the definition of 'planets' and other bodies, we have five accepted dwarf planets, with a lot more similar objects in sight.
How Many Rings does Saturn Have?
The jewel of the solar system has many fascinating facts hidden on its silent planes. Saturn is the only planet that has visible rings. If you are wondering how many rings it has, then read on to find out.
How Many Planets Have Rings Around Them
Planets with rings around them
Do you know how many planets have rings around them? Everyone believes that only Saturn has rings around it. But the truth is, apart from Saturn, even Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune have rings around them.
How Many Moons Does Saturn Have?
Saturn and its moons
Of the sixty-two known moons of Saturn, thirty-five orbit at a distance of about 7 million miles from the epicenter of the planet. This article takes a brief look at Saturn's moon system.
Characteristics of Jovian Planets
Planets in the Solar System can be placed under two categories: terrestrial planets and jovian planets. Terrestrial planets are small planets made of rock, while jovian planets, also referred to as the 'gas giants', are made up of...
Planets in Order from the Sun
Can you name the planets in order from the Sun? If not, then all you need to do is go through the following article and learn all about the planets of the Solar System.
How Many Moons Does Each Planet Have?
It's intriguing to find out about how many moons each planet has, especially after being familiar only with the Earth's. Let's find out how many moons circle the planets of the solar system...
Planets in Order of Size
This article presents you with important facts related to the size of the planets in our solar system, and their arrangement with regards to this parameter.
Jovian Planets Vs. Terrestrial Planets
A concise write-up on the differences between Jovian planets and terrestrial planets, which will help you get well-versed with these two types of planets in our solar system.
The Planet Mercury
This article provides some information about Mercury, a planet which is the least explored. It includes some interesting facts about this planet, that you probably didn't know!