Ways to Avoid Plagiarism
Ways to avoid plagiarism
Plagiarism, in essence, is copying someone's work without permission. The article below enlists some ways to avoid plagiarism.
Detecting Plagiarism on the Internet
The word plagiarism has been derived from the Latin word 'plagiarius', which means a kidnapper. It literally means stealing or representing the words or concepts of someone else, as your own. Detecting it on the Internet was a...
Tips and Techniques to Prevent Plagiarism
Plagiarism is a serious issue, and it needs to be handled with great care. If you are on the lookout for authentic content, and do not wish to deal with 'borrowed ideas', here are some tips and techniques that will help you write...
Consequences of Plagiarism and Its Penalties
What is plagiarism
Plagiarism is commonly defined as the act of passing off someone else's work as your own, whether intentionally or unintentionally. The consequences of plagiarism depends largely on the context in which it has taken place.
Different Types of Plagiarism
Plagiarism, in simple words, is stealing another person's language and thoughts, and passing it off as one's own original work. This article focuses on the types of plagiarism and the ways it is done.
Plagiarism Consequences in High School
With unlimited access to the World Wide Web available, plagiarism tendencies among high school students have reached unbelievable heights. Whether done unintentionally, owing to ignorance, or intentionally, due to insufficient...
Plagiarism Consequences in College
The activity of plagiarism which has become a global menace has started spreading its wings in the world of academia. The plagiarism consequences in colleges could range from temporary suspension to expulsion. The different...
Ways to Catch Student Plagiarism
Tools to catch student plagiarism
Plagiarism is a huge problem among students writing papers. Here are a few ways to catch plagiarism before it becomes a habit.