Choosing the Right Pillow for a Good Night's Sleep
Tip to choose the right pillow
Did you know that your pillow could be the culprit behind keeping you away from a good night's sleep? Yes, as much as we need a comfy mattress to get the much-needed refreshing sleep at night, a good pillow is of equal importance....
How to Use a Maternity Pillow
For a mother-to-be, sleeping in a comfortable position becomes highly essential as it not only gives the mother sound sleep but also increases oxygen flow to her unborn child. Which is why, doctors recommend using a maternity...
Body Pillows for Pregnant Women
Ever heard of body pillows for pregnant women? If you are a pregnant woman then, these very useful things can assure a good night's sleep.
Best Bed Rest Pillow
Bed rest pillows provide support for the back by helping a person maintain the right posture, while doing other activities like reading, watching television, etc. Learn more about these pillows from this article.
How to Make a Neck Roll Pillow
A neck roll pillow works extremely well if you are regularly suffering from neck pain due to inappropriate height and weight of pillows. You can slide a neck roll pillow just below your neck and feel the difference in comfort. Read...
Down Pillow Reviews
Who does not like to sleep comfortably? Down pillows are ideal for those who seek a little more comfort while sleeping. These reviews will help you in choosing the right down pillow for your needs.
Neck Pillow Reviews
Buying the wrong type of pillow can prove to be not only uncomfortable but can also aggravate neck problems or lead to new aches and pains. Decide on the brand to buy through this neck pillow review.
Types of Pillow Shams
A pillow sham is not just a decorative element in a bedroom, but an accessory that provides lasting comfort. Let's take a look at the different kinds of pillow shams available for the taking.
Pillow Sham Sizes
Pillow shams are a creative option, in order to lend a fresh look to your hair decor. Read the following article to know about the pillow sham sizes, and the specifications you need to know while buying them.
Pillow Patterns
Types of pillows
Pillows come in versatile shapes and so do their covers. Today, other than regular square and round pillows, many new patterns have evolved, which are supposedly trendy and much more contemporary. The trendy pillows will no doubt...
Benefits of Sleeping with Pillow Between Knees
Benefit of sleeping with pillow between knees
Sleeping with a pillow between the knees has many benefits. Using a firm pillow will help more instead of a soft one because the firmness will prevent the upper leg from moving over the lower leg. Read more about the many benefits...
Benefits of Sleeping on a Water Pillow and How It Works
Benefits of using a water pillow
Touted for their amazing effects on sleep and overall health, water pillows are quite popular. There is a lot of useful stuff to know about the health benefits of these pillows, and their working.
How to Choose the Best Pillow for Neck Pain
Pillows to reduce neck pain
Neck pain is one of the most common reasons why people visit the doctor frequently. The problem of neck pain is more prevalent among people whose jobs involve working on a computer. Using the right pillow can help decrease the pain.
Types of Pillow Stuffing
Comfortable pillow stuffing
When it comes to pillows, whether for the bed or couch, the primary thing that you should look for is comfort. On a bed, the more comfortable pillows are, the better sleep a person gets at night. Same goes for throw pillows on the...
Best Pillows for Side Sleepers
Tip for side sleepers
If you're a side sleeper, then specially designed pillows for the side sleeping position are what you want to look for. With these side sleeper pillows you can experience optimum comfort as your head and neck rests in the right...
How to Clean Microfiber Pillows
Tip to clean microfiber pillows
While most people may think that they'll never need to clean microfiber pillows, the truth is another story altogether. There are ways in which you can rid your pillows of adamant stains like water, paint or oil spills.
Types of Floor Pillows
Floor pillows
There are various types of pillows available in the market. They not only suffice your need to rest on them, but also helps in adding starts to your living room or bedroom. In short, floor pillows are a great addition as decorative...
Buckwheat Pillow Benefits
Benefits of buckwheat pillows
Though it doesn't strike as the first choice while thinking of a pillow, buckwheat hull pillows have many advantages over feather or synthetic-fiber pillows. The foremost being, it provides proper support to your neck and induces a...
How to Make Decorative Pillows
Fact about decorative pillows
Sometimes, something as simple as decorative pillows can transform the overall d├ęcor of your home to a great extent. You need to decide the location and theme and when that is done, you can create the look as you wanted.
Travel Neck Pillow
Travel neck pillow
If you are required to sit upright for long periods during your flights. Your neck and upper back generally bear the brunt of this upright position. A travel neck pillow is quite a handy item to have when you're traveling.
Types of Body Pillowcase Fabrics
Ancient Chinese pillows
A body pillow is a great option for those who want to snuggle something while sleeping. It allows you to sleep in a fetal position without your arms placed at awkward angles.
How to Wash Pillows
Tip to dry pillows
Washing your pillows is a tricky yet necessary chore. It is important to remember the type of filling in the pillow and follow washing instructions accordingly, for the best wash.
How to Make a Pillow
Microbeads to make lightweight pillows
Making pillows at home is not an unattainable task. Assembling and stitching a pillow and its cover is easier than you can imagine. Why waste bucks on buying pillows from a store?
How to Make a Pillowcase
Tip to make a pillowcase
Sleep constitutes about ⅓ portion of an average human being's lifespan. And that underlines the importance of having a comfortable sleeping environment. What adds to the comfort is having good mattresses, and clean sheets and...
Outdoor Pillow Covers
Fabric paints for outdoor pillow covers
Outdoor pillow covers add color to your outdoors and complete the decor. There are various choices in color, size, fabric, and styles of these pillow covers. You can even make them on your own.
Microbead Pillows
Microbead pillows
If you are someone who enjoys the squishy feel and comfort of bean bags, then you will surely enjoy microbead pillows. These are filled with polystyrene beads, similar to bean bags, and are great for muscle pain, posture, and for...
Euro Pillow Shams
Dakimakura - a hugging pillow in Japan
Euro pillow shams make the best decoration for customized bedding. The European Sham is the pillow covering for a large square pillow that is typically the first layer against the headboard, then you arrange your...
How to Make a Floor Pillow
Floor pillows are comfortable and fancy
A floor pillow could be a soft inclusion in your quarters. You could ensemble your rooms with floor pillows that would serve to be virtual furniture piece for one and all. Moreover, making these pillows is a fun family activity.
Anti Snoring Pillow Reviews
Believe it or not, nearly 50% of Americans snore, and the problem gets worse as you grow older. There are various ways and equipment used to fight the problem of snoring. This article acquaints you with some anti snoring pillow...
Sleep Apnea Pillow Reviews
If you or your family member is suffering from sleep apnea, buying a pillow designed to offer better sleep to such patients can be a great idea. Move on to the following sections to read the sleep apnea pillow reviews...