The Rise of Online Food Porn
You wouldn't be caught dead looking at porn, but you think nothing of mass-emailing the picture of S'mores from the weekend - even though the purpose of each is the same. Where did this come from? Why, the internet of course.
Tips for Taking Better Photos
There is a lot that goes into becoming a good photographer. Thankfully, it begins with small steps. Find out about different tricks and tips for taking better photos, here.
Brochure Photography
The art of brochure photography requires knowledge of the product that one is advertising. Since it is very important for the marketing of the product, one has to give full justice to the details of the product/service being...
Photo Shoot Locations in Los Angeles
With the exotic locales, panoramic views, and urban culture, photographers are definitely spoiled for choice, when it comes to photo shoot locations in Los Angeles. This write-up enlists a few places that are perfect for this...
Point and Shoot Photography
With the modern point and shoot cameras, any amateur photographer can easily access the various techniques of professional photography. Read the Buzzle article for essential tips and techniques that you can apply to get amazing...
Invention of Photography
Modern photography has come a long way since its invention in the 4th and 5th century BCE. Read on to know more...
Photographer Salary Range
Before you plunge in with all your creative abilities in to the field of photography, an awareness about the photographer salary range will help you to know the earning potential in your chosen path. The article below contains some...
Ways Food Photographers are Tricking Us
Substituting honey with motor oil to get pictures of flapjacks
With the explosion of food brands in the modern world, companies really push the boundaries when it comes to attracting customers. In this article, we reveal some of the commonly used food photography styling tricks, which takes...
Tips for Shooting Black and White Photos
Color photographs may be happy, chirpy, and bright, but nothing can beat the charm and timelessness of a black and white photograph. However, there is more to it than just selecting a specific mode of shooting in your camera and...
Ideas for Lifestyle Photography
What is lifestyle photography? What are the various elements that help enhance the style of this photography? How can you come up with different ideas for this form of photography using these elements? In this article, we tell you...
How to Improve Camera Phone Photography
So, you want to take some awesome photos using your camera phone? Well, for that, keeping in mind some basics of photography can help you exploit your camera phone's full potential.
Beach Photography Poses
Beach photography poses
If you and your family or friends like to hit the beach pretty often, here are some beach photography poses you'd like to keep in for next time. Capture the moments and make them live forever...
Group Photography Tips
Group photography tips
The following article discusses on how to photograph people in a group. Take memorable pictures that last forever with less technical things to worry about...
Photography Projects for Beginners
It takes years of practice and several failed attempts to become a professional photographer. The objective is to capture the essence of significant moments, in order to make them last forever.
Types of Photography Lighting
To master the art of capturing the moment the way it is in with a camera, it is extremely important to understand types of photography lighting. Read on to know what are the basic kinds of light effects that one needs to know...
Pregnancy Photo Ideas
While deciding to have some gorgeous photographs clicked during your pregnancy is easy, making them unique and creative is not everyone's cup of tea. However, with the help of some photography ideas here, you are sure to be able to...
Landscape Photography Tips
Landscape photography tips
Does the beauty and splendor of nature inspire you? Did you ever wish that the multi-hued rainbow you saw the other day or the picturesque sunset you witnessed on your vacation, were forever? If yes, then perhaps landscape...
Senior Photography Project Ideas
There are tons of ideas for photography projects that you as a senior can explore to express whatever it is you want through your pictures. This article will help you with some that might kindle your interest.
Landscape Photography Techniques
With the love of nature and photography, landscape photography has a million enthusiasts. We have compiled some of the best landscape photography techniques below. Read on...
History of Photography
Any invention is never the result of overnight work or a miracle. It takes patience and hard work and sometimes centuries before seeing any worthwhile results. Scroll below for a comprehensive look at the camera and its creation.
How to Make a Stereoscope
A stereoscope is a device that helps the viewer to see images with a patented 3-D effect. It was initially used by navigators and landscapers to view photographs of their interest through the device and learn about them by...
How to Start a Photography Project
So, you have a camera which is lying idle? Here are some interesting photography project ideas to get you off your butt...
Digital Photography Project Ideas
If you have an interest in digital photography, even a newfound one, then using these different ideas can help you nurture this hobby and help you get better at it.
Newborn Photography Ideas
Newborns are the most beautiful subjects for a photographer. Here are some newborn photography ideas that will enable you to capture those wonderful moments at the very beginning of a new life.
Newborn Photography Poses
One should make use of photography poses for their newborn so as to freeze the beautiful moments. Babies can be made to pose in different ways through the tips and tricks presented in this article.
Photography Tips for Beginners
For an amateur photographer, it's essential to learn as many tricks and techniques as possible. Read the Buzzle article to find some tips that'll make you better at this game.
Baby Photography Ideas
Marc Riboud very rightly said, "Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second". As a parent, you may always find yourself on the lookout for some unique baby photography ideas to capture some...
How to Photograph Jewelry
Knowing the right technique of photographing jewelry allows you to capture the beauty and the brilliance of the precious metals and the sparkly gemstones. Read on to know more about the best way to photograph jewelry.
Photographer Job Description
The nature of work of a professional photographer depends tremendously on the field of his interest or where he is working. This article provides a brief insight into the job responsibilities of such professionals field wise.
Photography Quotes
This article gives you quotes on photography, some of them which are funny and others that reveal the deeper meaning of the art of photography.
Basic Photography Techniques
For getting the hang of photography, you need to know some basic photography techniques. The more you handle the camera, the more used to you would be with it and you would get to know the intricacies of photography.
Professional Photography Accessories
You can tell the difference between a novice and a professional photographer by their posture, their stance, their camera, and of course, the accessories they use to enhance their pictures. You can never have enough of anything good...
Headshot Tips
What is a headshot and what are the tips to keep in mind while getting one clicked? In this article, we give you answers to all these questions.
Photography Lighting Tips
Light is the most important aspect of photography. Photography is an art and light is its touchstone. The title on "Photography Tips - Lighting", will capture your interest all throughout.
Basics Of Photography
Understanding the basics of photography is very important to take good shots. This article will explain to you the photography basics, that will help in understanding and adjusting the exposure, composing the shots, and the knowing...
Types of Photographers
Photography can be of anything and everything, and as such there are numerous branches in this field. This article will let you in on the different types of photographers there are. Have a look...
What is Catalog Photography?
With the changing trend of buyers and e-commerce websites all over wooing consumers, is your catalog the first ticket to your product sales? Catalog photography would change the way one perceives your brand.
How to Be a Good Commercial Photographer
Anyone can be a photographer, but not everyone can be a good photographer. Aesthetics, accuracy, presentation, colors, light, shades, details, thoughts, emotions, the seen and the unseen, all this and many other aspects need to be...
Cold Weather Photography Tips
Winter photography may result in gorgeous pictures, but can also result in injuries and equipment damage. Here are a few tips to help prevent problems while shooting outdoors in cold weather.
Naturalist Photography
Naturalist photography can be classified as a great hobby and an exciting career option for people who are really fond of photography. Read on to know more about naturalist photography, its scope and how can one learn this art as a...
Infrared Photography
Infrared photography has given a new dimension to the field of photography and imaging. It comes across as a wonderful photography technique that makes apparent, the interesting nature of light.
Digital Camera Photography Tips
Digital photography has ushered in a new era in photography. It is fast, convenient, and the best part is, if you do not like the captured photo, you can simply delete it! This is what makes digital cameras simply awesome. Digital...
Photography Tips: How to Take Good Pictures
There's no secret formula when it comes to clicking good pictures. This article provides some useful tips that can help you capture interesting frames with ease.
Nature Photography for Beginners
Nature photography is one of the most interesting and rewarding hobbies or profession one could choose, and if you are a beginner in this field, go through this Buzzle article for some handy hints you can use, when you are out in...
Photo Development: Film Developing Process
Developing a negative film into a beautiful picture is a fascinating process. Learn about how this is done using chemicals and techniques that give vivid and high resolution pictures.
Fine Art Photography
Fine art photography is probably yet to find a large section of fan following. Also known as art photography, such photographs put forth any ordinary subject in a different light. Read on to know more.
5 Useful Tips for Black and White Photography
Once you develop the right skill set, you will discover that black and white photography has many interesting aspects to it. The forthcoming article furnishes 5 useful tips on how you can use this medium to capture stunning photos.
Photographing the Invisible
Photography has been around for almost two centuries. Now photographers are taking pictures of things with invisible light, specifically ultraviolet and infrared light. What advantages does this have?
Sports Photography Tips and Techniques
Timing is one of the very important elements in sports photography. Take a look at some basic tips and techniques, to help you master this art.
Aerial Photography
Aerial photography became a possibility with the invention of the hot-air balloon and the camera. Here's more.
Tips for Photographing Lightning
Though it requires a great deal of preparation and planning, successful lightning photography can produce awe-inspiring images. Here's how to go about it.
A Comparison of JPEG and RAW Digital Photography Formats
Since the introduction of the digital camera, photographers have argued over the subtle differences in RAW and JPEG file formats; we may find both camps are right.
Things You Need to Know about Forensic Photography
Fact about forensic photography
Forensic photography is a branch of forensic science that involves the application of imaging techniques to record evidential details in a criminal investigation.
Should You Watermark Your Photos?
Benefit of watermark on your photo
Downloading images is pretty much a Google search away, often with the original owners of the photos not getting their due. We'll tell you the purpose of watermarking your photos, which will protect your property from copyright...
Starting a Photography Business
Tip to start a photography business
If you have a creative inclination and an eye for detail, starting a photography business can be a very lucrative way to be self-employed. Buzzle will guide you to venture into this business successfully.
Macro Photography Tips
Macro photography tip for close up of dew drop
Some, much-needed macro photography tips given here will help you take pictures just like a seasoned professional.
Tips on Taking a Great Selfie
Tip for taking a great selfie
Want to upload a selfie but worried that your friends might just unfollow or block you? Master the art of taking a great selfie with the help of this Buzzle post.
How to Focus your Camera in the Dark
Tips to focus right at night
Today, taking photos is really easy; just point at the desired object and shoot. But how do you take pictures in the dark, when you are unable to see the subject? Focusing in the dark is a major concern for most photographers....
Types of Photography
Types of photography
The various types of photography are a clear indication of why this much-loved art form has reached epic proportions in terms of popularity; either as a hobby or as a profession. And, some of these photography styles definitely...
Still Life Photography
Still life photography
Still life photography is a highly appreciated art form, wherein each photographer has a certain style. The idea is to convey a 'story' with the means of a snap. Still life photographers always experiment with different...
Maternity Photography Ideas
Maternity photography idea
Maternity photography leads to not just an album, but an experience, and there are many things that you can go on to show in this medium. But we are aware that it can get really confusing, so to help you out, here are some simple...
Creative Photography Ideas
Ideas for creative photography
Here are some creative photography ideas that will help you capture some unique pictures. Just explore the depths of your imagination to improve your photography skills, and get that perfect snap.
Photography Quotes and Sayings
Unknown quote about camera
Photography is quite easy to learn, however to master this art and take beautiful pictures takes skill, patience and practice. Here are some photography quotes and sayings to inspire you...
Ways to Reduce Noise in Your Photos
Ways to reduce noise in photos
Using the camera at higher ISO levels ensures that you get sharp pictures in low light settings. This also means that you end up with pictures that have unwanted digital noise. Here, we shall tackle the problem of noise reduction...
How to Use Panning Technique in Photography
Panning technique in photography
Panning is nothing but rendering a picture in motion. Though it sounds tough, this technique is relatively easy to master.
Essential Tips for Golden Hour Photography
Tips for shooting in the golden hour
Golden light is the best light for photography. Buzzle gives you some vital information and tips on golden hour photography.
How Kirlian Photography Works
Call it aura photography or contact print photography, Kirlian photography is all about capturing energy flow. Try this type of photography to get a better understanding about animate and inanimate objects around you.
11 Annoying Tourist Photo Poses
Annoying tourist photo pose
Posing has become an important part of the memories we make while traveling. But some of them have been overused and done to death. It's high time we stop it and think of something new. This Buzzle article will give you examples of...
Explanation of Forced Perspective Photography with Examples
Forced perspective photography
Tired of taking pictures in the same old poses? Try your hand at forced perspective photography, and breathe life into your pictures. Allow Buzzle to guide you in taking the perfect forced perspective shots.
Why Selfie Sticks Are Banned At These Places
Selfie sticks banned at: The Smithsonian, The Colosseum
The trend of banning selfie sticks is soon catching on! From Disney theme parks to the Met, these gadgets are definitely a no-no, and Buzzle gives you a few reasons why.
How to Photograph Fireworks Effectively
Tips to photograph fireworks effectively
Call it an expression of celebration or a means to prep-up an otherwise dull mood, fireworks do not just fascinate us, but also make the particular event memorable. Think of any major/minor event, and you have firecrackers lighting...
13 Aerial Photography Tips and Tricks for Beginners
Aerial photography tips
Compared to other forms, aerial photography has its own unique set of challenges. Not only must one shoot from a high elevation, one also has to consider the creative/artistic aspect of each shot to prevent the effect from being...
How Drones Have Revolutionized the World of Photography
Drones in photography
'Selfie stick of the skies' - drones have lent new parameters to the art of photography. Today, drones are not just restricted to military use, but have a lot more civilian applications as well. Drones have changed aerial...
13 Things Photography Teaches You
Things that photography teaches you
The best life lessons that you learn are from experiences, no matter good or bad. Similarly, photography definitely teaches you something about life in general, irrespective of which genre you pursue or whether you are an amateur...
Night Photography Techniques
Want to take some beautiful night shoots? Keep reading to learn interesting night photography techniques to capture the moon, fireworks, night portraits, blurred traffic lights, etc.
Birthday Party Photography Tips
A single photograph is worth a lot more than words can ever say. Special occasions like birthdays call for pictures to be clicked, and memories to be created.
Rules of Composition in Photography
Rule of thirds in composition
The composition of a photograph is a major aspect that defines whether or not the photo is impressive. Following certain methods and a little calculation can go a long way in redefining a picture. This Buzzle article enlists the...
Photography Project Ideas
With an upcoming photography project due, you probably need the perfect idea you can represent through your pictures. Find some interesting photography project ideas in this article.
Editorial Photography Tips
Editorial photography is a field that is crucial for every publication no matter what medium they feature in. Before dealing with the tips, let's understand the significance of this particular photography first.
Conceptual Photography Ideas
Conceptual photography is a photography genre in which the artist takes a photograph with a concept or an idea in his/her mind. It is one of the many genres in which a photographer can immerse himself/herself, and even become a...
Useful Urban Photography Tips
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Same could be said about a good photograph. But what makes a photograph that effective? Learn about some useful urban photography tips in this post.
Common Photography Mistakes to Avoid
Lack of knowledge about photography tips, tricks and pitfalls can lead you into clicking fail pictures! Find out about the common photography mistakes that you should avoid and make your photography foolproof!
Tips on Taking Photos with a Blurred Background
Tips to take pics with a blurred background
So you got your camera and you're out taking pictures. You roam around, taking pictures of things and people that you see. You see a cute girl, and in an attempt to impress her, you take a really awesome snap of her, only to have a...
Tips for Winning Photography Contests
If you are interested in photography and looking to enter some competitions, here are some tips that will help you along the way.
How to Look Taller and Leaner in Photos Without Photoshop
Tips to look taller and leaner in photos without photoshop
Neither models, celebrities, or fashion bloggers are born photogenic; they too have to learn the art of looking captivating in pictures. If you're someone who wishes to look taller and leaner in photos without the help of Photoshop...
8 Amazing Tips for Newbie Wildlife Photographers
Camera for newbie wildlife photographers
Just got your new DSLR and raring to go on the wild side? Or you have a normal digital camera but still interested to take on wildlife photography as a hobby? Whatever be your case, there are some basic tips that you must be well...
Information About Studio Photography
Studio photography in itself is an extremely extensive subject and encompasses several branches. This article provides more information about the same, its types, and the equipment you will require to set yourself up in this...
What is the Bird's-eye View in Photography?
Bird's-eye view in photography
All enthusiastic photographers always require a different angle to shoot their images so that they appear exceptional and distinct. One such technique is shooting from high up, better known as bird's-eye view, which lends a unique...
What is a Low-angle Shot in Photography?
Low-angle shot in photography
A low-angle shot is used to give a different and unique perspective to an image. This Buzzle article tells you what it is, how to use this technique, and some tips to improve your photography skills.
Children's Photography Ideas
Nothing can be more delightful than clicking pictures of a baby!! Here are some wonderful ideas to capture some amazing photographs of your kid. Keep reading to know more...
Underwater Photography Tips and Ideas
Underwater photography provides all the chills and thrills of any fast paced film. Here are some tips and ideas for this photography that will help you approach this art with great finesse.
What is Dutch Angle Shot in Photography?
Dutch angle shot in photography
Dutch angle is one of the simple camera techniques that will help you click better and effective photos. It is basically done by tilting a camera. This Buzzle article tells you what a dutch angle shot is and other effects of the...
Monopod Vs. Tripod: When to Use Them?
Comparison between monopod and tripod
Both the tripod and monopod solve a common purpose - to avoid camera shake, resulting in sharper images at lower shutter speeds. However, there are several differences between the two based on their construction, ideal settings,...
How to Convert a Photo Negative to a Digital Image
Tip to convert a photo negative to a digital image
Most of our photographs are accessible from anywhere and can be shared via social media websites or simply uploaded onto some kind of cloud storage. But what about those photographs taken before the digital era? Their only backup...
What You Need to Know to Become a Forensic Photographer
Forensic photographer requirements
Forensic photography involves recording visual evidence for the law enforcement. This Buzzle article will enlighten you about what you need to know to become a forensic photographer.
Top 10 Online Resources for Photography Enthusiasts
Top online resources for photography enthusiasts
There are plenty of online photography resources for every beginner or expert to further hone his/her skill. However, picking the one that suits your needs is really difficult. To make your task easy, we have provided 10 online...
A Guide for Buying a Telephoto Lens
Tip to buy a telephoto lens
Telephoto lenses are used by photographers to capture specific details or distant objects. This Buzzle article acts as a handy guide for buying a telephoto lens. Use it to make a smart purchase.
A Guide to Pick the Best Tripod for Your Camera
Tip to choose the best tripod for your camera
To maintain stability of the camera while you click photos, it is highly recommended to get a tripod. However, choosing the right tripod can be a tedious task. We have put forth a buying guide that will help you in your feat.
Travel Photography Tips for Budding Photographers
Travel photography tips for beginners
Photography and traveling are inextricably linked, and many travelers want to know more about taking better photos. Read this Buzzle article to know more about travel photography.
Top 10 Magazines for People Who Love Photography
Magazines for people who love photography
Whether you are looking for photography tips, digital camera reviews, or an amazing array of inspirational photographs, photography magazines can help you find all this and more. This Buzzle article provides a list of the top...
What is Visual Weight in Photography
Visual weight in photography
Visual weight is that element in the photograph that catches your attention at once. There are many factors that can affect the visual weight, including color, size, contrast, and even the actual weight of the element. This Buzzle...
Expert Tips for Blue Hour Photography
Tip for blue hour photography
Photography in the blue hour is a tricky matter, but can be mastered once you get to know the basic tips and tricks. This Buzzle article describes some.
How to Effectively Use the Rule of Thirds in Photography
How to use the rule of thirds
Considered to be an essential photography technique, the 'Rule of Thirds' helps you take better pictures. It takes patience and a little over mere judgment to put the focus in the right direction. Let's learn more about the rule of...
Digital Photo Converter - Convert Photos to Digital Pictures
Do you have piles and piles of old photos but aren't able to preserve them? Convert photos to digital pictures using photo converters! Here's how...
How to Become a Professional Sports Photographer
What does it take to convert your hobby into an opportunity to mint money? In one sentence, the answer to this would be, to develop a 'professional approach'. And how will you develop this approach? Find out for yourself ...
How to Make Money with Photography Online
Are you looking to make an extra buck without wasting much of your time on a part-time job? Is photography your hobby? Well, then I have the perfect idea for you; make money selling your photographs from the comfort of your home!...
Different Careers in Photography
Today everyone is an amateur photographer, but there are very few people who can genuinely take some breathtaking pictures. Figuring out a career in photography is a tough task, and unfortunately, not everyone is up to the task.
How to Start a Career in Photography
Becoming a photographer are few of the perks which naturally progresses with the domain, nature of the task it involves, creating an innate urge to follow it through. The whole concept of it is quite invigorating.
Photography Equipment
Explained in this article are the various photography equipment according to the type of photography. Read on...
Christmas Photo Ideas
There are many Christmas photo ideas that you can try out this year to do away with something that you've been using every year. Read this article for some of them.
Photography Project Theme Ideas
Do you have a camera, and don't know what you should shoot next? Here are some project ideas that will help you shoot some really interesting pictures. Take your pick...
Photography: A Hobby or a Business?
Powerful cameras and photo editing software packages mean more people than ever are aspiring to offer professional photography services, but most should keep photography simply as a hobby.
Kite Aerial Photography
In this kind of photography, the camera is raised to an appropriate height with the help of a kite to take aerial pictures. It is pursued by some as a hobby and as a profession by many, too. It is considered as a better alternative...
Guide to Photography
Photography is one of the most creative professions, and rates high as a hobby as well. This article will answer some basic questions related to this interesting subject.
Sites to Share Photos Online
Photo sharing sites have really made their presence felt on the Internet, and how! Almost all of us are members of some of these sites, and for those who aren't, well, it's high time!
Time Lapse Photography
Technology has worked wonders for entertainment and media. Everyday there is some progress done in the field of media which makes movies more effective and useful. Time lapse photography is one of them.