Structure, Chemical Formula, and Uses of Phosphorus Pentoxide
Empirical formula of phosphorus pentoxide
Phosphorus pentoxide has a very interesting molecular structure, and it is also used for various purposes.
Phosphorus Uses
13th element phosphorus is known as the devil's element
Of the several uses of phosphorus, its use to make safety matches is perhaps the most familiar for the layman. However, one has to take a note of the fact that this chemical element is necessary for the smooth functioning of the...
Red Phosphorus Uses
Red phosphorus is one of the most common and widely used allotropes of the nonmetallic element, phosphorus. Find out its various uses through this Buzzle article
Phosphorus Foods
Phosphorus is found in large amounts in beans, peas, and meat. Following is a list of foods to include in your diet in order to gain adequate amounts of phosphorus.
Phosphorus Cycle
Phosphorus cycle is a type of biogeochemical cycle that represents the flow of this mineral element in the ecosystem. It involves transferring of phosphorus within soil, water and biotic system. As compared to other nutrient cycles...
Phosphorus Deficiency in Humans
The deficiency of phosphorus in humans can cause numerous health complications. The upcoming article provides comprehensive information on the symptoms and ways to overcome this problem.