Side Effects of Petroleum Jelly
Petroleum jelly is often hailed as a cure-all, but this particular substance is not as harmless as one thinks. It displays a wide range of side effects, despite its many benefits.
Petroleum Jelly Uses
Petroleum jelly is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons. This article lists some great ways of using this jelly.
Petroleum Jelly for Scars
Using petroleum jelly for scars
Petroleum jelly has been in use for treating scars ever since its therapeutic properties were discovered. There are several techniques in which you can use it to heal scars.
12 Beauty Uses of Petroleum Jelly
Beauty use of petroleum jelly
Petroleum jelly is used for many reasons. Some people use it to get rid of dry, scaly skin, whereas some use it as a makeup remover. Buzzle discusses how one can use petroleum jelly for beauty-related purposes.
Dangers of Petroleum Jelly
What are the various dangers of petroleum jelly? Is it harmful for the skin? Read on to know about the potential threats this versatile material poses and what precautions to take when using it on face and other parts of the body.