Things to Consider When Choosing a Veterinary Hospital
Qualities of a veterinarian hospital
Just like ourselves, our pets too deserve the best health care center possible. You may be surprised to know that there are factors you have to consider while choosing a veterinary hospital for your pet. This Buzzle post enlightens...
Benefits of Coconut Oil for Pets
Benefit of coconut oil for pets
The health benefits of coconut oil for your pet are plenty - whether your pet is a dog or a cat. Applying it externally or feed it can turn your dog's coat from dull to glossy. This Buzzle post has listed out a few benefits of...
How to Know When It's Time to Euthanize Your Beloved Pet
How to decide when to euthanize a pet
Most pet owners find the decision of euthanizing their beloved pet heart-wrenching. However, sometimes, we have to take this difficult decision to end the pain and suffering that our pet is going through. This Buzzle article will...
Top 10 Most Expensive Pet Health Conditions
Expensive pet health conditions
Pets are integral parts of our lives and, as owners, we want to do the best for them. Unfortunately, when they fall ill or suffer from some condition, the ensuing medical treatment can come as a rude shock for most owners. This...
Identifying Depression in Your Pets
What once had all the warmth and fondness in the world for you, is now gradually getting dragged under the groove. Notice any sudden change in your furry pal's behavior? If it has a heart, it has feelings too. Who knows what's...
How to Protect Your Pet from Summer Heat
Come summers and you have to really take care of your pet, to protect it from the summer heat. Read on for some useful tips...
Pet Therapy
Pet therapy, also known as Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), is using pets to help people recover. It is a process which is believed to be very effective. This article provides some information about the same.
Herbal Treatment for Pets
Herbal treatment is a reliable way to cure your pet's health problems. As it involves the use of herbs, it doesn't cause any harmful side-effects and thus, comes across as your best bet.
Exotic Pets May Pose a Health Risk in the United States
Thousands of exotic animals enter the U.S. each day with very little screening procedures in place for disease. As a result, Americans are always vulnerable to a deadly outbreak.