Low-Maintenance Pets
If you are planning to get a pet but haven't owned one before, then it is best to start off with low-maintenance pets. Read on to find information about low-maintenance pets.
Tips for Creating a Pet-Friendly Home
When you have a pet in your house, you must create a safe environment in and around the house for them. While doing this, you have to keep a number of things in mind. That is exactly what we are going to talk about here.
How to Install a Pet Door
Give your pet the liberty to roam outside whenever he wants by installing a pet door. This article on how to install a pet door will give you some tips on pet door installation. Keep reading...
Pet Party Ideas
The more creative the pet party ideas that you come up with, the more fun your pets will have at one. This article will help you out with some ideas that you can use for planning a rocking party for your pet(s)!
Pet Care Services
The pet care service you choose should be professional and businesslike. Here's something that will help you out...
Want to Give Your Pet a Treat? Don't Overfeed Him!
As Americans face the ever-growing obesity epidemic in this country, veterinarians are busy treating an ever-growing number of dangerously overweight pets. Here's more...
Pet Horoscopes
Just like you, your pets also have their own personality traits. No two pets have the same personality. Any pet owner can tell you that! So, the question here is whether these personality traits are influenced by the signs that...
Designing a Pet-friendly Garden
Designing a pet friendly garden
If you have been on a mission to create a garden space that spells peace between your garden and your pet, look no further. Your garden tools and your gray cells could be the creative managers to design a pet-friendly garden, so...
Pet Safe Weed Killer
Pet-safe weed killers
Pets may develop health problems, when exposed to chemicals in some of the commercial weed killers. So it is always better to opt for pet safe weed killers or home remedies.
Useful Tips on Choosing a Pet Shipping Service
Tips to choose a pet shipping service
Transporting your pet can be stressful, and can go horribly wrong if not done correctly. This Buzzle post gives you some vital tips on pet shipping, and what to look for in the shipping service.
How to Choose the Best Pet Carrier
How to choose a pet carrier
A pet carrier is extremely handy for pet owners who need to take their furry friends on long trips. If you are wondering how to get the best one, then this Buzzle post is for you. It provides some great tips for choosing a pet...
How to Keep Your Pet Occupied When You're Not Home
How to keep your pet occupied when you're not home
Everyone gets bored and fidgety when left all alone at home, and the same goes for our lovable pets too. Here are a few ideas on how to keep your pet occupied while you're not at home.
How to Care for a Pet Degu
Origin of Latin name of Degu
Degus, native to Chile, belong to the rodent family, and are closely related to chinchillas and guinea pigs. If you're planning to keep one, this article will help you with some useful degu pet care tips.
Is Your Family Ready for a New Pet?
Factors to consider before getting a pet
A new pet can be the perfect addition to your family, but only if everyone is ready for the responsibility. Here, it tells you how to know if your family is really ready for a new pet.
Essential Tips to Prepare Your Pet for a Hurricane
Pet is part of your family
For most pet owners, pets have become a vital part of their family, and they can't even begin to imagine life without their companions. So, like your preparations for the safety of yourself and your family, it is important to have...
Is Sleeping with Pets Dangerous?
This topic has peeked its head in very recent times and kicked up quite a storm in its short life. Let's find out whether sleeping with pets can be dangerous for you or not.
Ways to Save Money on Your Pet
Pets can be expensive, but with a little research and time you can end up saving money on the things your pet needs the most.
Do Pets Have Emotions?
Dogs have emotions
Whether or not animals have emotions has been a topic of research for ages. Read through the article to find out...
What to Include in a Pet First Aid Kit?
Pets are almost like family. It is our responsibility to take care of them. Pet's first aid kit is one of the things you should have handy in your house.
Benefits of Coconut Oil for Pets
Benefit of coconut oil for pets
The health benefits of coconut oil for your pet are plenty - whether your pet is a dog or a cat. Applying it externally or feed it can turn your dog's coat from dull to glossy. This Buzzle post has listed out a few benefits of...
Types of Pet Food Puzzles
Benefit of pet food puzzle
It goes without saying that pets need our attention, love, and care. And if you have a pet who loves to be kept busy, pet food puzzles are exactly what you need.
Pet Care Tips for Winter
Tip for pet care in winter
With the onset of winter, it is important to make sure that your pet stays fit and evades any kind of illness. Read this Buzzle article for some useful pet care tips for the colder months.
Advice to Choose Pet-friendly Carpets for Your Home
Choosing pet-friendly carpets
Pets and carpets are a disastrous combination. If you are a worried homeowner looking to invest in a carpet and wondering how to protect it from your four-legged friend, then this Buzzle article provides some great tips to choose...
How to Find a Good Pet Sitter
How to find a good pet sitter
If you have planned a vacation and are on the lookout for a pet sitter for your canine companion, an easy way to start the search would be to go through listings in the local newspapers. This, and a few other ways to find a good...
Is Secondhand Smoke Harmful to Pets?
Harmful effect of secondhand smoke on pets
You always knew that smoking was bad for you, but did you know that it can be equally devastating for your pets as well? Secondhand smoke can cause numerous health hazards even in pets, and in certain cases might even prove fatal.
Household Items that Could Harm Your Dog
Household items harmful to dogs
So your house is baby-proof, but is it pet-proof too? Read on to know the possible dangers in your home that may prove harmful to your dog.
Animal Physical Therapy
Injured animals are often treated with physical therapy to improve their overall well-being. It helps rehabilitate the animal after an injury.
The FURminator - The Only Pet Brush You'll Ever Need
Even I was skeptical at first, but after trying it for myself, I discovered that the ads were not at all misleading. Here's more...