Dog Persons Versus Cat Persons
Do you like dogs or do you prefer cats? This may very well reveal your main personality traits! Read more about what psychologists discovered in this regard!
Type A Personality Description
A 'type A' personality includes those people who are generally termed as hard workers and are known for their performance speed. The following Buzzle article will cover the various aspects related to this personality type.
What Personality Type are You - Quiz
The article presents a set of question to understand what type of person are you. Attempt these questions and try to find the real you, which will offer you a smooth, successful, and satisfactory life.
Highly Sensitive Person Test
Do you get a 'feel' of things way before they manifest? You might be a highly sensitive person! Find out if you are an intuitive bundle of nerves!.
Kids' Personality Tests
Personalities are not made during adulthood but during the tender years of childhood. The childhood years have an immense impact on an individual's entire life and overall personality. So, let's check out this article on kids'...
Types of Personality Tests
Personality tests help in assessing and understanding an individual's personality. This article talks about the various types of tests used for analyzing personality traits.
Personality and Health Correlation
Our day-to-day behavior, our reactions to events, the emotions we express, and our temperament is all driven by our personality. The personality we exhibit drives the health we maintain to a certain extent. There is a correlation...
What Does Your Handwriting Say About Your Personality?
Use of handwriting analysis
This article aims at giving you basic insights on handwriting analysis and to develop awareness about what your and other people's handwriting signify. Let's see what your handwriting has to say about you.
A Brief Insight into the Rorschach Inkblot Test
Use of Rorschach inkblot test
In the field of psychology, projective tests are those that determine the personality and behavior of an individual based on his/her reaction to a set of standard ambiguous stimuli. The Rorschach inkblot test, one of the most...
Personality Types A, B, C, D
Traits of personality types A, B, and C
Can we really differentiate or classify people according to personality types? Will it be a true measure for scaling an individual? When it comes to personalities of individuals, each one can be classified based on the common...
Writing a Self-evaluation
Points to be included while writing a self-evaluation
Personal evaluation can be explained as the process where a person has to assess himself. Students, after completing a particular academic course are asked to assess how much they have learned during that period. Even employees are...
The Relationship Between Sleeping Position and Personality
Sleeping position and personality traits
The posture of a person while sleeping has been known to reflect their personality. For e.g., people who sleep flat on their tummies with both or one hand under the pillow, one hand stretched out, or both hands spread out wide, etc....
What Does Your Lipstick Shape Say About Your Personality?
Your personality according to your lipstick shape
How is your lipstick shape related to your personality? It is said the shape of your lipstick can tell a lot about you. We have listed 8 different lipstick shapes, that might just define who you are.
What Do Your Shoes Say About Your Personality?
Lita Ford quote on stilettos
In a world where it's inappropriate to judge people on the basis of their race, class, sex, skin tone, nationality, financial or social standing, intellectual prowess and all that tosh, along comes a study telling us that it's...
What Color is Your Aura? Take the Color Test to Know
Meaning of different colors of aura
An aura is an intangible yet powerful reflection of your self that can unveil your inner thoughts, feelings, and personality. Through this Buzzle article, unearth the color of your aura, and find out its meaning with a simple quiz.
Are You Pretty? - Take the Quiz
'Are you pretty' quiz
We all know how beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and all that. But if you're finding it hard to find the right beholder, just take this easy-peasy Buzzle quiz, which will tell you exactly how pretty you are. And yes, you...
Are You An Introvert or Extrovert? - Quiz
Are you an introvert or extrovert?
Judging whether you or even someone else is an introvert or extrovert isn't as straightforward as it seems. The quiz in this Buzzle write-up will help you out.
Are You a Nerd or a Geek?
Nerd vs. geek
Are you a nerd or a geek? Take this fun quiz to find out for yourself!
Are You a Movie Buff? - Quiz
In which year did Schindler's List release? For which movie did Adrien Brody win his first Oscar? What was Kate Winslet's character's name in Titanic? Which movie did Matt Damon and Ben Affleck write and star in? Think you know all...
Type A Personality Quiz
Do you fret easily over small things? Are you an aggressive perfectionist? Find out the answers from the Type A personality quiz given in the article below to see if you fall under this personality type.
Career Personality Test
Students are often confused about the choice of career, and which one suits them best. The more the options, the more confusion it creates. If you find yourself in a similar situation, fret not, because this Buzzle post is intended...
Which 'Game of Thrones' Character are You? - Quiz
'Game of Thrones' character quiz
'Game of Thrones' is a popular American television series. It is an adaptation of George R. R. Martin's fantasy novel series 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. 'A Game of Thrones' is the first novel of this fantasy series. Take this quiz to...
Which Career Will Suit Your Personality? - Quiz
Myriad career options create confusion and add to the anxiety of picking an appropriate one. It makes it increasingly difficult to know which direction to go to. Leave all your worries aside, and take this quiz to know which career...
Are You Too Clingy? - Quiz
Are you too clingy
Every relationship presupposes expectation. However, no couple draws the line as to how much to expect and what to expect. This miscommunication becomes the undercurrent for various tags most partners get. So let's find out how...
Are You a Party Girl? - Quiz
How many parties do you attend in a month? Do you shop for every party? Would you rather read a book at home or party all night long? Are you truly the life of a party? Take the quiz in this Buzzle article and find out whether you...
Type B Personality Test
What exactly does it mean that a person has type A or type B personality? Read on to know all about these types and also discover your personality by taking the type B personality test.