Imagine what your boyfriend would have to say if you got ready for your date in just 15 minutes! Women are often chided for the endless hours they invest in getting ready for any occasion. Some ladies prefer to go through the tedious task of applying layers of greasepaint, whereas others prefer to look good in a jiffy. Besides that, there are a few people, who end up losing their confidence amongst other people due to scars. This is when permanent cosmetic makeup steps in, and enhances their lives.

Permanent makeup uses a procedure called micro-pigmentation. This procedure deposits colored pigment into the upper layer of the dermis. It helps in restoring the natural skin color, and is used by individuals to boost their self-esteem. This process can help you make changes for a few weeks or a lifetime, and needs to be performed by a trained medical professional. It is actually more beneficial to those with permanent skin disfiguration. It is also a common way to look beautiful, and is used by some leading stars in the glamor industry. So, even if it's about great looking brows or lips, you can stop dreaming, and alter your looks as per your desire.

Types of Permanent Cosmetic Procedures
Although this widely depends on the individual, here are the common types of procedures, done by most people today.

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  • Enhancing the Eyebrows
  • Enhancing the Eyebrows
  • Improving Lips
  • Improving Lips
  • Enhancing Eyelashes
  • Enhancing Eyelashes
  • Correcting Scars or Marks
  • Correcting Scars or Marks

Enhancing the Eyebrows
Well-shaped eyebrows can define your look, and alter your face. This procedure works well for people who have sparse or ill-shaped eyebrows. This method will make your eyebrows look more natural compared to the effect that is achieved by an eye pencil. The process involves hair simulation, and there is no alteration when you proceed with your daily activities like swimming.

Improving the Appearance of Lips
Generally, women use lip liners to define the lips, and then fill it with color. A permanent lip liner will define your lips, and you will wake up every morning with perfectly colored lips. You can even decide the color of your lips. Choose the right blend of pinks or nudes. Thick lips can be made to look small, or small lips can be altered to look fuller. Always stick to a more natural tone, as it is a permanent procedure. An ideal way would be to use your lip pencils, and experiment at home before taking the final plunge. Always obtain a technician's recommendation before arriving at any conclusion.

Enhancing Eyelashes
This process is done by implanting soft pigments between the lashes. A favorite among women, eyelash enhancement helps to make the lashes appear thicker, which in turn helps to make your eyes look more attractive.

Correcting Scars/Marks
Sometimes the skin may have permanent patches that cannot be covered or hidden by makeup. This is when permanent makeup can prove to be most beneficial. The process involves filling the scarred area with a color that closely matches the skin color. Men also use this process to hide any marks or scars.

Before you fix an appointment, always ensure the authenticity of the technician. Find out about his background, and check the credentials of the entire team. Once you have decided on that, you need to do a patch test. This is done to be aware of any allergic reaction. Once you clear all these steps, choose the color that matches your skin. The technician usually sketches the area with the assistance of a surgical pen. The needle adds the pigment into the dermis. This would result in a slight stinging feeling on the skin.

  • If done in an incorrect manner, the cosmetic tattooing procedure can scar you forever.
  • A cosmetic tattoo is permanent, and with time, it may look unnatural on your skin.
  • The removal of a permanent tattoo may prove to be very difficult.
  • If the injections are contaminated, infections can be transferred.
  • If the ink used is of a substandard quality, it can cause further irritation.
Hence, ensure that you have thought this process through, and consulted the right people before taking the final step. After all, this process is permanent. Let's hope, you plan the 'new you' with a lot of careful consideration.

Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is solely for informative purpose, and not intended to replace the advice of experts. Consult a dermatologist before undergoing this procedure.