Challenges of Raising Children in Nuclear Families in Today's World
Challenges of raising children in nuclear families
For much of US history, nuclear families have been the norm for mainstream society. However, with the advent of the 21st century, people from across the nation are challenging this family structure. In this article, we look at one...
Hold the Reins Where Necessary: Handling Manipulative Parents
Manipulative relationships are usually one-sided, with one demanding and one conceding. Only one person is happy in such a relationship, i.e. the manipulator. Similar is the situation in case of a relationship with a manipulative...
Dysfunctional Family as a Cause of Difficult Childhood
Identifying and admitting that a person was brought up in a dysfunctional family is the most punishing task. Acknowledging this fact, however, is crucial to outgrow such relationship issues and transform oneself into an emotionally...
Why Raising a Child is Truly Like Planting and Caring for a Tree
Parents can easily become frustrated when it seems that children are not learning the lessons we try to teach them. This post uses two analogies - the analogy of language and the analogy of planting a tree - to explain why a...
Parenting Teenage Boys: Tips You Can Count On
Tips to parent teenage boys
Parenting and looking after teenage boys pose a lot of unique challenges for the parents. Effective parenting in case of teenage boys involves learning and growing along with them.
Parental Insights on Dealing with Difficult Children
Dealing with difficult children
Dealing with difficult children is not easy. Being too strict with the child may do more harm than good. Sometimes, what difficult children need is understanding and patience.
A Detailed Analysis of Common Moral Dilemmas for Students
Moral dilemma for students
With increasing amount of mental pressure on children, the moral dilemmas that they face, too, have increased. This article shares some examples of moral dilemmas, that will help you understand the complex phenomena in a simple...
Here are Some Really Basic Manners That Every Kid Should Know
Basic manners for kids
How often have we looked at kids throwing tantrums in public, saying something impolite, or screaming during a flight, and murmured under our breath, "why can't the parents teach some manners!" Well, when it's time to...
14 Surprisingly Harmful Things You Should Never Say to Your Child
Do not say this to your kid
"You're an idiot", "leave me alone", "stop bothering me". If you find yourself saying such things to your child when you get angry at her, then think about it. Such phrases can hurt your child beyond...
How Does Uninvolved Parenting Affect a Child? Here's a Hands-On Guide
Effect of uninvolved parenting on a child
Uninvolved or hands-off parenting makes a parent-child relationship quite knotty. The bonding then keeps getting tangled all the more as the time passes by. Buzzle tells you about the effects of the uninvolved parenting style on...
10 Really Tough Questions Kids Ask Parents and How to Answer Them
Tough questions that children ask
Parenting is a challenge that involves answering a lot of questions. Especially when they happen to be 'those' kind of questions. So, dear parent, take charge and answer your kids before Google decides to intervene.
16 Unexpectedly Great Reasons to Have a Second Child
Reason to have a second child
Many parents choose to have a single child for various reasons. However, the pros of having two kids, are many. Buzzle gives you some reasons to have a second child.
How to Deal with Parental Favoritism: Things Kids Should Know
Believe In Yourself
Rejection is an awful feeling when it comes from parents, as it is because of them that you are living this life and are dependent on them for several things. Buzzle puts forth some useful ways to deal with the problem.
12 Discipline Mistakes Most Parents Make and How to Avoid Them
Good parenting tips
Discipline is such a subjective term that it is hard to define a disciplinary course of action. Its vague nature turns disciplining a situation into a reaction test for parents. The undefined guidelines result in some of the common...
Have You Got Competitive Mom Syndrome? Find Out Now
Competitive mum syndrome
Competitive mothers often expect their children to be perfect at everything. This can cause the child to harbor feelings of insecurity and develop low self-esteem. Here, we will tell you the signs of a competitive mother and...
7 Biggest Money Mistakes Most Parents Make and How to Avoid Them
Do not set wrong examples before your kids
Parents are overwhelmed when it comes to fulfilling their child's needs and often fail to plan their finances while parenting their kids. If you are on the lookout for the money mistakes that you, as a parent, should avoid, then go...
Eco-friendly Parenting Tips to Give Your Kids a Better Earth
Eco-friendly parenting tips - use cloth diapers
Eco-friendly parenting is all about cutting down on waste associated with parenting. This is good not just for the child and your budget, but also for the environment. Buzzle highlights some simple eco-friendly parenting tips that...
7 Things Dads Can Do Better Than Moms: You'll Be Amazed to Know!
Things dads can do better than moms
When it comes to parenting, there are some things that dads can do better than moms, like letting the kids tumble or fall, make mistakes and learn the hard way.
The 3 Best Places for Your Baby While You're at Work
More and more families need two incomes in these times, so where do working parents go for childcare?
10 Simple Yet Effective Ways New Moms Can Get More Sleep
Tip for new moms to get more sleep
Being a new mom is not an easy job. The body goes through a tremendous change and the mind is still coming to terms with it. Motherhood is fulfilling, but one needs to take extra care to enjoy this special phase of life.
Remarkably Useful Tips on How to Deal with Competitive Parents
To survive in the world of competition today, parents want their children to give their best in every field, i.e., to perform better than others every time. Well, if you have come across such over-competitive parents and don't know...
How Helicopter Parenting Affects Your Child: Bet You Didn't Know This
Example of effect of helicopter parenting
Helicopter parents are those that tend to constantly hover over their children, getting involved in their lives past a healthy point. Buzzle explains the effect overparenting has on children, and how to manage it.
Tips That Can Equip You on How to Deal with Other People's Kids
Avoid intervening in fights kids are having
Kids are innocent and always spontaneous in their behavior. It is the adults who need to have the knowledge of dealing with them, especially when they are the kids of other people. Buzzle tells you about certain ways to deal with...
How to Make Long-distance Parenting Work for You
Communication makes long-distance parenting work
Irrespective of what may have widened the gap between you and your kids, there are some effective measures that can be employed to help make long-distance parenting work for you.
Incredibly Helpful Tips on How to Get Your Kids to Listen to You
Teaching kids by example
How frustrating it is for us as parents, when our little ones, whom we taught to walk and talk, start snapping back at us! What does one do in such situations? How to get your kids to listen to you, when things seem to be getting...
The Real Difference Between Proactive and Reactive Parenting Styles
Proactive and reactive parenting styles
Though the phrase 'born and brought up' indicates only the place, parenting also adds enormously to the identity of that individual. Get to know how the proactive and reactive parenting styles are different from each other.
Pros and Cons of Being a Stay-at-home Dad You Probably Didn't Know Of
Pro and con of being a stay at home dad
What weighs stronger, being the superhero in your child's eyes or providing your child with the luxuries of life? Seeing it from your child's point of view, you benefit being a father, a guide, a caregiver, and most importantly a...
Confused About How to be a Happy Working Dad? Here is Your Guide
Sam Ewing quote on fatherhood
Dads all around the world are making changes in their professional and personal lives, to give more time to their children. Recent years have witnessed a steady rise in the amount of time spent by fathers with their children, and...
The Bad and Not-so-bad Sides of Yelling at Kids
Lately, it seems to be a trend in parenting to consider yelling a big mommy no-no. People prefer to try reasoning with their children, or explaining things in gentle voices. As the adult child of a very yell-prone mother, I suggest...
Important Playdate Dos and Don'ts Every Mom Should Know
Playdate dos and don'ts for moms
Parents get to know different people in someway or the other, but kids always stay around the same people and know no one other than their parents, schoolmates, neighbors, and relatives. For kids to get social and meet new kids...
Problems An Only Child Can Totally Relate To
Problems an only child can relate to
Being an only child means being the center of attention to all the affection showered by your parents. There is no need to share toys with siblings, nor compromise on dividing your mom's cooked special dish with your brother(s) or...
12 Utterly Enchanting Parenting Milestones to Celebrate
Quote about parenting
"Parenting is a stage in life's journey where the milestones come about every fifty feet." - Robert Brault. First time when you will hold your delicate baby and kiss the tiny little pinkie, a drop of joy will surely roll...
13 Funny or Weird Things Kids Do That Embarrass Their Parents
Things kids do that embarrass parents
Parents loved their sweet little pumpkins deeply and unconditionally. This is quite apparent as the poor souls quietly endure all the embarrassing things their kids do around them. We have stories of such petrifying moments that...
Handle Your Child's First Crush Calmly and Maturely. Find How To
How to handle a child's first crush
Having a crush on someone is perfectly natural for a child to experience. How to handle your child's first crush can be a challenging endeavor, but it's nonetheless important how you broach the situation.
Great Tips for the Daddy-to-be on How to Prepare for Fatherhood
Just as a woman has baby blues, so does a man. Becoming a father can be quite a phenomenal change in your life. Are you prepared? Find out how you can prepare yourself for fatherhood.
43 Interesting and Kid-friendly Parent Workshop Topic Ideas
Parent workshop topics
Parenting workshops help parents deal with everyday parenting issues. They provide a better understanding of the child and his/her process of development, which in turn helps parents make the right decisions for themselves and...
Useful Tips on Understanding and Dealing With Controlling Parents
Parenting is a difficult task, and sometimes, parents go overboard with discipline and involvement in their child's life. Such behavior poses the threat of children drifting away from such parents. It is important to recognize the...
Attention Kids! This is How to Deal with Pushy Parents
How to deal with pushy parents
You love your parents, but have you started feeling that they are being a bit too pushy? Here are some of the ways to understand the situation and how to handle it without hurting your parents.
Common Fears Expectant Fathers Face and How to Overcome Them
Fear of an expectant father
Every father-to-be feels nervous about coping and fulfilling the diverse duties of being a parent. His mind may be flooded with anxiety, and he may prefer to keep mum about it. This post discusses the common fears that expectant...
Solutions to Issues That You May Face With Stepchildren
The Brady Bunch did seem to have it all together, didn't they? But if you are part of a blended family, then the chances that you will need to deal with problems now and then are a given. We give you tips that will help you avoid...
What Does Every Baby Needs to Thrive? It's Not What You Imagined
Children require very basic things from their caregivers, like time and affection, for their overall development. Your baby is the reflection of what you have taught him to be. Learn through this Buzzle post about the things every...
A Complete Guide to Preparing Your Child for a New Sibling
If you are pregnant the second time around, one of the most important tasks at hand is to prepare your older child for the arrival of the new baby. Here are some tips to make things easy for them so they can handle and adapt...
10 Upsetting Things Parents Should Never Say to Their Daughters
Things parents should not say to their daughters
Parents, at times, don't realize that their tongue is the worst weapon which they can use on their children, not knowing the damage their words can do on the poor souls. Watch what you say!
40 Quotes About Upbringing Children
Oscar Wilde quote about upbringing
Raising children involves supporting their overall development and preparing them for life. A good upbringing molds a child into a good human being. In this Buzzle article, we have compiled some quotes on upbringing children. They...
Causes of Teen Suicides
Causes of teen suicides
Suicide is the third leading cause of death in teenagers especially between the age group 15 to 19. Though teen suicides are more like an impulsive act lacking maturity, there is no way you can justify people around them who fail...
Second Child Syndrome
The second child syndrome refers to certain characteristic behavioral traits that are developed by a second-born child, as a result of the parents' attitude towards them. Understand the implications of the second child syndrome,...
Over Parenting Vs. Attachment Parenting
Parenting is a huge responsibility and every set of parents have their unique style of parenting. We'll view over parenting vs attachment parenting in this article, and find out which is a better and more effective way of raising...
How Your Life Changes After Having a Baby
How life changes after having a baby
Apart from the happiness that a child brings with him or her, there are many ways in which having a baby can impact a parent's life. Your roles change, there are many tasks and responsibilities and, as a parent, you suddenly...
Stupid Things Your Parents Said to You and You'll Say to Your Kids
Stupid things parents say
Parents have always been known to say some of the most ridiculous things to kids. I may be coming across as rude now, but parents really do say some of the stupidest things ever. This post is a sincere attempt to discourage all...
How to Get Your Teenager to Open Up and Talk to You
Ways to get your teenager to open up
Teenagers are often tight-lipped about many issues they face, and keep their feelings and emotions concealed. Parents also lead busy lives, and in turn, do not pay much heed to them. But, to get your teenager to open up and talk,...
Outdated Parenting Advice that Doesn't Work Now
Parenting advice - Build bonds with kids
As kids, we know we were raised right. But when it comes to raising your own kids, your parents' advice on parenting suddenly seems very outdated and terribly inaccurate. Methods that you were probably raised on now seem dangerous...
Everything You Need to Know About Democratic Parenting
Characteristics of democratic parenting
Democratic parenting style, an ambitious yet feting manner in which children can be raised, demands that parents and children participate wholeheartedly in all the activities. This style brings in a lot of positivity and delight in...
Things Only People With Lots Of Kids Will Understand
What people with lots of kids understand
If your family has more than the 'regular' number of kids, you are bound to turn heads wherever you are introduced. Some experiences are endearing, while some are a bit overwhelming - but all of them are unique to only the ones...
10 Things That New Moms Commonly Worry About
Things that new moms commonly worry about
Change can be scary especially if you have recently become a mother for the first time. The arrival of your child definitely changes your world dramatically. However, whether you're doing something right or how will this change or...
Things Only People Raised By Conservative Parents Can Relate To
What people raised by conservative parents can relate to
Raised by strict conservative parents, you've probably heard them say "In my house, you follow the rules" innumerable times. You turning 18 was never a big deal for them, rules will be rules.
Helpful Advice on Co-parenting with a Narcissist
Tips for co-parenting with a narcissist
Co-parenting with an ex who is a narcissist is indeed intimidating, and requires great deal of courage to keep your calm and accept the situation. However, the truth has to be accepted, since as a non-narcissist parent, it is up to...
The Changing State of Parenthood
Working mothers and time for family
What it means to be a parent in the United States has been undergoing a drastic change for the last 50 years or so. In March 2013, the Pew Research Center released a report on just how different parenthood is these days.
Benefits of Parenting Classes
There was a time when a parent would scoff at the mere suggestion of taking a parenting class. Sure, parenting is an instinct, an integral part of human nature, but haven't most of the parents faced a situation that raised...
Teaching Children to Make Good Choices
As adults, we manage making the right choices, often because our parents and elders have stepped in to help us make the right one. What then is our role as parents? How do we teach our children, of a generation that is obsessed...
How to Deal with Sibling Rivalry in Stepfamilies
Parents often fail to predict the effects of stepsibling rivalry. This can hamper domestic and personal peace of parents to a great extent. My article gives you some useful ideas to handle sibling rivalry in stepfamilies.
Permissive Parenting Style
There are different types of parenting styles, and the permissive parenting style is one of the styles that has received equal amount of both approval and criticism. In this article we are going to discuss permissive parenting...
How to Confront Your Child About Drugs
If there is anything that can derail a child within the blink of an eye, it is drugs. An addiction to drugs can trigger a downward spiral in your child, till he reaches a place where he is so lost, no amount of love or...
How to Help Your Child Succeed in School
Are you worried about your child's academic progress in school? Looking for a way in which you can do something at home to help your child succeed in school? Keep reading as this article will help you understand your responsibility...
How to Teach Your Child to Tie Shoe Laces
Is your child reluctant to learn to tie shoe laces on her own, even though she is in the right age of doing it independently? This article goes out to all the parents who are struggling to teach their children to tie laces. Here is...
How Overparenting Affects Your Child
Are you being a very strict parent to your kid? In fact, are you overparenting your child? If yes, you need to give a thought to it as it can adversely affect your child. Continue reading to know in detail, how such a parenting...
Spending Quality Time with Children: Tips for Parents
I cannot stress enough, on how important it is for parents to spend quality time with children. In this fast-paced world, we have to make space for our kids, and assure them that we care about them and will always be there as...
How to Handle Problems Raising Stepchildren
If you're getting married to a single parent, it is essential to bond well with the spouse's kids. Chances are that the kid might not appreciate your existence in his/her parent's life and may think that you are the reason for...
Effective Time-Saving Tips for Working Parents
One thing that's always welcome by working parents is a few effective time-saving tips; how they can minimize the time taken to tie all ends without leaving a few dangling here and there. For all of you who thought it's not possible...
Common Mistakes New Parents Make
If you are about to become a parent for the first time, it is essential that you equip yourself with all the parenting wisdom you require. Begin with reading about common mistakes new parents make from the following article.
How to Be a Good Parent
How to be a good parent
Knowing how to be a good parent isn't easy in this day and age, where kids are turning into adults before they're barely teens. Find out how you can strictly manage your kids, but still come off as a good parent...
Tips for Effective Parent-Teacher Communication
Worried about your first round of parent-teacher meeting? These jitters will disappear as you go through this tip-filled article about effective parent-teacher communication.
How to Get Your Kids Excited About Back to School
The summer is coming to a close, and your kids might be sad about heading back to school. There are plenty of ways to get them excited about their classes.
How to Help Your Child Become More Responsible
Being responsible for themselves is one thing children should be taught to help them live a secure future. Keep reading this article for guidance to help your child become accountable...
How to Prepare for a Child's Parent Teacher Conference
You should prepare yourself well before for the actual parent teacher conference. In this article we have discussed some ways to help you prepare effectively for the meeting.
Parenting a Teenage Daughter
Tip to parent a teenage daughter
Parenting a teenager is as difficult as molding a pot without even touching it. As teenage is a different phase of life, excess restrictions and lack of understanding may hamper your daughter's future. Here are few suggestions...
Slow Parenting and its Advantages
The slow parenting style of raising children has always been pitted against the modern style of parenting. Like every coin has two sides, this style also has both its advantages and disadvantages. This article will tell you about...
Influence of Authoritative Parenting Style
Raising a family is one of the most challenging tasks in today's world. With so many types of parenting, picking the right one is usually difficult. Authoritative parenting style is known to be one of the best way of bringing up...
How does Having a Child Change your Life
Many expecting mothers want to know how does having a child change your life? The entry of a newborn in your life, changes it forever. There are so many new emotions and feelings that you are introduced to in one day. More on this,...
Challenges in Modern Parenting Styles
Challenges in modern parenting styles are lot different as compared to the challenges faced by the previous generations. Get to know more about some of the toughest dilemmas faced by parents in the fast paced world.
Dealing with High School Student Issues
Dealing with high school student issues is no easy task. It takes patience and will, to bring up an independent and empowered child. Read on to know a few tips that will help you sort out a few teen issues.
How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children
How to raise emotionally healthy children? How to make them strong, confident and intelligent enough to face the world? Read on for some useful parenting tips which provide answers to these questions...
How to Raise Happy Children
Parenting is not easy. It requires lot of patience, selflessness and commitment to be a good parent. Find out some tips for raising happy, confident and responsible children, in this article.
Moral Dilemmas for Teenagers
Unlike adults, teenagers don't have the maturity to deal with numerous moral dilemmas that confront them as they grow up. With support, love, care and holistic approach, teenagers can be taught to handle tricky situations.
Roughhousing with Your Kids
It's natural for children to want to engage in pranks and play-fighting, but sometimes this type of play can go too far. Instead of forbidding children from following their natural developmental process, parents should show their...
Step Parenting
Stepparenting is a tough job and you need to deal with stepchildren very carefully. This article discusses some problems that may arise, and some advice and tips that will help you build a strong family relationship.
Advice for New Parents
This article gives some useful advice to new parents, which is sure to come handy while raising and taking care of a newborn. Read on ...
Parenting Tips for Infants
There are several parenting techniques that can be used in the parenting of infants. Read the following article for more details on this subject.
Problems of Young Adults
There are several problems that young adults face. In the following article we shall shed more light on some of the problems of young adults and understand how to solve them.
Parenting Teenage Sons
Is it difficult parenting teenage boys? It could well be. In the following article we will try and understand some of the core issues that are involved in parenting teenage sons and how to deal with them.
Average Cost of Raising a Child
At some point or the other, we need to consider the average cost of raising a child when planning to start a family. It is one of the most important aspects which cannot be neglected. Read on to find out more.
Parenting Tips for Preschoolers
This article is written as an attempt to understand the needs and feelings of a preschooler and how a parent can best relate to them. Working on these parenting tips for preschoolers will help the child to have a secure and happy...
Parenting Tips for Toddlers
Parenting is quite a challenging task. There is no formal guide to parenting and neither there exists a solution that fits all. However, to ease your pressure of being a new parent, here are a few parenting tips for toddlers.
Middle Child Syndrome
From the name it is quite obvious that it is a syndrome that generally affects the middle child. Instead of getting into the details of it here, you rather check the article and learn all about it.
Authoritarian Parenting
Authoritarian parenting is characterized by certain limitations on children, thereby creating a huge psychological pressure on him. While some believe it fosters virtues of discipline in the child, others hail it to be a negative...
Allowance for Kids
What better way to teach your kids the importance of money management, but to let them manage their allowances on their own? For that however, you need to give the right amount of money to your kids as allowance. But then, how do...
How to Be a Good Father
Understanding how to be a good father is not so different from understanding how to be a good human being. Your willingness to read about this subject, itself indicates that you are ready to do, whatever it takes to be one. Being a...
Parental Alienation Syndrome
Parental alienation syndrome is a behavioral pattern observed wherein a child's parent, either consciously or unconsciously, alienates the child from the other parent. This article provides some information about this syndrome.
Parenting Teenage Boys: Helping Troubled Teens
Teenage boys face many problems, which make them behave in a rather 'problematic' way. Read on to know all about such common problems faced by them and how parents can help such troubled teens.
Teaching Teenagers About Money
Teaching teenagers about the significance of money lies solely in the hands of the parents. This article provides some tips for the same.
A Mother's love
A mother's love is the most inexplicable love of all. She loves in spite of everything, hoping for the best till the last drop of life.
Avoiding Gender Stereotypes
It is the responsibility of every parent to train their children against the consequences of gender stereotypes. Read the following article to understand how you can avoid them.
Foster Parenting
Foster parenting means taking in a child who has been separated from his/her birth family for some reason, and taking care of that child till he/she finds a permanent home. This article provides more information about the same.
Parenting Teenagers
Teenagers more than babies will prove to be a handful, simply because their raging hormones will get the best of them. Parenting teenagers isn't an easy job but it is of absolute importance as kids learn their most valuable lessons...
Steps to Effective Parenting
Parents are often confused about what is the most effective way of parenting their kids. This article will give some steps you can follow to effective parenting.
Parenting Styles
Parenting a child requires a lot of patience, understanding, and the ability to love even when things go awry. Learn how different parenting styles come into play when it comes to parents and their children, and how effective these...
What is an Orphan?
It is not an easy task to be an orphan. However, there is another category of orphans nowadays - the workaholics' children.
Is the Easter Bunny Real?
Parents are doing themselves an injustice when they tell their children to believe in the Easter Bunny.
Help your Children See Beyond Themselves: Instill in them a Worldview
Reading, writing, and arithmetic are obviously important areas of education for children. But even more important is involving them in activities that will educate them and help them understand their place in the world, and how...
How to Deal with Your Child's Privacy
While it is important that you let your child have his privacy, it's important to draw clear boundaries. In this article, we'll tell you how you can deal with maintaining your child's privacy.
Parenting Teenage Girls
Teen years for girls today are a period of real danger. Girls entering puberty often face a "crisis in confidence" which makes them vulnerable to risky behavior, and these bad choices can have devastating lifelong...
But I'm Just a Kid
Behaviorally and functionally speaking, how long do kids stay kids? The question should be, how long should parents let kids stay kids? Rather what role do parents play in their kids' maturity process?
Parenting - Key to being a Patient Parent
In a 1999 study by York University, patience topped the list of skills parents thought they needed, and impatience was the No. 1 attitude they did not want to pass on to their kids. Of course, it's impractical to be patient all the...
Winning The Losers
We as a society are obsessed with winning. But, what happens when we pass on this 'win at all costs' attitude to our children? Are boundaries between winning and losing that well-defined? These are the questions we as a society...