How To Use Dowsing Rods
Usually, Y-shaped or L-shaped rods or branches are used as dowsing rods. Guidelines on using dowsing rods is elaborated here, along with the answer to what dowsing is.
Are Ghosts Real?
Fact about ghosts in the Holy Bible
Many of us think that we have felt the presence of ghosts around us. But are they real? There is still no definitive answer to this question, but we should have the ability of reaching our own conclusions. Follow this Buzzle...
Famous Unsolved Mysteries of the World
Famous unsolved mysteries
Mysteries interest one and all. Here is a list of some of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the world.
Do Paranormal Phenomena Exist?
Science and the paranormal
The world is filled with bizarre and inexplicable things; we term these as paranormal phenomena in common terms. Here's a bit on whether or not such phenomena actually exist.
Famous Witches and Wizards in History
Famous witches and wizards in history
Making magic potions, casting spells, acting out healing rituals, or possessing supernatural abilities, witches and wizards have been associated with them all. Witchcraft has been a part of human history since ancient times. Buzzle...
Scariest Urban Legends of All Time
Fact about urban legends
Urban legends are modern folklore which may or may not be true. While there are many skeptics who brush them off as creative rumors, there are others who choose to believe in the veracity of urban legends. Buzzle will give you...
Mystery of Annabelle: The Haunted Doll
Annabelle: the haunted doll
The real-life inspiration of the movie Conjuring, Annabelle is a rag doll that was, or rather still is, supposed to be possessed by a spirit. Buzzle tries to take a closer look at the mystery of Annabelle the haunted doll.
15 Signs that Tell Your House is Haunted
Signs of a haunted house
Are you experiencing a lot of unexplained activity in your house? If yes, and if it is bothering you, maybe you should consider checking if your house is haunted. This Buzzle article gives you a few signs that tell your house is...
Understanding the Meanings of Different Colored Orbs
Meaning of white and silver orbs
Floating spirits or specks of dust? Buzzle tries to unravel the mystery behind the appearance of different colored orbs, their meaning and the paranormal theories associated with them.
How to See Auras
How to see auras
All living and non living things emit vibrations known as auras. These represent the physical and mental environment of the object and are influenced by their surrounding.
Knowing all about Familiar Spirits
Familiar spirits
The existence of familiar spirits, often simply called familiars, has been linked with witches and cunning folk. Familiars were the helpers, or to say, protectors of these sorcerers who used their assistance to harm (or aid)...
Paranormal Activity
The definition of paranormal activity is any supernatural event that is defied by human experiences that don't hold any scientific base. This Buzzle post gives an insight to it.
True Story behind the Legend of Bloody Mary
Legend of Bloody Mary
Nobody can forget the spine-chilling story of Bloody Mary. People claim that she lives inside the mirror, and anybody who goes inside a dark bathroom with a lit candle, stands in front of the mirror and chants 'Bloody Mary' thrice...
30 Best Weapons for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse
Weapons for surviving a zombie apocalypse
Are you obsessed with zombies? Are you afraid of confronting a zombie outbreak? Don't worry, you have come to the right place for help. Refer to a list of weapons you would require to evade a zombie apocalypse, as given by Buzzle.
List of Top 10 Spine-chilling Japanese Urban Legends
Spine-chilling Japanese urban legends
Japan is home to an abundance of creepy urban myths, and tales of Japanese demons have been featured in famous movies as well. Read this Buzzle article which features a list of the top 10 spine-chilling Japanese urban legends.
Seeking Answers About Life and Death from Ghosts
Death is the biggest question spirituality attempts to answer. Some people seek answers straight from the dead themselves, and so can you.
Why the Recent Rise in Paranormal Television Shows?
Paranormal television shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures are becoming incredibly popular. What is their appeal?
Is There a Difference between Precognition and Deja Vu?
Ever got visions of something about to happen before it did? Ever been nagged by the feeling of having 'been there, done that' before but not really sure about it? Well, you're not alone! Read all about precognition and déjà vu in...
How to Develop Mediumship
The intricacies involved in answering a question about something as loaded as developing mediumship are not only edgy, but are bound to be met by a lot of raised eyebrows and closed minds. Nonetheless, this article will attempt to...
Communicating with Spirits
There may be several reasons for why one is seeking the different ways of communicating with spirits. Read the following article that provides you a brief insight into some methods that will help you to do so effectively.
Near-death Experiences: An Analysis
A very intriguing thought and one that has always stirred up much debate is the 'near-death experience'. While science refuses to believe anything that is not conceivable to the eye or any human faculty, there are a number of...
Supernatural Orbs
What are supernatural orbs? Are orbs a paranormal phenomenon? They are a typical to photography that uses flash. But due to their appearance, they are perceived as having a paranormal element and are sometimes considered as spirits...
What is Deja Vu?
Deja vu translates to 'something already seen'. Even when seeing or experiencing something for the first time, if one feels like he has experienced it in the past, the feeling is known as Deja vu. While some attribute this...
What is an Out-of-body Experience?
An out-of-body experience occurs when the brain perceives conditions seeming like one has somehow 'left' one's own body and is regarding oneself from the outside. Read on to know more...
Ghost Hunting
What is it about spooky things that we humans love so much? Is it the fact that most of us get chilled to the bone when there is something inexplicable about what is happening around us? Take ghost hunting, for example. Why are...
The Mystery of the Mary Celeste
She sailed alone across the ocean, her crew missing, never to be heard from again. There have been multiple theories, But none could ever prove the secret.
Occult Symbols
Read on to know about occult symbolism and it represents...
Ghosts: People Without Bodies or Vice Versa?
How do you define ghosts? What are they? Unfortunately, as a science person, I 'do' believe in ghosts. They definitely exist, and that too without any scientific proof. A brief discussion about their world and the reasons for which...