Osmosis Vs. Diffusion
Difference between osmosis and diffusion
Buzzle helps you to distinguish between the processes of osmosis and diffusion, with respect to their characteristic features and modes of operation.
Examples of Osmosis
Osmosis explained
In simple words, osmosis is the transfer of water to even the balance between a weak and a strong solution. The end result of this process is equal amounts of water on both sides of the barrier, creating a state known as 'isotonic'.
Importance of Osmosis in Living Organisms
Osmosis in living organisms
In living organisms, nutrients derived from food reach various organs by way of osmosis, carried by fluids. It's the process of flow of liquid through a semi-permeable membrane.
Hydrostatic Pressure Vs. Osmotic Pressure
Examples of hydrostatic pressure and osmotic pressure
The concepts of hydrostatic pressure and osmotic pressure can be quite confusing, and at times difficult to imagine and grasp. This piece illustrates and explains them in a simple manner, and provides a direct comparison between...