Ornamental Trees for Landscaping
Besides beautifying a garden, ornamental trees give a landscape its shape and form, and become a major attraction for many bees, butterflies and birds. Read this article to know all about ornamental trees for landscaping.
Facts about Black Tupelo Trees
Fact about black tupelo trees
Black tupelo, also called gum tree, is one of the most beautiful native trees of North America. Check out some interesting facts about this tree that's known for its colorful foliage.
Facts about Smoke Trees
The smoke tree is a beautiful-looking tree that livens up the place where it grows. This Buzzle article provides some facts about the smoke tree.
The Little Guide to Taking Care of Ornamental Grass
The popularity of ornamental grasses in landscaping is largely due to their low maintenance levels. Indeed, ornamental grass care is so simple, and anybody who loves gardening can grow healthy grasses with little effort.
Drought-tolerant Ornamental Grasses You'll Be Pleased to Know About
Drought tolerant ornamental grasses are characterized by narrow leaves and strong root systems. Some of the best drought-resistant ornamental grasses are blue fescue, pampas grass, big bluestem, maiden grass and cogongrass amongst...
Asparagus Fern Care
The asparagus fern is generally grown as a houseplant in pots and hanging baskets. The care for this plant involves providing optimum growth conditions, which include adequate sunlight, water and using well-drained and...
All You Need To Know About Asparagus Fern
Asparagus fern is a shrub of the lily family, which can be grown both as a houseplant and ornamental plant. It is a low maintenance plant, that be grown quite easily. Know more about asparagus plant, its care and maintenance with...
Flamboyant Tree
Flamboyant tree is a beautiful and ornamental tropical tree that originated in Madagascar. This Buzzle article will help you understand how to grow this magnificent tree, and how to take care of it.
Royal Poinciana Tree
One of the most popular ornamental trees, appreciated for its eye-catching beauty, the Royal Poinciana tree, will be the topic of our discussion in this article.
Facts about the Mimosa Tree
The mimosa tree, a beautiful ornamental plant with pink, soft, and silky fragrant flowers, gets its name from the Greek word 'mimos', which means 'mimic'. Find out other amazing facts about this tree in the following excerpt.
Ornamental Grasses for Shade
Planning on including ornamental grasses for the shaded area in your garden? The list provided in this Buzzle article can help you make a decision.
Dieffenbachia Plant
Dieffenbachia is a member of the arum family. It is mainly grown as an indoor ornamental plant for its beautiful variegated foliage. Find out more information about this plant, in this Buzzle article.
Ornamental Grass Types
A significant part of landscaping is used by ornamental grasses. They add beauty and aesthetic appeal to your garden. This article lists some types of ornamental grasses that you can plant in your garden.
Amazing Varieties of Ornamental Grasses Enlisted Just for You
Be it formal gardens, natural plains, or meadows, ornamental grasses always add to their beauty. There is a very wide range of varieties that not only include true grasses, but also sedges, rushes, and bamboos. The article below...
Ornamental Peppers Care
Known for their bright colors, ornamental pepper plants can be a proud addition to one's houseplants. Read on to know all about the care of these plants that add to the vibrancy of a house.
Gardening Ornamental Grasses
Though very commonly found in the wild, certain beautiful grasses have entered our lawns and gardens. Read on to know about the various types, and a few tips that one should keep in mind while choosing ornamental grass for the...
Stay Warned About These Ornamental Plants: They're Poisonous
There are about 350,000 species of plants. These include decorative varieties, out of which some are poisonous, while others are non-poisonous. This Buzzle article sheds some light on the latter type.
Purple Leaf Plum Tree
Purple leaf plum tree
Purple leaf plum is a deciduous ornamental tree cherished for its beautiful purple leaves and small pink colored flowers. Find out more about its maintenance and care.
Tips to Take Care of a Calamondin Orange Tree
Tip to care for Calamondin orange tree
Calamondin orange trees are widely grown for ornamental purposes. These small-stature trees are popular for their fragrant flowers, and small fruits that are sour, but edible. Here are some tips for those who want to grow these...
How to Grow and Care for Ponderosa Lemon Trees
Tip to grow Ponderosa lemon trees
The Ponderosa lemon tree is famous for its attractive appearance and its huge, five-pound lemons. But that doesn't mean it is difficult to grow, as you will learn. We'll tell you how to grow and care for a Ponderosa lemon tree.
Ornamental Pear Tree Care
Ornamental pear trees are very popular as they can be grown on nearly any type of landscape and are very easy to maintain. This article gives you tips on how to care for your ornamental pear tree.
Tips to Grow and Care for the Monkey Puzzle Tree
Tip to grow monkey puzzle tree
Also known as the Chilean pine, the Monkey Puzzle tree is endemic to regions of Argentina and Chile. Buzzle provides Monkey Puzzle tree care instructions, mainly focusing on its soil, light, and watering needs.
How to Grow and Care for Kousa Dogwood
Tip to grow and care for Kousa dogwood
Kousa Dogwood is a small ornamental tree that makes for an excellent and beautiful landscape for your home all year round. If you are looking for such a tree, then try planting this. Buzzle tells you how to grow and care for your...
Ornamental Flowering Trees
Ornamental flowering trees - lilac and flowering prunus
Planting ornamental flowering trees is an excellent way of spicing up your garden. This Buzzle post talks about the most popular ornamental trees and tips on choosing the one that's best suited for your garden.
Bottlebrush Tree
Fact about bottlebrush tree
High temperatures, moist soil, and bright sunlight are the basic requirements for bottlebrush trees to grow well. They are perfect ornamental trees with eye-catching flowers. In some species, even the trunk and leaves are...
How to Care for a Mimosa Tree
Steps for mimosa tree care
The mimosa tree is one of the most popular ornamental trees because of its beautiful, pink powder-puff-like blooms and delicate leaves. They easily tempt most eyes out there just by their presence. Peep in to know how to care for a...
Tips to Take Care of a Dappled Willow
Tip to care for a dappled willow
The dappled willow is an excellent choice, if you are looking for an accent plant for your landscape. Buzzle provides some tips for growing and taking care of this plant.
How to Care for a Chinese Fringetree
Fact about Chinese fringetree
Chinese fringetrees are deciduous trees that belong to the Chionanthus genus. Native to China, Korea, and Japan, they are considered to be ornamental trees that are valued for the panicles of beautiful white flowers appearing in...
Fascinating Facts and Info about the Ornamental Fringetree
Fringetree fact
The fringetree, also called fringe tree, is often used in landscaping due to the showy, fragrant, white flowers that cover the tree during the bloom season. This Buzzle post provides some interesting facts about the fringetree.
How to Divide and Transplant Ornamental Grasses
Ornamental grasses are a very popular sight in gardens nowadays. If you have chosen to plant or have such grasses in your garden, then you should be aware of how to divide and transplant them.
Ornamental Weeping Evergreen Trees
Weeping trees are used for the purpose of landscaping. Trees that are evergreen require very little care and maintenance. We have listed down some species in this article that you can choose from. Read on...
False Indigo
False indigo is a beautiful ornamental plant and is a substitute to the original dye plant. It can survive in excess heat and drought conditions, hence it requires less maintenance. Read this article to know more about its...
Ornamental Pear Tree Problems
Ornamental pear tree problems should never hinder the value of your landscape, provided you are well aware about them at an initial stage itself.