Oolong tea, also known as wu-long tea comes from the same strain of plants as all other teas. It is not a herb as many of the websites claim it to be. The difference between different types of teas comes about in the method of processing. As such, black tea, green tea and oolong tea are all beneficial in different ways. In fact, in Asia, it is believed that tea is essentially good to have and keeps one thin. Further research regarding popular belief shows that oolong tea is twice as effective as green tea for weight loss.
Oolong tea is processed differently as compared to black or green tea. The raw leaves are allowed to sun-wilt and then bruised. This exposes their juices to air and the oxidizing starts. This turns the leaves brown. Their oxidization is only partial. This gives it a great floral flavor. Oolong teas range between bright green and slightly fermented to dark leaved and hearty. As such, the range is from the flavor and aroma of green tea, to the flavor and aroma of black tea.
The reason why oolong tea is being recommended for weight loss so much these days is that it causes us to burn 157% more fat than green tea. Doesn't that make it the fastest way to accelerate healthy weight loss? Yes it does. It has been found that drinking 2 cups of oolong tea a day boosts metabolism, which helps shed weight and also blocks the fattening effects of carbohydrates.
Fat Shedding
Let me tell you that even for the ones who don't need to lose weight, the benefits of this tea can come in handy. It is great to keep one slim and toned. It helps keeping the fats from piling on. It is a natural fat burner and can be a great substitute for the fat burner supplements. Fat burner supplements should not be had for more than 3 months, else it can result in fat being accumulated in the system. Hence, once you hit your goal weight, oolong tea is the best to help you stick to it.
Belly Fat Loss
Oolong tea is really great to lose belly fat. So, if you couple it up with flat stomach exercises, you can burn stomach fat. It also reduces cholesterol which helps keep you more at peace about your heart. Oolong tea has several anti-obesity benefits; as such it is gaining popularity all over the world as a method for natural weight loss.
It is Healthy
Many people claim that drinking oolong tea can help you lose weight fast without any other attempts. If you really want to use it for losing weight, the best thing you can do is to have a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet and maintain a regular workout routine. The methods will help each other, which in turn will help you lose weight fast. Once you have lost weight, oolong tea will help you to stay slim.
In spite of the amazing benefits of oolong tea, there is a lot of fiction in the story. Most of the positive effects of this tea may not be as speedy and effective as the claims. Yes, it works, but how much and how soon cannot be guaranteed. In case you hear someone guaranteeing effects in a certain span of time, please beware. It requires patience and other methods of weight loss to have optimum impact.
Oolong tea for weight loss is better than the other supplements out there as it is natural. It helps in keeping the teeth strong and healthy and makes your skin radiant and flawless. It also strengthens your immune system, making you less susceptible to illnesses.