A figure of speech that suggests or imitates the origin of a particular sound is known as onomatopoeia. This figure of speech is commonly used in literary works. To be precise, the property of such, different types of sounds is referred to by the word onomatopoeia. We all are aware of onomatopoeia words associated with sounds of animals. Some of the examples are 'meow', 'roar', 'oink', etc. The onomatopoeia words even if they arise from a common origin, may not be common to different languages in the world. An example of this difference is the perception of sound of clock as 'tick tock' in England/English and 'katchin katchin' in Japan/Japanese. Therefore, it is difficult to create a common list of onomatopoetic words. Let us have a look at some of these words used in English language through information presented below.

List of Onomatopoeia Words

The English word, onomatopoeia has a Greek origin. This word was derived from the Latin, onomatopoiia and then incorporated in English. The word onomatopoeia can be broken down into onoma (name) and poiein (to make). Nowadays, words like imitation and echoism also are used as alternatives for this literary device. The good onomatopoeia words list presented below includes those terms of common usage.
  • Argh: This word/sound is used in reference with an exclamatory expression resulting from frustration.
  • Bark: Sound produced by a dog.
  • Bang: The sound is associated with that of gunshot.
  • Boom: This word is used in reference with sound of an explosion.
  • Bubble: The expression is used to indicate the release of air from water.
  • Buzz: Sound produced by a bee.
  • Boing: The sound is used in reference with bounce or spring.
  • Crash: Collision between two objects.
  • Creak: It is the sound produced when a particular object is under pressure.
  • Click: A tapping sound. Variety of items/objects produce the sound, 'click'
  • Chirp: General perception of the sound produced by birds.
  • Croak: Sound made by a frog.
  • Clatter: Dropping objects produce this kind of sound.
  • Ding Dong: Sound produced by a doorbell.
  • Dump: Throwing an object in garbage.
  • Eek: Sound made by a mouse.
  • Fizz: Sound produced at the time of opening a soda bottle.
  • Flitter: Sound of the wings of butterflies is indicated by this word.
  • Fisst: This kind of sound can be heard when a tire loses air.
  • Groan: Sound produced by an overworked machine/engine.
  • Grunt: Disapproval about a certain thing is indicated with this sound.
  • Gargle: Sound produced with liquid in the back of throat/mouth.
  • Gasp: Sound of air intake, which results from feelings like surprise.
  • Gulp: Sound produced as a result of swallowing air.
  • Honk: The sound produced by horns of vehicles.
  • Hiss: Sound produced by a snake or cat.
  • Itch: Scratching activity of a dog is indicated by the sound of 'itch'.
  • Jab: The act of stabbing in a quick manner produces this sound.
  • Jangle: Playing a guitar creates this kind of sound.
  • Kick: Sound produced when a foot is used like a weapon.
  • Lap: This kind of sound is produced when a dog is drinking a liquid.
  • Lick: The sound produced when dogs kiss.
  • Moo: Sound of a cow.
  • Munch: The munching sound is produced while a person is chewing with closed mouth.
  • Meow: This kind of sound is produced by a cat.
  • Mumble: The term, mumble is used in reference with sound produced while speaking under breath.
  • Ping: The sound produced by a small plastic ball.
  • Plash: A splash which is of smaller degree, results into such kind of noise.
  • Pling: Sound created by plucking a harp's string.
  • Quack: Sound produced by a duck.
  • Rustle: Sound of an object moving through leaves.
  • Rumble: Sound produced by a thundercloud.
  • Ripple: This kind of sound is created when an object (smaller) falls in water.
The table presented below includes few more onomatopoeia words.

CrackDongFlip Flop
PuckPitter patterQuisp
RuffRibbit Snort

The examples of onomatopoeia words presented in this article are of common use. Onomatopoetic words help explain a situation in a better manner with the exact representation of certain sounds. The list of onomatopoeia words in this article should enrich our language and ease out the process of writing or expressing an idea.