Internet Scavenger Hunts for Kids
Online scavenger hunts can not only be a lot of fun but also an extremely educational. In this article, we tell you how these scavenger hunts can be helpful and teach you how to create these hunts for kids to play.
56 Cool Usernames for Online Games
Usernames for online games
In the gaming universe, a username is a player's foremost identifier. It is also not something that can be changed repeatedly, and so the pressure of choosing the perfect username the first time, coupled with the probability that...
10 Games That are Similar to Animal Jam
Games similar to Animal Jam
Animal Jam is one of the popular games aimed at kids and teens. If you are in search of games like this one, those like Habbo and Neopets should be on your list. This article gives you some games similar to Animal Jam.
6 Dress Up Games Like Stardoll
Dress up games like Stardoll
Stardoll is a dress up game where you can design clothes and dress up your model. It is specifically designed for girls and enjoys a great fan-following. There are many games like Stardoll worth trying, and Buzzle lists out some of...
List of Free Online Games for Mac
Online games have become tremendously addictive and today, are enjoyed by one and all. Presented below is a list of some of the most popular free online games for mac.
Create Your Own Car Game
Thinking of creating an online car game? Well, hopefully you would not have to search beyond this article. You would not be taken for a ride, for sure.
10 Addictive Games Like Cookie Clicker
Addictive games Like Cookie Clicker
Cookie Clicker has created a new fad with a new genre called idle games. Idle games let you play using the same repetitive clicking action. If you are tired of the cookie overdose, we present to you some fun clicking games just...
5 Fun Online Building Games Like ROBLOX
Online building games like ROBLOX
If you love ROBLOX, you'll love these 5 games too, which are like or better and as entertaining and creative! Check out these massive online games that you are surely going to enjoy in addition to your usual building game, ROBLOX.
13 Best Strategy Games Like Age of Empires
Strategy games like Age of Empires
Age of Empires is a strategy-driven game that lets you fight battles that made history. If your hunger for battle hasn't simmered down yet, then you'll love the games like Age of Empires enlisted in this Buzzle article.
10 Virtual World Games Like Fantage
Virtual world games like Fantage
Fantage is an online role-playing game popular with kids and teens. This article gives you a list of games like Fantage, which are equally entertaining.
8 Awesome MMO Games Like Sword Art Online
Games like Sword Art online
What could be better than playing a virtual reality MMORPG? Playing an MMORPG about characters who are playing a virtual reality MMO game! Sounds confusing? We bring you a list of games like Sword Art Online, which is a...
10 Multiplayer Games Like Toontown Online
Games like Toontown Online
Virtual games are addictive, and monitoring their content for a younger audience is a huge parental task. This Buzzle article lists fun and educational games like Toontown Online which parents can definitely introduce to the...
9 Online Virtual Reality Games Like Second Life
Online virtual reality games like Second Life
Gaining access to an alternate 3D virtual reality creates a make-believe land where one can live a second time. What's more, one can have complete control over the way events transpire, knowing that it is just a few mouse clicks...
6 Good Online Games like Wizard101
Good online games like Wizard101
Wizard101 gives a very Harry Potter feel to game lovers, they get to battle bad entities with spells and craft, and save the universe. But there are more cool role-playing games that one can try out for fun. This article lists out...
10 Multiplayer Online Games like Club Penguin
Multiplayer online games like Club Penguin
The Club Penguin was launched in October 2005, for kids from the age of 6 to 14. Since its launch, it has opened a door for kids to take on new avatars and go on a fantasy mission. Such multiplayer games are loved by kids and...
14 Simulation Games like The Sims to Play Online
'The Sims' game
Can't get enough of The Sims? Love your virtual life more than the real one? Here's a list of some great online games like The Sims to play while you finish that milkshake.
10 Multiplayer Online Battle Games like League of Legends
Online battle games like League of Legends
League of Legends is one of the most preferred Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game (MOBA), with millions playing the game every day. There are many other online games like League of Legends that once can choose from. This Buzzle...
9 Role-playing Games like MapleStory
Role-playing games like MapleStory
Life is stressful. That's why it is no surprise that MMORPGs like MapleStory are extremely popular amongst people of all ages who just want to escape from reality, even more so, 2D, side-scrolling games, because one can enjoy them...
12 Games that are Similar to Poptropica
Games like Poptropica
Poptropica is an MMORPG which connects players all over the globe. Such games teach players to interact with others, to complete tasks, and achieve small game-based goals. Now, there are many other games that are similar to...
5 Addictive Games Like World of Warcraft
games like World of Warcraft
Do you like playing Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG)? World of Warcraft is one such popular game, but there are others too that you might not have explored. Buzzle shortlists the best lookalikes of WOW from...
5 Tips for Beginners to Play QWOP on a Computer Like a Pro
QWOP game quote
Here's a game that's simple, but at the same time really fun to play. QWOP is a 4-key running game created by Bennett Foddy. Here's how to play QWOP, along with some tips and tricks to win at it, brought to you by Buzzle.
How Does Online Gaming Affect Social Interactions?
Humans have rarely been known to do things in moderation, and gaming obsession falls in that very category. As with all addictions, this one too has an impact on the social behavior of such gaming fanatics. Before we go all out and...
Deer Hunting Games for Kids
Do your kids or younger siblings like to play games online or on the laptop? Then perhaps they'll love to play shooting and hunting games. Get your fix with these deer hunting games for kids. Read on...
Online Games for 3 Year Olds
Who doesn't like computer games? There are many fun online games available on different sites. Let us take a look at some free games online for 3 year olds, that are fun to play and are educational too.
Skateboarding Games Online
Online skateboarding games are fun to play, and most of these games can be played free of cost. The graphics and other features of these games have improved a lot with technological advancements in recent times.
Baby Games for Teenagers
You don't need to be a mom or wish to have kids to play virtual baby games. There are many websites that have baby games for teenagers to play online and basically, have fun...
Virtual Reality Games
The application of virtual reality in the world of gaming can certainly alter the gaming experience in a big way. This article lists some of the popular virtual reality games for children and adults.
Games for Teenagers
Looking for some fun activities for teenagers; something that will keep them away from trouble, something that will keep them occupied and also help in their mental development? This article provides a whole new list of games that...
Basketball Games for Kids
Playing basketball is fun, be it on the court or online. Online basketball games for kids can help them to know about a few tricks of the game. Read on to find out more.
Skateboarding Games for Kids
In a mood for something exhilarating? This article will tell you about some cool skateboarding games that you can try out the next time you feel like going on a skateboarding adventure.
Sites Offering Online Games for Mac Users
Bored Mac users will find this article useful, as it provides a list of entertaining online games. Here's your guide to gaming nirvana.
How Does Peter Answers Work
You have tried entering the petition and question hundred times, and yet Peter just refuses to answer. If you are one such frustrated user of Peter Answers, then this article will help you uncover how it all truly works.
Ninja Saga Tips
Reading some tips is going to help you play this game like you own it. So have a look at some good tips and tricks to play a smooth game of ninja saga.
Online Educational Computer Games
Do you think that online games cannot be educational? I am afraid; the contrary is true. For information about educational computer games, read on...
Online Adventure Games
Surf the mountains or ride down an alley in full speed... online adventure games offer lot of excitement to users. Read on to know more about them.
Popular Free Online Games for Kids
From classical board games like Scrabble where you can pit your vocabulary skills against an opponent online, to war games that involve planning and strategy, to virtual ping-pong, to dirt bike racing games - kids of all ages have...