A Guide to Plan Your Trip to the 2016 Rio Olympics
Tip to plan a trip to 2016 Rio Olympics
Pyeongchang is hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics, and travel companies are already abuzz. Read on, to know more about traveling to the venue to witness the grand event.
Pole Vault Drills
One of the highlights of every edition of the Olympic Games is the pole vault. If you wish to become a professional in this event, you will need to devote many hours a day carrying out a variety of drills.
Female Olympians and the Fight for Fairness
In the Olympics, today, many fan favorites are women. But this is new - very new. Most of the Olympics have been closed to women for most of the history of the games, and it was only twelve years ago that women had to prove their...
Olympic Rings Meaning
Olympic rings meaning
The five Olympic rings are believed to represent the five parts of the world, i.e. the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. (Both the Americas are regarded as a single continent, while Antarctica is not taken into...
The Olympian Spirit
The world watches them. From every home, you see the same pattern of lights strewn across the curtains and windows. These lights belong to the biggest sporting event there ever was. The athletes are focused, and their will is...
Famous Olympic Swimmers
Famous Olympic swimmers
Swimming has been a part of the Summer Olympic Games since their inception back in 1896. Women's swimming was introduced in 1912. Over the years, there has been a pantheon of greats who have dominated the swimming pool. Here's some...
List of Olympic Sports
Olympic sports fact
Olympic Games are an international sports event the world looks forward to. To know about the various sports that are a part of Summer and Winter Olympics, go through this list of Olympic sports.
15 Facts About the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi
Fact about 2014 winter olympics - new participants
With the 2014 Winter Olympics underway, there are a ton of facts that are popping up about these games. In this Buzzle article, we bring you 15 facts about the 22nd Winter Olympics that you might not know.
Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 Medal Tally
7 to 23 February XXII Sochi Winter Olympic games
2014 got off to a rocking start, with the Winter Olympics recently concluding in Sochi, Russia. Scroll down for a look at the medal winners in the 22nd edition of the Winter Olympics.
Long Jump Rules
The long jump is a famous athletic sport in which the competitor attempts to cover the most distance in one single leap. This article is about the basic rules of this famous sport.
Why Are Some Olympic Sports Less Popular than Others?
This article discusses the relative popularity of different Olympic games. Using table tennis, or ping-pong, as a case study, we examine why some sports don't get as much attention as others, suggesting that TV networks might make...