Thor: Norse God of Thunder
Norse God Thor
Thor is the mighty God of the Norse mythology, famous for his ire. He was revered by the Germanic tribes which lived in the Nordic countries before and during Christian era. According to Norse myths, he rode his chariot and struck...
Loki: The Trickster God in Norse Mythology
Norse God Loki
In Norse mythology, Loki was a active prankster who caused a lot of problems for the gods and was often at the receiving end of their wrath. However, he was not just a trickster, Loki had a very interesting and complex personality...
Odin: The Chief of the Norse Gods
Odin is the chief god in Nordic mythology. He is the god of poetry and thought. Read on to know more about him...
Norse Gods and Goddesses
People from the Scandinavian countries used to follow the Norse religion before Christianity gained importance. Here's more on Norse gods and goddesses.