How to Prevent Landslides
With recent trends showing a significant rise in the number of landslides, as well as loss of life and property attributed to them, being well-versed with different methods to prevent them can be of great help. Read on...
What Happens During a Drought
A drought is caused by lack of precipitation in an area which leads to drying up of land and crops. This article will tell you about what happens during a drought and its after effects.
What Causes Droughts
Droughts are not at all uncommon - with at least one occurring in some part of the world at any given point of time. What causes droughts? Are they natural disasters or is their occurrence a perfectly normal phenomenon? These are...
Drought Facts and Information
A brief write-up on drought intended to make you aware of this weather phenomenon which can reduce a land known for its fertile soil to a barren land within a few months. Read on...
What are Seismic Waves
Wanting to know what are seismic waves? Also, what is their source of occurrence and how many types are included under this same subject? Look below for the answers to these questions.
Natural Disasters of 2010
2010 had some major calamities in store for us. This Buzzle article gives you a lowdown on the various natural disasters that struck our home planet in 2010...
What is Tropical Depression
Our knowledge about the formation of tropical depression is restricted to weather reports, which is sad considering that the entire formation process is quite interesting in itself.
Ice Storms
What is an ice storm? How does it occur? What care should be taken if caught in it? Read on to find out.
Flash Floods
A flash flood is a natural disaster that causes sudden floods. Let's take a look at what causes this phenomenon and its related safety measures.
Which are the Different Types of Storms?
Fact about thunderstorms
A storm is a common natural phenomenon. When there is a newsflash about a storm approaching, it is important to know which type it is, since the precautions to be taken will differ accordingly. As such, Buzzle enlightens you about...
List of Natural Disasters
Natural disasters
Natural disasters such as hurricanes can be predicted. However, occurrence of an earthquake or a volcanic explosion surprises us. The world has witnessed a number of disasters over the centuries, with some being more devastating...
15 Worst Natural Disasters in the History of United States
Worst natural disasters in the United States history
Natural disasters are unpredictable, deadly, and destructive. One cannot foretell the amount of loss that it may cause. Buzzle describes the worst natural disasters that have occurred in the United States.
Worst Natural Disasters in the History of Japan
Great Kanto earthquake - Worst natural disaster in the history of Japan
Japan is known for its frequent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and typhoons. Have you ever wondered which was the worst of all these disasters? This article will give you all such facts through a list of the most tragic...
Snowstorm Facts
How do snowstorms form? What are the different manifestations of a snowstorm? The answers are forthcoming in this Buzzle article. Besides revealing their genesis, also listed, are the top 10 deadliest snowstorms of all time.
What is a Cyclone?
Considered a disastrous natural calamity, a cyclone is a vigorous aerial circulation of wind, formed over an ocean or a sea. Read on to know more...
Worst Natural Disasters
Worst natural disaster - China floods
Natural disasters not only affect the people in the area that they destroy, but indirectly also affect mankind on the whole. We'll have a look at the worst disasters ever to befall our planet Earth, and some important facts related...
Natural Disasters that Occurred on 26th: Is it Just a Coincidence?
Natural disasters that occurred on 26th
Natural disasters are extreme and unpredictable events resulting from natural processes of the earth. They come without a warning and cause harm to people and property. Many of them can be seen to have occurred on the 26th of...