Christmas Nail Art Designs
Add more fun to your Christmas attire by painting your nails in some awesome festive nail art designs. Read on for some special ideas on Christmas nail art designs to flaunt this season...
Create Marble Nail Art Using Water
One of the latest nail art trends, marbling is fast catching momentum. This article will provide you with some tips about how to water marble your nails.
How to Apply Nail Decals
Applying nail polish and manicures are two ways to spruce up your fingernails. But using nail art decals or stickers are also useful for decorating nails, especially for different and unique looks. Read on to learn how to use...
Nail Polish Designs
If you are bugged with the usual shades and patterns of nail polish, then read the following article. It will provide you with some unique designs for every occasion.
French Manicure Designs
Cute French manicure designs have always been in vogue. These are, indeed, a nice option for those elegant yet common traditional ones.
Simple Nail Art Designs
Looking for easy-to-do nail art at home? Read on for some really creative and simple nail art designs.
Halloween Nail Art Ideas
You might have your Halloween costume ready, but make sure that you put on the right makeup and nail art to complete your look. This write-up provides some spooky nail art designs for Halloween.
How to Draw Flowers on Nails
Planning for a girls' night out and want to show off with some creative stuff? How about some nail work? Read this Buzzle article for some ideas.
Nail Designs for Short Nails
It may be difficult to accommodate nail designs on short nails, but if you choose the right patterns, short nails too, can look beautiful. There are a number of designs that you can use with different shades of nail polish.
Hand Painted Nail Art
Hand painted nail art can add a touch of glamor to a simple manicure or pedicure. It is easy to do and requires very basic materials to achieve gorgeous-looking results.
Nail Art Designs with French Manicure
French manicure art
French nail art is very haute, classy, and trendy, and these manicures are now on the must-have lists of countless women all over the world. Buzzle takes a look at nail art design options with a French manicure.
Acrylic Nail Designs
Beautiful, long, and well-maintained nails need not seem an impossible task for women. This article provides some creative acrylic nail design ideas to give your hands the much-needed makeover.
Nail Designs - Do It Yourself
Do it yourself nail designs
There are a wide variety of nail designs that you can make at home. All you need for creating gorgeous nail art are some simple tools and lots of patience.
Nail Art Designs for Beginners
Tip on nail art designs for beginners
The quickest way to dress up your nails is to create beautiful nail art. Nail art is not that hard to create and it can be mastered with a little patience and practice.
Acrylic and Japanese Nail Art Designs
Acrylic and Japanese nail art designs
What better way to beautify your nails then by opting for some lovely nail art designs. There are many different types of nail art but the most beautiful is Japanese nail art designs.
Ideas for Nail Art Designs
Nail art
Wondering how to create unique and fancy nail art designs which would complement your look? Halloween designs, animal designs, net designs, Hawaiian designs, etc., are some of the designs you can create on your nails.
21 Nail Art Designs for Prom
Nail art designs for prom
Gone are the days when looking great was just confined to how you style your hair and what you wear. These days people check you out from head to toe, from the tips of your hair to the tips of your fingers.
Silk Wrap Nails Vs. Gel Nails
Comparison between silk wrap nails and gel nails
Almost all girls and women are concerned about how the appearance of their nails. Obviously, even you wouldn't want dirty, chipped nails. A good manicure has become an essential part of grooming nowadays. However, there are wide...
Color Blocking Nail Art
Color blocking nail art
Love the high-contrast color blocking trend? Mix some interesting and fun colors on your nails for the perfect color blocking nail art. Presenting some great designs and a simple tutorial that will help you embrace the trend in...
21 Dazzling Nail Art Designs with Black Nail Polish
Nail art with black nail polish
Using black nail polish for creating elegant nail art designs is the ultimate choice as it complements a variety of shades. With Buzzle, you will find 21 dazzling designs made with black polish, paired with 10 amazing nail polish...
Amazing Geometric Nail Art Ideas
Geometric nail art idea
Get those mode nails that will turn a few heads. We've got you some ideas for geometric nail art that are just precious.
10 Negative Space Nail Art Ideas You Should Try
Negative space nail art idea
Along with flaunting some pretty nail paint, you can show a glimpse of your nails too. Get the best of both worlds; negative space nail art is here!
Awesome Neon Nail Art Ideas
Neon nail art ideas
You know how to make heads turn, you know how to steal the show; so do your nails! It's time to flaunt some awesome neon nail designs.
Nail Designs for Kids
Nail art can be funky, colorful or jazzy. You can paint a shiny nail design for a party or a sober one to school. Read this article from Buzzle to know some cool ideas to bedeck your talons.
Nail Art Ideas
If you love to experiment with new looks for your nails, then nail art is the best option for you. With seemingly endless designs and shades, you can use your nails as a canvas for expressing your creativity.
Cute Nail Designs
If you want them to blend with your dress or you are simply in the mood to deck them, nail art is undoubtedly a pretty way to mollycoddle your talons. In this Buzzle article, we present to you 10 cute nail designs.
Cute and Easy Toenail Art Designs
Pink toenail art design idea
Need some nail art inspiration? Buzzle can help. Take your pedicure to a whole new level with these cute and easy toenail art designs.
19 Creative Purple Nail Art Designs
Purple nail art designs
Don't just paint your nails; give them a style like no other. Buzzle gives you 19 creative purple nail art designs that are so sexy, you won't be able to get enough of them.
Awesome Tribal Nail Art Design Ideas
Tribal nail art design idea
Tribal nail art is becoming fairly popular these days, making it vital for fashion-conscious individuals to incorporate the trend before it's too late. Buzzle gives you some awesome tribal nail art design ideas, along with a...
Easy Nail Art Designs for Beginners
Polka dots as nail art design
Want to learn how to do some simple nail art? Here are the stepwise instructions and cool ideas of easy nail art.
How to Create Nail Art from Newspaper
Nail art is not as difficult as it seems, in fact, you can create wonderful nail effects at home! So, here is how to create nail art from newspaper. Yes, you read it right, 'newspaper'! Find out more about this form of nail art in...
Easy Nail Designs to Do at Home
Nail designs look funky and classy all at once. Here are easy nail designs to do at home. You are free to try your hand at it and make the best of it!
Creative Valentine's Day Nail Art Design Ideas
Valentine's day nail art design idea
Getting your nails done for the most romantic day of the year is not just important, but mandatory. Buzzle has rounded up 21 incredibly creative Valentine's Day nail art designs that will put you in the mood for love.
Beautiful Manicure and Pedicure Combinations to Try
Manicure-pedicure combination
The perfect combination of manicure and pedicure looks stunning and takes your entire look to new levels. But choosing the colors can be a helluva task. So, why not try some amazing options given in this Buzzle post.
9 Creative Crackle Nail Polish Designs
Crackle nail polish designs
Crackle nail polish is a type of lacquer that crackles as it dries and creates an artistic broken effect. These nail designs are beautiful, unique, and endless. Also, it is available almost everywhere and in various colors. Here...
Easy Nail Designs
Are you looking for easy nail designs which you can try at home? If yes, then your search ends here. The following Buzzle article will suggest some easy, yet unique nail designs, which can even be attempted by a beginner.
Hand-painted Nail Designs
Nail art is adored by most of us, and no doubt it looks awesome. Hand-painted nail designs are one of the best ways to fancify your nails. But, are you confused about the designs to try? Fret not, this Buzzle article is at your...
Toenail Designs
When you can wallow yourselves in a myriad of design options, it is just impossible to let those digits of yours to not get adorned by them. Here's presenting some quirky and elegant toenail design ideas to satiate your...
Step-by-step Instructions to Do Ombre Nail Art at Home
ombre nail art at home
With as little as 2 nail polish colors, you can create ombre nails in no time. Follow the step-by-step instructions in this Buzzle post to learn not 1, but 3 unique ways to do an ombre mani.
18 Easy Nail Art Designs to do with a Toothpick
Nail art design done with toothpick
Who needs all that fancy manicure kits and tools when you can create fabulous and easy nail art designs with a toothpick? Stick to this Buzzle post as it gives you 18 easy-peasy designs to try from the comfort of your home.
23 Cute Floral Nail Art Designs
Floral nail art design
Floral nail art is a staple in any fashionista's arsenal. However, if you haven't tried your hand at creating these cute designs, now is your chance. Along with a step-by-step tutorial, this Buzzle post gives you 23 adorable floral...
16 Easy-to-do Cute Heart Nail Designs
Heart nail art design
You don't have to rush to a salon every time you want breathtaking manis done. Let Buzzle be your inspiration for chic, yet easy-to-do heart nail art designs either for Valentine's Day or for whenever the mood seems right.
How to Do Zebra Print Nails at Home
Zebra print nails
Keeping the excitement and popularity of animal print nail art alive, we, at Buzzle, thought of putting together fun and easy designs for you - zebra prints. With a step-by-step tutorial and 15 additional colorful designs, you will...
15 Beautiful Aztec Nail Designs
Aztec nail designs
In our quest to always serve you with the best nail art designs, we've found yet another style to adorn your nails that not just wows us, but is trending in the fashion world ― the Aztec nail art! Buzzle guides you giving...
15 Incredible Ideas for 3D Nail Art
White 3d bow nail art
3D effects are no longer limited only to the movies; nowadays, you can spot them on a person's fingernails too. Yes, people are becoming trendy and experimenting with their nails. Gone are the days, where painting the nails with...
Creative Thanksgiving Nail Art Design Ideas
Thanksgiving nail art
Is there anything better than painting a turkey on your nails for Thanksgiving? Well, how about 13 creative nail art designs that will make your holiday super special. Add your own version of sparkle for the holiday with this...
14 Colorful Butterfly Nail Art Ideas
Butterfly nail art ideas
Here's some neatly beautiful butterfly nail art put together to inspire you. Not only you get to gawk at it, you can also choose your favorites and get down to serious business of making those nails artsy.
19 Dazzling Nail Art Design Ideas with Rhinestones
Nail art with rhinestones
With rhinestones available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, getting a mani has never been this fun. If you want your nails to shine and dazzle, Buzzle is here to provide you with 19 amazing nail designs with rhinestones.
11 Pretty Caviar Manicure Designs to Die for
Caviar manicure design
Caviar is not just for eating! Do the caviar manicure and enhance your nails into a super-hot statement accessory. Buzzle covers the tutorial for doing caviar at home, along with various designs to die for.
21 Extremely Cute Half-moon Manicures You Must Try
Cute half-moon manicure
If complicated designs seem tedious, a half-moon manicure will surely bring in a much-needed edgier look. Buzzle gives you 21 extremely cute half-moon manicures that you just can't miss out on.
25 Adorable Bow Nail Art Designs to Die for
Lilac bow nail art design
As bows are essential icons in fashion, it's no surprise that more and more women are adorning their nails with cute bow designs. As Buzzle too wishes to be a part of this, checkout these 25 adorable bow nail art designs, we know,...
Amazing Pink and Black Nail Design Ideas
Pink and black nail design ideas
For days when things just can't seem to get any better, change your mood instantly by painting those nails divine. Take a look at 22 amazing pink and black nail design ideas that Buzzle is sure will leave you wanting for more.
22 Cute Polka Dot Nail Art Design Ideas
Cute polka dot nail art design idea
They look gorgeous and are ever so easy to accomplish, painting your nails with polka dots is, by far, one of the cutest ways to decorate them. Buzzle gives you 22 cute polka dot nail art design ideas along with a step-by-step...
17 Easy and Cute Pink Nail Art Design Ideas
Easy and cute pink nail art design idea
A color adored by many, you can end your manicure with a gorgeous addition to your fingernails. Buzzle gives you 17 easy and cute pink nail art design ideas that will appeal to every girl who loves to look presentable.
18 Leopard Print Nail Art Designs
Leopard print nail art idea
As there are so many designs and color combination to choose from, selecting one nail art can be tough. To help you make a decision, Buzzle has compiled 18 trendy leopard print nail art designs that might interest you.
How to Do Nail Designs at Home
Making cool nail designs at home is really simple. This article helps with some tips and guidelines that you can follow.