Taking Care of Your Musical Instruments
A musical instrument is considered as a musician's best friend. And these friends need consistent attention and care to help them last longer. Here's a guide to help you take care of your musical instruments.
Ancient Roman Musical Instruments
The names of ancient Roman musical instruments include wind instruments like the tuba and the cornu, and the stringed instruments like the lyre and the kithara from which the guitar is believed to have originated. These instruments...
Traditional Japanese Musical Instruments
Every nation has its own unique culture and musical history, and Japan is no different. Through this article we will take a look at some traditional Japanese musical instruments and their unique characteristics.
Ancient Greek Musical Instruments
Not many of us are aware of the fact that music and musical instruments date back to prehistoric times. Read on to know more about ancient Greek musical instruments.
Information about Ancient Chinese Musical Instruments
There were many varieties of the ancient Chinese musical instruments that were used to create melodious compositions. Find some interesting details regarding same in this article.
Learn How to Play a Synthesizer
Learning to play any kind of musical instrument needs a lot of practice, and this is true for a synthesizer as well. This article puts light on how to learn and play synthesizer...
How Does a Synthesizer Work
A synthesizer is an instrument with added music effects, sounds, and functions as compared to a conventional keyboard. To produce a sound, the device produces electric waves and modifies them using different electronic components...
Native American Musical Instruments
The music of the Native Americans is melodious and is used for communication purposes. However, the music as well as musical instruments vary among the various tribes. This article will shed light on the various instruments that...
Different Types of Musical Instruments
Types of musical instruments
What makes music so memorable and mesmerizing? It's the sheer symphony of lyrics (if any), composition and of course the musical instruments that brings it all together.
Easiest Instrument to Learn for Adults
Easy instruments to learn
It's never too late to learn something new in life. No matter how complicated it looks, there's always a way to work it out. The same goes for music; whatever your age, you'll always be able to learn something new if you put your...
Easy Steps to Build Your Own Cajon Drum Box
Tip to make a Cajon Drum Box
The cajon drum is getting popular in fusion and pop music. If you want to own one, you can even build it yourself! Buzzle will give you simple step-by-step instructions to make your own cajon drum box from ordinary sheets of plywood.
Tips for Encouraging Kids to Practice Musical Instruments
How to encourage kids to practice musical instruments
You gave in to her pleas and sweet requests, and bought your daughter a piano. Now, when it just lies in a corner of her room, untouched, it breaks your heart. Here we give you tips for encouraging your kids to practice musical...
List of Instruments Used in Traditional African Music
Wood or gourds covered with animal skins used as instruments in traditional African music
When one mentions the traditional music of Africa, the first thing that comes to mind is an assortment of drums. Although, percussion instruments are extremely significant, there are a number of other musical instruments too, that...
What to Look for When Buying a New or Used Accordion
Tips to buy a used accordion
Buying a new or used accordion can get extremely tricky if you have very little idea about the instrument. Which is why, it is not recommended to buy this instrument from online music stores because you will not get to inspect or...
Types of Harps
Harps today come in distinct shapes and sizes, each modified to be chosen according to the artists comfort. Harps come with their type of strings and wood used, size, number of strings and texture; all for your to decide from. Take...
How to Play Notes on the Clarinet
Being one of the most revered instruments in the woodwind family, the clarinet is in a league of its own. Anyone who picks one up won't stop playing it till their last breath. Learn to play the instrument that is as boisterous as...
Korean Musical Instruments
Korea has always had a rich musical culture that dates back thousands of years. In this Buzzle article, we showcase some typical Korean musical instruments which are symbolic of the country's musical culture.
Types of Mexican Musical Instruments
Mexican musical instruments
Mexican music has always been fun to listen to. Be it weddings, birthdays or other occasions, this music works its charm on everyone listening to it. We give you a list of Mexican musical instruments without which this music would...
Brazilian Musical Instruments
Brazilian musical instruments
Brazil is a land that is known for its music and dance. Read on to know all about the Brazilian musical instruments used over the years.
How to Tell the Difference Between Viola and Violin
Difference between viola and violin
Violin has derived from the Italian word 'violino' which means 'small viola'. Thus, you can make out that a viola is a bigger version of the violin. Buzzle further jots down other differences between a viola and a violin.
How to Learn Music Notes Fast
Do you want to know how to learn music notes in the quickest way possible? Well, read ahead if you want to learn music notes for a guitar or a piano.
Different Types of Pianos Explained with Pictures
Fact about electric pianos
Piano manufacturers design their instruments according to the purpose and the performer. If you are looking to purchase this instrument for yourself, it is important that you consider the various types of pianos first, and then...
Information About Spinets
Information about spinets
A spinet is very popular version of a keyboard, such as a smaller piano or an organ. These are primarily known for their unusual angle of the strings used in the construction of the instrument. In this article, we shall study about...
Types of Drums Around the World
Types of drums
Drums are among the oldest and the most versatile percussion instruments in the world. This Buzzle write-up discusses the different types of drums around the world.
What to Look for When Buying a Brand New Piano
Tip for buying a brand new piano
Buying a piano is a lifetime promise of symphonic enjoyment. Therefore, before investing in one, make sure you know what to look for when buying a piano. Buzzle discusses the parameters such as size, cost, and questions you should...
Trumpet Fingering Chart for Beginners
Trumpet fingering chart for beginners
Jazzy, bluesy, and warm-sounding, playing a trumpet requires a lot of skill and practice, particularly for beginners. Apart from pressing the right valves, you also need to have an amazing control over your blowing power. This...
Tips for Buying a Used Piano
Tips to buy a used piano
With so many factors to consider, it is always worthwhile to hire a registered piano technician to guide you through the process of buying a used piano. But while you do that, the buying tips given in this Buzzle article will come...
How Does a Theremin Instrument Work
Working of a theremin instrument
The theremin is an electronic musical instrument that can be operated without directly touching it. The actual working of it is very interesting. Presented to you in this Buzzle excerpt is the complete working of the theremin...
Jazz Instruments
Some of the famous jazz music exponents used different instruments to suit their style. Jazz instruments used by African-American musicians to popularize this genre of music can even date from the classical period, ranging from...
German Musical Instruments
The older a county is, the deeper is their culture and the more proud they are of it. And with culture comes music and all its instruments. Germany has quite an experimental and influenced background on musical instruments, and...
Homemade Instruments
Letting your children use easy homemade instruments is the best way to find out if they truly have the capability to learn the instrument further. This article puts light on kids' homemade musical instruments...
Homemade Musical Instruments
Making homemade musical instruments for children is a good way to find out real musical talent in your kid. This article tells you more about some musical instruments to be made at home...
How to Play the Trumpet
If you want to know how to play the trumpet, you simply need to pay attention to how you blow into the instrument and use your lips...
Different Percussion Instruments
In the music industry, you will find some drummers who are proficient in playing different types of percussion instruments, contributing widely to the rhythm section in their band. Percussion instruments do produce a unique sound...
Is Playing the Ocarina Easy?
The ocarina is one of the oldest existing musical instruments. It is a wind instrument which is similar to the flute. Is playing the ocarina easy? Just go through this article that teaches you how to play an ocarina, and decide for...
Homemade Percussion Instruments
Homemade percussion instruments fall under unusual musical instruments where objects are used to make rhythmic, offbeat music. Here's an article on how you can make percussion instruments at home...
Keyboard Synthesizer Reviews
Nord and Korg are believed to be the best keyboard synthesizer brands ruling the music instrument market. This article consists of some reviews that you can refer to, if you are planning to buy a synth...
Harp Instrument Information
For those of you who are musically inclined, here are some interesting harp instrument information and facts that you may find useful. So, read on...
Best Saxophone Brands
In the following paragraphs, a brief description of some common and great brands of saxophones has been put forth. This lovely instrument is manufactured by rather less companies and finding a good saxophone which appeals to your...
How to Move a Piano
Moving any piece of furniture can be quite difficult but shifting the place of a piano needs extra care because most of these musical instruments are heirloom pieces which can get ruined even by the slightest of fall.
Easiest Instrument to Learn
Before you sign up for the classes, it is necessary to decide which instrument you'd like to learn. Read the Buzzle article to find helpful information about various instruments that are easy to play, and learn.
Irish Musical Instruments
Ireland is a place that has a culture of people who love music and musical instruments. The music that is composed, written, sung, and played by the folks of Ireland is done with all their heart. The following section speaks of...
Easy to Make Musical Instruments for Kids
There are innumerable musical instruments that are extremely easy to make. You can even try them out by yourself at home. Additionally, these can serve as small art and craft assignments for your kids. Use this article as a guide...
How to Make Musical Instruments
There's something special about playing a homemade musical instrument. Don't you think so? And making musical instruments is not very difficult. Here we tell you how to make them.
How to Make a Music Box
A music box is an instrument that uses a set of pins attached to revolving cylinder. The musical output is generated as the pins pluck the tuned teeth of a steel comb. This write-up provides instructions for making this instrument.
How to Play a Musical Keyboard
Musical keyboards are one of the first musical instruments that children and wannabe musicians turn to. Here is a simple guide on how to play a keyboard.
Types of Brass Instruments
The melody created by brass instruments is absolutely magical and mesmerizing. Trumpets, saxophone, clarinet and a few others fall in the category. Depending on the way they are played, they are classified into different types....
History of the Glockenspiel
The name "glockenspiel" comes from German and it means "bell play, referring to the sound made of small bells. It is a percussion instrument and sounds like "Christmas".