Effect of Classical Music on Babies
Effect of classical music on babies
There have been several studies that have been conducted to see if classical music has an effect on infants. While you make your babies listen to music, ensure though that you control the volume levels of the music. Several parents...
Effects of Music on the Mind
Fact about music lowering anxiety levels in people
How does music influence the working of the human mind and brain? What are the effects of music on the mind? Read on to find out.
Is the Mozart Effect for Real?
Many to-be-mothers are told to make their yet-to-be-born babies (usually after the first trimester or the 4th month) to listen to classical music, especially the compositions of world-renowned musician, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. But...
How Music Affects Heart Rate
How music affects the heart rate
Music is believed to have a significant effect on your heart rate. It is said that the heartbeat changes according to the type of music we listen to. Music therapy can, thus, prove to be a helpful relaxation technique.
Effect of Music Lessons on the Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
Music can improve motor and reasoning skills
Can music lessons positively affect our life in a significant way? Tests and studies show greater gray matter development and better IQ results in musicians.
Music's Influence On Us
How music influences us
A song, a lyric, even just a few notes can change our attitude or outlook in a moment. Choosing your playlist may well be choosing your mood for the day!
How Music Affects Our Moods
How music affects our moods
Music can be overwhelming. It can make us feel emotions we were unaware of. How music affects our moods is a subject that has been studied deeply. It has always played a major role in uplifting or even lowering down your mood.
The Ecstasy of Music
Bob Marley quote on music
The effects of music on humans are perceived differently depending on the individual but one thing is certain: music will remain of heavenly origins. Music unravels the faint memories and relaxes the soul, reaches to the core of...
Benefits of Music Therapy for Autism
Benefit of music for autism
There have been many instances wherein, with the involvement of music, experts were able to address the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of people. Careful and supervised use of music therapy may prove useful for...
Why Music Makes You Happy
Reason why music makes you happy
Music... it's about melody, harmony, symphony, and rhythm; all of which in some or the other way give us divine pleasure. We experience this pleasure while connecting to music in any way, when listening to it, when humming a song...
Effects of Classical Music On the Brain
Classical music is one such music genre that has the ability to create a positive aura around you. The effects of classical music on the brain can be perceived well when you listen to its melody and get absorbed in it completely....
Effects of Music on the Unborn Baby
Music calms fetus
Wondering what's music got to do with an unborn baby? Well, it's all about relaxing and keeping yourself free of negative emotions. Keep reading for more on music for the unborn baby and how it might help.
How to Become a Music Therapist
So you have decided on taking up a career of a music therapist. But do you have all the details that you need? In this article, we tell you how you can take up music therapy as a career.
Music Therapist Salary
Music therapy is slowing emerging as one of the most widely used therapies. Hence, there is more demand for these kinds of therapists, which also amounts to lucrative salary packages.
Information about Career in Music Therapy
Music therapy jobs are one of those jobs that are not at all affected by financial recession. Read on to know more about the opportunities in this field...