An Entire List of Robin Williams Movies and TV Shows
List of Robin Williams movies
Many stars have come and gone, and when they leave us, there is a hole left in our hearts that is often replaced with someone else over time. But every once in a while, someone comes along, whose presence and work stays on forever,...
Most Confusing Movie Plots of All Time
Confusion about plot of The Shining
Confusing movies not only entertain you when you're watching them, but also force you to think about them afterwards. Buzzle lists out some of the most confusing movies that have ever been made.
Top 10 Movie Remakes of All Time
Movie remakes
Liked an old classic and would love to watch the latest heartthrob starring in it? In that case, your wish may come true with the movie's remake version. We can't get enough of our oldies, can we?
Best Silent Movies
It is difficult to pick the top 10 or 20 silent movies, since in spite of the lack of background scores and dialogs, the silent era produced many brilliant movies whose impact lasted well after the 'talkies' had arrived. Here are...
Great Adventure Movies
Are you a fan of great and indulging adventure movies; movies which fuel the element of the unknown or uncertainty? If yes, then check out what this post has in store for you.
Good Movies To Watch
Looking for some really good movies to watch? You're in luck, for we have for you a list of some great movies from all genres. Get ready for a movie marathon!
Good Movies to Watch when Bored
Movies can be a lifesaver when you are getting bored to death. Here, we have listed some amazingly good movies to watch when you are bored. So, let's get cracking.
Best Movies of the 2000s
Listing down some of the best movies of the decade requires deep thought and knowledge. The last decade was an eventful year in Hollywood, people saw some extraordinary films which redefined cinema. Like every big Hollywood fan,...
Awesome Movies
The awesome movies list presented below includes the all time best movies. Most of the movies listed below have done well on the box office, won critical acclaims and most importantly, stood the test of time.
Good Movies to Rent
Movies are a great way to have some fun time and entertain our minds. In this article, I've given the list of some really great movies. Keep reading to know more.
Top 10 Movies of 2012
The list has been compiled on the basis of overall rankings in all categories including high-grossing films, popular films and films voted for by critics and audiences worldwide...
Recommended Movies to Watch
Are you looking for some movies that are loved by movie buffs all over the world? You are at the right place, as complied here is a list of movies that you can watch to convert a boring day into a fun filled one. Following is what...
Really Good Movies
Really good movies
Are you searching for a list of really good movies that can make your day brighter? Then what are you waiting for? Here's a list of some of my favorite, must-watch movies...
What are Some Good Movies to Watch
Wondering what are some good movies to watch when you have some free time? Here we will give you a list of all the good movies that you can watch in some genres.
Must-see Movies of All Time
Must-see movies
Some were good, some were better than that and some were the greatest ever. Here's a list of must see movies of all time that you definitely can't ignore.
Good Movies List
Good movies
Movies are meant for entertainment, and the ones which have been successful in winning our hearts must surely be included in the list of good movies. Check out my tiring compilation...
Movies and Its Deep Impact on Society: An Issue No One Talks About
We are all movie buffs, and there is no denying the fact. Nonetheless, have you ever stopped to wonder about the impact that movies have on our lives and the people around us? When you really think about it, there is a lot more to...
Revealed! Controversial Confessions of Black Swan and Mind Control
Art, occult, imagination or reality, these elements dance together in a controversial mix in Black Swan; combining good and evil building up drama...
Classic Movies of All Time
There are certain movie makers, whose works have redefined cinema. The article below enlists some of the classic movies of all time.
Origins of Famous Movie Studio Logos
Ever wondered how the different movie studios came up with the logos they splash across the screen just as a movie is about to start? This Buzzle article reveals the story behind them. Take a look!
Best Movies of the 80s
Dirty Dancing, Top Gun ... and so many more. These are some of the all time favorite movies of the 80s that we remember even today. For some more of these movies, check out this list.
90's Best Movies
The 1990s witnessed the rise in excellent filmmaking in terms of technique and refreshing concepts; it was indeed an eventful time for movies. Read the following article that highlights some of the best ones from this time that are...
Movies of 2010
2010 served up some delectable gems of cinema. Read on to know more about them...
The First Movie Ever Made
It's time to turn back the pages of history, and learn about the very beginning of the biggest source of entertainment we have today...
Highest Grossing Movies of 2010
2010 saw the arrival of several highly anticipated, and eventually financially successful, movies. Here is a list of the ones that set the cash registers ringing loud and clear...
Good Old Movies
Many classic old movies have a unique attraction about them, which stays fresh even if you watch them more than ten times! Read on to know some such movies...
Shrek Forever After Review
Shrek Forever After just about manages to capture the imagination of the audience, though it falls some way short of the others. Read on for a detailed review of the film...
Adorable Facts About Lassie, the Most Endearing Celebrity Canine
The beautiful and friendly collie dog loved by movie and TV fans alike wasn't just one dog―it was actually eight generations of dogs. Here's more...
The Business of Movie Criticism - Importance of Mass Criticism
Movie critics have long been the voices that separate the public from horrible films. Today's critics are only part of the puzzle in deciphering if a film is good or not. It's now in the power of the people.
Spider-Man 2 - A Review
In Spider-Man 2, the latest installment in the blockbuster Spider-Man series, based on the classic Marvel Comics hero, Tobey Maguire returns as the mild-mannered Peter Parker, who is juggling the delicate balance of his dual life...
The Lord of the Lord of the Rings
Never has one form of media (movies) contributed to the popularity of another form of media (books) as much as the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings movies has to the book of the same name.
Here's How to Write a Movie Review Like a Pro
Most people prefer to read the review of a film before actually going to watch it. A review gives the general public an indication if the movie is worth watching. So, it is very important that it is truthful and of good quality. If...
Top 10 Movies Based on TV Shows
Star Trek movie and show years
We all know many TV series that were based on movies, but the situation is also turned around a number of times. This Buzzle post lists some of the best movies that were based on a TV series.
9 Reasons You Should Date a Person Who Loves Movies
Reasons to date a movie lover
Whether you're in a relationship or out on a first date with a person who loves movies, it definitely has its own unique perks. You can never get bored when a movie buff is around you, because you'll always have something to do...
10 Best Golf Movies You Should Watch
Best golf movies
For all those golf lovers out there, Hollywood and filmmakers have tapped into your love for this game and made many movies whose storyline revolves around golf. We, at Buzzle, have listed out the 10 best golf movies that every...
Postmodernism in Movies with Examples
Postmodernism in movies
There are some foods that continue to preserve the word moreish. You aren't sated no matter how much you do to gratify your desire. This is same with postmodernism movies. Postmodern movies are pure enfant terribles; they dare to...
Interesting Movies about Pregnancy
Funny dialogue about movie
Whether you're searching for humor or any particular message from pregnancy movies, you can sure count on some entertainment headed your way. Here, we have a list of interesting movies about pregnancy that you may want to watch...
8 Best Horse Movies of All Time
Best horse movies of all time
Horses can be seen in a lot of movies, but only some of them depict the horse as the main character, and actually show the encounters in its and its owner's life. Buzzle shares some popular titles for you to watch and enjoy.
Historically Inaccurate Movies
Historically inaccurate movies
For years now, Hollywood has churned out some epic historical movies. Entertaining as they may be, they never fall short of creative histrionics, all under the innocent name of history. Hey, when it's Hollywood, facts get replaced...
10 Greatest Sports Movies Ever Made
Greatest sports movies ever made
Sports are inextricably linked to our daily lives in the modern world. As a result, they have proved to be fertile grounds to dig around for movie plots, and many movies have been made featuring popular sports.
Top 10 Inspirational Teacher Movies
Inspirational teacher movies
Teachers not only help kids with their studies, but also groom them into good human beings. The student-teacher relationship has played the perfect setting for so many movies, which are nothing short of being inspirational.
11 Things All Movie Lovers Can Relate To
What movie lovers can relate to
Most of us love watching movies. But for the movie fanatics, movies are a part of their very existence. They eat, drink, sleep, and talk movies! It is a kind of escape route from their daily mundane life into another world, be it...
History of Silent Films
They say speech is silver, but silence, gold. In accordance, many regard the era of silent films as a time when some of the masterpieces of the movie industry were crafted and presented to audiences. Given here is a brief history...
The Top 10 Life-changing Movies of All Time
Life-changing movies of all time
Some movies leave an everlasting impression on our minds. Has any of them changed your life or the way you think or your perception about life? We bring you a list of top 10 life-changing movies ever. So, sit back and grab that DVD...
List of Main Characters in 'The Lord of the Rings' Trilogy
Director Peter Jackson breathes life into J. R. R. Tolkien's epic high fantasy adventure novel about Middle-earth, with the film series. Take a trip with Buzzle where we highlight the main characters in "The Lord of the...
Best Japanese Movies
Want to watch some of the greatest Japanese flicks, but don't know which ones to choose? Here's presenting some lists of the best Japanese movies of all times, covering several genres.
Movie Plots that Could Have Been Solved in Minutes
Did you ever have an epiphany - the ultimate realization that a particular movie plot could have been solved easily if the characters in the movies communicated with each other/used a phone, or common sense for that matter? This...
Movie Plots that Could Have Been Ruined by Cell Phones
It might be hard to comprehend the fact that technology, like cell phones, has actually ruined the chances of creating new-age Hollywood classics. For this, we need to take up a list of a few good movies, and contemplate that if...
Best Korean Movies
Give it a try to watch some of the best Korean movies and you will soon get hooked on to watching some more of these beautiful movies. The following article will help you know more about the best Korean movies of all time.
How to Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading
If you want to know how to watch free movies online without downloading anything, you simply have to know the websites or the services that provide online streaming video. This article tells you about how to watch free full length...
Feel Good Movies
The best thing about a feel good movie is that it never fails to light up the one candle of hope that is left somewhere deep in our hearts. These movies usually show the protagonist in some kind of mess which is impossible to deal...
Saddest Movies of all Time
Sad and melancholic movies are great to watch when you are in a contemplative mood and crave for serious cinema. In this article we are going to take a look at some of the saddest movies.
Best Sci-Fi Movies
Want to buy some of the best Sci-Fi movies to complete your DVD collection. Well you will get a huge variety, but this article will help you choose the best ones. So you won't regret buying something which was not worth your money.
Best Drama Movies
Drama movies are mainly based on showcasing realistic characters amidst conflicts that surface from various circumstances or backgrounds. This article enlists some of the best drama movies of all time.
Worst Movies Ever Made
Worst movies ever made
There are some movies that are simply awful, no excuses. Bad directing, horrible acting, no storyline, stale gags and jokes, bad cinematography, etc. This article will give you a list of some of the worst movies, so that you do not...
Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies
Movies are an intrinsic part of our lives. They make us laugh, cry, shout in anger, cheer in glee, and help us vicariously live situations we know we never will otherwise. In this article, we give you ten movies that stand out in...
Top Korean Movies
There are many top Korean movies that have a beautiful storyline and awesome cinematography. Read the following article to know about some of the popular Korean movies of all time.
Movies With Amazing Cinematography
Movies with amazing cinematography
Wouldn't be wrong to term them people visionaries; cinematographers who take their cast and crew on a journey, the destination of which, is a successful motion picture. Here's a sneak peek into the movies that boast of...
Best Movies to Watch After a Breakup
Movie to watch after a breakup - The Notebook
It hurts. It hurts worse than you could ever imagine it would. You can hear your heart breaking, and the sound of it hurts. It's all said and done. What next? What do you do now? May be a movie will help you recover. We'll give you...
Best Dragon Movies of All Time
Best dragon movies
Dragons are the stuff of folklore and mythology, where we've readily embraced their fierce presence on the silver screen. Let's take a look at some of the best dragon movies of all time, that you simply must get your hands on if...
Top 10 Movies of Charlie Chaplin
Movies of Charlie Chaplin
A comprehensive guide to top 10 movies of one of the greatest movie-makers of the silent era, Charlie Chaplin. A tribute to the magician, the maestro, the man with the golden heart.
Best Movies about Fatherhood
Best movies about fatherhood
"I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection." What an absolutely extraordinary quote by Sigmund Freud! It aptly depicts how important a father is to his child. Here are some...
Most Popular Ice Skating Movies of All Time
Most popular ice skating movies of all time
Ice skating is a popular activity, and its widespread fame is reflected in its occurrence in numerous movies featuring ice skating as a major plot line.
7 Best Soccer Movies of All Time
Best soccer movies of all time
Soccer has been a popular subject for filmmakers for a long time. It has spawned many popular and excellent movies. Here is a list of some of the best soccer movies ever.
Movies Based on Real Life Events
Fact about The Jackie Robinson Story
It is true that movies and reality are two opposite poles, but there certainly have been instances in which cinema has brilliantly captured the essence of realism. This post lists out movies which have depicted reality in the most...
List of Top 10 Angelina Jolie Movies
Fact about movies of Angelina Jolie
As someone who was merely described to be "Jon Voight's knockout daughter" to the certified superstar of 'Maleficent', Angelina Jolie has indeed come a long way. Buzzle brings you a list of top 10 movies to feature this...
List of Movies Based on Greek Mythology
Movie based on Greek mythology - Hercules
Although reading Greek mythology may be fun for some, it's not everyone's go-to option. Which is why, movies were created for viewers to enjoy these myths and learn along the way.
Famous Film Festivals Around the World
Fact about Venice Film Festival
The place that film enthusiasts love apart from the cinema theaters are the film festivals. These high-profile film festivals not only showcase the works of well-known filmmakers, but also that of the new and budding ones.
10 Best Holocaust Movies of All Time
Top Holocaust movies of all time
Movies based on the theme of Holocaust have always been popular all over the world. Some have done very well, while others not so much. The best ones are those that are shown with true and heartfelt feelings.
The 20 Greatest Cult Classic Movies of All Time
Greatest cult classic movies of all time
Cult classics are different from the conventional hits we see every year. They endure through the decades, widening their fan base by the year, becoming great, greater, greatest as time passes.
Best Olympic Movies to Give You an Adrenaline Boost
Olympics or no Olympics, one good way to get inspired and charged up is to watch a good Olympic themed movie. So gear up, get set and get inspired with these Olympic movies...
Top 10 Cursed Movies of Hollywood
Cursed movies of Hollywood
Some movies of Hollywood are believed to be 'cursed' due to a string of weird mishaps that happened with those involved in these films. Believe in this superstition or not, the happenings behind these movies are certainly spooky.
Explanation of the Literary Device 'Cliffhanger' with Examples
Literary device cliffhanger example
A 'cliffhanger' is a literary device, wherein the plot has an abrupt end, to arouse curiosity in the minds of the audience. The story is usually followed by a sequel.
Movie Clichés that Don't Happen in Real Life
Would we enjoy watching movies without the clichés? Should movie clichés disappear forever? Here's a compilation of some of the most obvious and popular movie clichés that don't happen in real life...
Top 10 Alien Abduction Movies Everyone Should Watch
Top alien abduction movies
Alien abduction is a fascinating subject and comes under the category of science fantasy, unless you have been abducted by them at one point. Buzzle lists the top 10 movies related to the theme of alien abduction.
The Best War Movies
Popular war movies
With numerous war films to choose from, imagine your condition if you were to make a list of top 10 films of all time? We had to go through a similar turmoil to come up with this compilation of the best war movies ever made...
10 Movies That Will Inspire You to Travel
Movies that inspire you to travel
Most people usually watch movies because their favorite actor/actress is starring, or because the story helps escape the drudgery of daily life. Sometimes, however, the best way to experience a place you haven't been to yet is to...
Tips to Become a Movie Critic
Tip to become a movie critic
A movie critic reviews and rates a movie from a neutral and critical perspective. This Buzzle article has enlisted some tips to become a movie critic.
List of Top 10 Movies About Magic
Top movies about magic
Abracadabra!! Envisage a miraculous world where you can easily get anything you want by just swirling a magic wand in the air. Such fantasies always fascinate us, magical movies open up another world for us, where we start to...
10 Greatest War Movies Like Troy
War movies like Troy
The incidents and legends of history have fascinated us from time immortal, and when it is combined with our love for movies, something magical is born. We bring you a list of popular movies like Troy, which set the benchmark and...
10 Movies like Inception that Actually Make You Think
Movies like Inception
Inception was a highly original film in many ways. It challenged its viewers and kept them engrossed throughout its 148 minutes, and probably even after that. Several other filmmakers too have been known for taking bold steps and...
10 Best American Football Movies of All Time
Fact about American football movies
For those of you who can't get enough of football, a movie based on your favorite sport is the Holy Grail. And in the history of such movies, spanning 89 years, there have been many classic movies that have been made. Buzzle brings...
10 Best Gymnastic Movies Ever
Gymnastics is a difficult sport. Even more difficult is the life of a gymnast. There have been many stories inspired from this sport, and this article brings to you some of the most loved and praised gymnastic movies ever made.
Top 10 Shirley Temple Movies to Watch
Top Shirley Temple movies
Shirley Temple was the cherubic-faced child star of 1930s' Hollywood, who gave us several memorable performances. This Buzzle post lists Shirley Temple's 10 best movies and traces the course of her illustrious career.
Top 10 Must-watch Movies About Mental Disorders
quote from Memento movie about mental disorders
The reach of cinema is global today, making it a universal language across regions and cultures. The underlying themes are so personal that people often see their own stories being told through these movies. Mental disorders is one...
10 Best Snowboarding Movies that are a Must Watch
Best snowboarding movies
Snowboarding is a dangerous yet awesome sport that is thrilling, chilling, and spectacular to watch. And as with any awesome concept, the movies are not far behind. This Buzzle article lists the top 10 snowboarding movies that...
Jim Carrey's 10 Best Movies to Watch
Love him or hate him, one can definitely not ignore Jim Carrey. The entertainment factor that he brings into his movies is undisputed. This article lists out the 10 best Jim Carrey movies to watch.
Sylvester Stallone Movies List
Big fan of Sylvester Stallone? Don't miss out on any of his movies. Read the Sylvester Stallone movies list provided in the following article...
List of Channing Tatum Movies
List of Channing Tatum movies
From a marvelous dancer and fashion model to a commendable actor and a devoted husband and father, Channing Tatum has truly come a long way. Buzzle brings you a list of Channing Tatum movies to feature this talented and handsome...
8 Movies Inspired by The Beatles
Movies inspired by the Beatles
When The Beatles sang about love and peace, it wasn't just to redeem their artistic values, it was rather to deliver a performance of effortless originality that won them fans and a legacy that remains unmatched even today. Here...
A Complete List of John Cusack Movies in Chronological Order
List of John Cusack movies in chronological order
Actor, screenwriter, and producer John Cusack has been around for a long, long time. His films have enjoyed stupendous success, and his work has always been appreciated. This Buzzle article presents a list of the best John Cusack...
A Complete List of Tom Hanks Movies in Chronological Order
List of Tom Hanks movies
Tom Hanks has pretty much ruled the roost in mainstream Hollywood for over two decades now. Buzzle gives you a comprehensive account of this fine actor's commendable body of work.
How to Get Sundance Film Festival Tickets
The Sundance Film Festival is an annual cinematic gala that is billed as one of the hippest festivals on the entertainment circuit. To know about how to snag tickets to this snazzy event, read this Buzzle article.
Top 10 Movies of all Time
Hundreds of movies get release every year, however, there are only a few among those that capture our minds, mesmerize our senses, and remain fresh in our memory for years. Let us go down the memory lane and recapture the essence...
Great Movies to Watch
Be it action, comedy, romance, or mystery, you can trust movies to entertain you always. Some movies make you feel good, while some can have a lasting, disturbing effect. Buzzle provides a list and brief information of some of the...
Best Modern Movies
Looking to watch the best modern movies ever made. There's no need to look further because this article lists out the best modern films that shouldn't be missed.
Movies and Shows that Inspired Real Life Crimes
How many times has inspiration struck you like lightening while you were watching a movie? Movies and TV shows, like any other art form, have the power to move us. Here are some real life crime stories, from funny to downright...
Best Mystery Movies
In the history of movies, there are many mystery films that have made a special place in our hearts. Listing some of the best mystery movies, the following article has the information you're searching for...
List of Upcoming Comic Book Movies
Comic books are always fun to read irrespective of your age, aren't they? And it is all the more fun when the same theme is portrayed on a big screen with amazing visual effects and surround sound. Find in this article about the...
Best Chick Flicks of 2011
Care for some love tips to go with your popcorn? Feel like watching some divas chasing after men with the hope of finding everlasting love? Here's a list of some chick flicks from 2011.
Most Anticipated Movies of 2012
The new year has begun and so has our expectations of movies. Checkout the most anticipated movies of 2012 that you don't want to miss...
Most Scientifically Inaccurate Movies
Trust Hollywood to come up with the most bizarre plots with sensational performances. But sometimes, the bizarre element just stretches a little too far, making the whole plot implausible. These movies, perhaps, follow some...
Movies Coming Out in 2012
Here is a quick low-down at some of the most anticipated movies coming out in 2012, with 2011 bidding farewell and 2012 ushering in.
Hand-picked Watch List of Best Musical Films
Here goes a hand-picked watch list of the best musical films which had the characters weave music into the narrative with such elegance that it took entertainment to an all new level. Don't wander in search of musical flicks that...
Greatest Chick Flicks
The basic definition of a chick flick is, "Something that a woman will enjoy and a man won't". These movies contain certain elements which appeal only to women, but that doesn't mean it has nothing for the average man....
Top 10 Feel Good Movies
We all enjoy watching movies, but there are some that we don't mind watching a couple of times more. Here are the best top 10 feel good movies.
List of Movies Featuring Dogs
People who have been proud owners of a dog know how important the animal is to them. Since centuries, man's best friend has been a guardian and showered its owner with undying love and affection. It's quite natural that Hollywood...
Awesome Movies to Watch when Bored
Bored out of your mind? Don't have anything worthwhile to do? Then here are some awesome movies that you can watch to kill some time.
Best Basketball Movies for Kids
The genre of basketball movies has been around for many decades now, and Hollywood has regularly churned out some all time classics, that are watched and loved by people of all ages...
Must Watch Movies
There are some movies which are just meant to be seen, considering how good they are. Here is a list of some of the best ones around...
Girly Movies to Watch
If you are planning a girl's night at your place, then picking out some good movies to watch to pass time is a great idea. After all the fun activities you did, there's nothing like wtaching a movie based on girl power.
Good Movies for Teenagers
Teenage movies are not just about romance, fun and laughter, there are movies from which you can learn and get inspired. There are a lot of movies based on this age group. So here we have a collection of some of the best ones which...
Movies About Submarines
Submarines are a criminally underemployed class of vehicles in movies, but when they are involved, the movies have often turned out to be hits. Read on for a list of some of the best movies involving submarines...
Most Controversial Movies
Movies are a medium of expression, and with expression, more often than not, comes dissent. Movies can attract controversy over a variety of issues, and can become engraved in the public memory due to it. This is a list of some...
Natural Disaster Movies
The list given in this article covers almost all natural disasters on which movies have been filmed.
Best Movies to Watch on Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is the perfect time to relax with your family and watch some great movies that everyone will love? Read on to know some such movies...
Chick Flicks 2010
'Chick Flick' is a slang term is used to describe a movie which is more appealing to the female audience. The characters in that particular movie revolve around issues or topics that women like to know about. Take a look at the...
Top 10 Chick Flicks
I am sure most women must have seen the movies listed in this article at least twice! Such is the magic of these beautiful movies; so find out which is your favorite from the coming up list.
Must Watch Movies of All Time
Do you feel you've missed some of the must watch movies of all time? Then here's a list of movies that you should catch up on.
Movies by Mail and Streaming - A Good Deal for Movie Aficionados
For those who watch a lot of movies, renting from a local video store can be expensive and a hassle, but online rentals and streaming are a great alternative. Here's more...
Best Basketball Movies of All Time
Wondering, which are the best basketball movies of all time? Hoosiers, The Air Up There, He Got Game... Read on, to know the complete list...
Most Expensive Movie Ever Made
Movies have been faithfully entertaining us, however, these breathtaking films cost a fortune to be brought into the celluloid form. Let's take a look at some of the most expensive films of all time.
Highest Grossing Movies of All Time
Are you aware the most commercially successful movies of all time? Read on to know more about movies who broke all box office records...
Inspirational Movies
This article provides you a compilation of some of the greatest inspirational movies of all times, including movies for kids, family, based on true stories, and many more. Read on...
Movies that Make you Think
There are certain movies made with such strong concepts, that these movies make you really think. Here, is a list of the best made movies that make you think.
Good War Movies
Are you a war movie buff? If yes, then the list of movies in this Buzzle article is sure to help widen your interset of movie watching.
Classic Movies List
Hollywood has produced numerous movies providing utmost entertainment to the masses. This article is a review on some of the best movies of all time.
Movies that Make You Cry
At times, all that can make you feel better is watching a movie or two that gives you the opportunity to cry; really, really cry. In this Buzzle article, we will give you a short and sweet list of movies that make you cry, even if...
Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies
He set many a pulse racing amongst the ladies, and he caused men to emulate his perfectly, chiseled body. Arnold Schwarzenegger has enthralled audiences for decades with his action-packed movies. Here's a look at some of his movies...