How to Get Rid of Moths
Moths are one of the few pests which are quite difficult to get rid of. Moth infestations usually occur in the damp and high humid areas of a house. This Buzzle article discusses some simple tips that can help you eliminate these...
Types of Moths
Moths are close genetic relatives of butterflies, but are often considered annoying pests rather than beautiful wonders of nature. Read on to know more about the many types of these wonderful winged insects.
How to Raise Silkworms
In this following article we shall be informing you about the perfect way of raising silkworms. You can also know about how to go about caring for them with the hopes of procuring silk from them.
Moth Infestation
Moths can create havoc in your household and their infestation is commonly known to ruin closets and pantry. Take control of the situation and read further to know how to get rid of it.
Facts About Silkworms
Silk, one of the most exotic fabrics is created by silkworms. This Buzzle article is a compilation of some interesting silkworm facts.
Moth Infestation in House
Moth infestation in house can cause problems for you and test your patience. To get rid of such infestations, follow the tips mentioned in the article below.
Natural Moth Repellent Recipes
Have you recently found clothes in your wardrobe in pieces and tatters? You might have moths to blame for this. Definitely not a pretty sight, you need to get rid of these pesky creatures as soon as possible. This article tells you...
What do Moths Eat?
Moths are closely related to a butterflies, and their similarity goes well beyond their taxonomy. In this particular article, we will see what moths eat and at the same time, try to shed light on their alleged appetite for clothes.
Tobacco Hornworm Facts
Tobacco hornworms are 70 millimeter long caterpillars that are a menace for tobacco plants. This article presents some useful tobacco hornworm facts that include their life cycle, habitat, and diet.
Bogong Moth Facts
Fact about Bogong moths
Bogong moths migrate to the Australian Alps in large numbers, where they aestivate through the summer. During this stage, these insects are very rich in protein, and are consumed by the indigenous people.
Facts about Hummingbird Moths
Features of hummingbird moths
You saw a hummingbird fly past you, or at least you think you did. In fact, what you may have seen could have been a hummingbird moth that looks a great deal like the bird.
Information About the Cecropia Moth
Cecropia moth is North America's largest moth species
Cecropia moths are beautiful silk moths with some surprising characteristics, indeed. Here's a bit on these curious insects.
How Do Silkworms Make Silk?
Silkworm silk fact
Have you ever wondered what goes into the making of that fine, lustrous, beautiful silk thread, which further gets transformed into a classic garment and adorns your look? This Buzzle post gives you a detailed explanation on how...
Difference Between a Moth and a Butterfly
Difference between moths and butterflies
Butterflies and moths often resemble each other, and their classification remains slightly vague. But there are some differences between them too.
Information and Facts About the Miller Moth
Fact about the miller moth
Miller moths come from the army cutworms. They can be a nuisance, but are otherwise completely harmless. Buzzle provides some facts about miller moths in the ensuing paragraphs.
Things You Should Know about Mexican Jumping Beans
Fact about Mexican jumping beans
Unlike what their name suggests, the Mexican jumping bean is not a bean! It is produced by a deciduous shrub known as Sebastiana pavoniana that grows on desert slopes in the states of Sonora and Chihuahua, Mexico.
Interesting Facts About Luna Moths
Fact about Luna moths
The Luna Moth is one of the largest moth species found in North America. They can be easily spotted owing to their size and coloring. Buzzle brings you some interesting facts about Luna Moths.
Silkworm Life Cycle
Silkworm life cycle
The life cycle of a silkworm, from a microscopic egg to a beautiful moth is simply mind-blowing. Let's explore the different stages of life of a silkworm.
Interesting Facts About the Atlas Moth: The Largest Moth in the World
Atlas moth
Those brown-colored pesky insects who bug you all the time - moths are tiny insects who are actually harmless. Among the moths, the largest is the Atlas Moth, or Attacus atlas.
Silkworm Extract Benefits
Have your ever heard about the use of silkworms for boosting human health? If no, go through this article that deals with some information about the health benefits of silkworm extract.