Effective Way to Control Mosquito Bites
The use of mosquito repellents is one of the most effective ways to control mosquito bites. The following article provides some preventive measures for dealing with this problem.
How to Choose a Mosquito Net
Why you should choose insecticide-treated mosquito nets
A mosquito net has become more than a utility. With the interesting designs and patterns available in the market, it has become more of a bedroom accessory. Here are some effective tips on choosing the right mosquito net, and also...
Effective Techniques to Get Rid of Mosquitoes
Techniques to get rid of mosquitoes
Apart from their nasty bites, mosquitoes are also infamous for the illnesses they spread. Here is a compilation of some effective techniques to get rid of these insects.
Mosquito Repellent Plants
The pesticides we use for repelling mosquitoes, can be very harmful. So, the best way to get rid of them naturally, is by planting mosquito repellent plants. Read on for more details.
Dangers of Mosquito Repellents
Mosquito repellents are a "boon" for people who are mostly outdoors, or live in places where insect-borne diseases are common. But are they safe? Well, the fact is that they are not completely safe, and may cause side...
Do Mosquito Repellent Bracelets Really Work?
Do mosquito repellent bracelets work
Mosquito-repelling bracelets are a safe and simple way to avoid blood-sucking mozzies from biting you. But do they really work? This article comes up with the details.
Mosquito Trap
Mosquitoes bothering you? How about we give you instructions for one of the best mosquito traps that you can use? Read the following section for exactly that.
Best Mosquito Repellent
The quality of a mosquito repellent depends on many factors. DEET and picaridin are some of the most popular and effective repellents in the market.
Mosquito Repellents for Babies
Unlike adults, you cannot use all mosquito repellents for babies. Continue reading to know which ones you can use, and which ones you cannot.