Here's How to Easily Break Your Habit of Spending Unnecessarily
Think before you shop impulsively
A lot of us make certain purchases that we can really do without. When we spend money on unnecessary things, our financial planning goes for a toss. Over a period of time, it can even become a habit which may be hard to get rid of....
Revealed! 9 Money Mistakes Successful People Never Make
W. C. Fields quote on rich people
Remember that first job, the first time you got paid for doing something? Well, that feeling can never replace any other; that happy moment when you feel self-reliant, capable, and realize that you can bring great changes to the...
Extremely Essential Advice on How to Start a Social Savings Club
Tips on starting a social savings club
Starting a social savings club will not only help you to save regularly but will also aid in getting a better return on your investment. However, you should be completely aware of the procedure before initiating such a club. Here...
Top 10 Things That We Waste Money on and Don't Even Realize
Fast food tops the list of things that people waste money on
Before the hangover of spending fresh, crisp currency subsides, we all have one common question - "Where the heck did all that money go?" Take a look at the top ten things that we commonly waste our money on.
How to Save Money with the Envelope System
Saving money with envelope system
The Envelope System, popularized by Dave Ramsey, is a take on a budgeting system that most people have been following religiously and quite successfully. Find out how you too can use this system to plan and save your money...
7 Money Mistakes You Should Stay Away from in Your 20s
Tips to save money in your 20s
It's in our twenties when we are vociferous and are constantly tempted to squander away money without thinking twice. However, if you wish to keep yourself secure money-wise, you need to stay away from money mistakes that...
27 Ridiculously Funny Things People Actually Do to Save Money
Weird way to save money
You would not believe the extent people would go to, to save a little dough! Here are a few rofl-y funny things people do to save money. Read along for a good laugh.
Learn How to Wisely Save More Money With Less Effort
How to save money
Periodic economic meltdowns have proved that saving for the future is as important as earning. With numerous people rendered jobless due to the economic recession and unable to meet even their day-to-day expenses, it has become...
Tips to Save Money on Your Home Office
Are you an entrepreneur or a corporate employee enjoying the benefits of working out of your home office? If yes, this post is intended to provide some tips for saving money on your home office and making your work-from-home...
10 Foolproof Tips for Saving Money on Business Travel
Saving money on business travel
For any professional, life is already a task when one is juggling meetings, client calls, and project deadlines incessantly. On a business trip, dealing with these tasks is even more stressful. Between managing time and handling...
11 Budget-friendly Tips to Stock Your Pantry for the Holidays
11 budget-friendly tips to stock your pantry for the holidays
A well-stocked pantry means no more last-minute trips to the store for cooking supplies. However, stocking a pantry within a stipulated budget calls for planning. Buzzle enlists some budget-friendly tips to stock your pantry.
9 Great Money Saving Tips for Young Couples
Money saving tips for young couples
The reason why you're probably here is because you have taken the great plunge called 'marriage', and are slowly coming out of the honeymoon phase. Or, you have just started becoming serious after a long tenure of a live-in...
Tips to Save Money on Your European Vacation
Tip to save on a European vacation
A European vacation sits prettily on everybody's wish list, but perhaps, the only thing that stops us from boarding that plane is the exorbitant cost. But worry not. Buzzle tells you how to have a fabulous European holiday without...
Ways to Save Money at the Movies
Ways to save money at the movies
Have a long list of movies to watch, but on a tight budget? Saving money at the movies is possible if you follow the tips and suggestions mentioned in this Buzzle article.
How to Save Money on Cell Phone Bills While Traveling Abroad
Buying a local SIM card while traveling can save money on your phone bill
A lot of people run the risk of receiving a huge bill if they use their phones on roaming. However, there are some ways in which people can keep their cell phone bills in check, even while using their phone in foreign countries....
Best Ways to Save Money in 2012
Looking for some great ways to save money in 2012? If you're all coy about how much you earn and aren't so terribly thrifty about the way you spend, and how much you spend, then you might just have an inkling of a notion that...
Money Management Skills for Kids
Parents must try instilling money management skills in their kids, in order to help them understand finances better and much earlier in life.
Money Saving Travel Tips
Looking for some fruitful ways to save money while being out for a vacation? Well, follow the tips explained in this article and experience the benefits.
How to Instill Saving Habits in Teenagers
From a very young age, teens need to be taught how to save money. Here are some techniques that you can teach your children and make them understand the value of money.
How to Budget and Save Money
Knowing how to budget is a very necessary habit that one should inculcate, to be able to save for a rainy day or simply for an extravagance one would like to treat oneself to. Here's some help...
Easy Ways To Save Money
Are you worried about how to save your hard-earned money in this competitive world? Relax, because you don't need to look further for easy ways to save money! Read through to find out some practical and workable ideas.
Money Saving Tips for College Students
This article talks about different ways to save money, for college students.
Tips on How to Save Money on Bills
One of the best ways to improve your financial situation is to save some money on your monthly bills. In this article, you will get some valuable tips on how to do this efficiently, without stressing yourself out.
Money Management Tips for Teenagers
Teenagers find it hard to manage their money. If they take some simple measures, the task will be much easier.
Easiest Ways to Save Money in a Tight Economy
Everyone's feeling the pinch these days. Here are the best tips for making your budget dollar stretch further, without making you work too hard. First in the series: food costs and gas.
Buying Secondhand Saves Money, but Can Cost You Dearly
Just about everything you need or want can be bought used, if you want to save a little money. But not every used item is a good deal, if it costs you more time and trouble than its worth.