There is really no dearth of hair loss treatments in the market. People with thinning hair go to any lengths to restore the crown on their head. Hair weaving, hair transplantation, wigs are some of the commonly sought solutions to the problem of hair loss. However, none of these solutions can be perceived as a permanent hair loss solution. In fact, some of these may even leave ugly scars on your head. Wigs and hairpieces may cause scalp problems. Micro hair tattooing has emerged as a solution to all these problems. This is a fast, permanent and comparatively inexpensive procedure of hair simulation.
What is Micro Hair Tattooing
It is a procedure in which tattoo impressions are made on the head, to resemble short cropped hairstyle. This type of tattooing looks more like a stubble or fuzzy, shaved head. Your bald patches are successfully converted into a shaved hairstyle. Thus, although micro hair tattooing does not actually grow hair on your head, it sure saves you from the embarrassment of baldness. It is a very advanced technique of tattooing and requires a very high level of skill, accuracy and expertise. The needles, equipment used for this method are also different from other tattooing techniques.
Who is a Candidate
Almost everyone who faces a baldness problem can be a candidate for this innovative method. People suffering from male pattern baldness, alopecia or any other form of baldness can benefit from this treatment option. Alternatively, this treatment can also be used to camouflage scars on the scalp caused by any other treatment. In short, anyone who experiences hair loss and is comfortable with the simulation of a shaven head can be a candidate for this technique. Besides, this technique can be implemented for people of all skin and hair colors.
Is It Safe
Yes, micro hair tattooing is a completely safe technique of hair simulation. Although, some amount of pain is involved in this procedure, it is nothing compared to other hair loss treatments such as hair weaving, hair transplantation etc. Besides, the pigmentation used for tattooing is made out of vegetable dye, hence, perfectly safe. Also, the treatment is done by experts who have gained expertise in this particular area of tattooing.
The cost of this treatment is anywhere between $800 - $2500. No maintenance is required once the treatment is completed. However, you might need a follow-up maintenance session, if you decide to alter your hairstyle. The entire treatment is usually not completed in a single session. In the first session, your hairline is marked and basic simulation is done. This takes about 3 to 4 hours. In the next session, minor corrections and perfections are made. Overall, the treatment takes about 8 hours.
The most significant drawback of this treatment is that it suits only people who can sport a shaven head. If you have long hair, then this treatment cannot be useful to you. Besides, if you have hair loss in patches, then also this treatment does little to help you. Another drawback is that, if by some means you manage to grow your hair back, then the whole treatment is rendered useless. It has been found that some natural or alternative hair loss treatments can actually reverse the effects of hair loss. Another important drawback is that this is not a hair loss treatment per se, it is just a camouflaging technique to reduce the appearance of bald patches. It does nothing to prevent hair loss.
Thus, if you are comfortable with the kind of look this treatment offers, then you can surely go ahead with this treatment. However, make sure you get it done from reputable clinic only.