Mexican Family Culture: Values, Traditions, and Beliefs
Mexican family culture
Mexicans have huge, well-knit families, and all family members, immediate as well as extended, are treated with love and respect. Let's find out more about Mexican family culture, through this Buzzle post.
Cinco de Mayo Facts
Cinco de Mayo, an important day for the Mexicans, is celebrated to mark the defeat of the French army at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Read on to know more facts about Cinco de Mayo.
Mexican Christmas Traditions
Do you wish to learn about Mexican Christmas traditions? Christmas, which is known as 'Navidad' in Mexico, is a religious holiday. Scroll down to know more about the Christmas celebrations in Mexico.
Mexican Dresses for Women
With the rich culture that Mexico flaunts, clothing is also a part of the tradition. Find some designs of Mexican dresses for women mentioned in the coming up article.
History of Mexican Clothing
The history of Mexican clothing isn't very difficult to understand. Traditional Mexican clothing was vibrant, colorful, and very practical for everyday use as well. Continue reading for more information on the Mexican attire, as it...
The Diverse Styles of Mexican Music and Their Characteristics
Known to be one of the most popular styles of music, Mexican music surely has a blend of great sounds and rhythms. Find more about this music mentioned in the article below, take a look.
Simple Yet Popular Clothing Styles That Inspired Mexican Cowboys
One of the first images that come to mind when someone utters Mexican cowboy is a sombrero wearing guy with a large bow tie and short jacket with pointed Mexican boots and a smiling face to go with all this. Through popular culture...
Sweetly Adorable Styles of Mexican Dresses for Little Girls
Colors, frills, laces and flowy patterns together make the graceful Mexican dresses for little girls. Well, if you are planning to shop for one, here's the guide about dress patterns and styled to checkout in the segment along with...
History of the Olmec Civilization
The Olmecs made the Mesoamerican civilization interesting and amazing. Who were the Olmecs? Here are some fascinating facts about this ancient civilization...
Let's Take a Look at Mexican Food Culture Through the Ages
Right from the times of the Mayans, with some strong influence from Spanish conquistadors, Mexican food culture has evolved into a unique blend of contemporary and timeless cuisine.
Mexican Interior Design
Are you planning to decorate your home in Mexican style? Read on for some Mexican interior designing tips which you will surely find handy while doing up your house, and changing the atmosphere to a cool and relaxed one.
Mexico's Cervantino Festival
Although it's not widely known in the United States, Mexico's annual Cervantino Festival is a great cultural event, and a wonderful tourist destination for people of all ages, from all cultures, and on any budget.
Things You Need to Know About Mexican Hat Dance
This Buzzle article explains what a Mexican hat dance is, and how is it performed.
Popular Mexican Music Genres and Their Characteristics
The world was introduced to Mexican music in the late '70s. There is a huge array of different genres in Mexican music, resulting in a perfect blend of its pre-Hispanic civilization and colorful Spanish culture.
Timeline of Mexican History
Mexico is located to the south of the United States of America. This largest Spanish-speaking cultural entity is also home to the largest native American languages, primarily Nahuatl, Zapotec, Mayan, and Mixtec.
Mexican Culture
Mexico's history has led to a wondrous blending of cultures in this nation. Find out what makes Mexican culture unique.
History of Mexican Cuisine
Enchiladas, tortillas, salsa, flan and tacos are some of the traditional delicacies of Mexico. Mexican cuisine, favored by many of us, has a history of its own and the cuisine that is available today is actually a blend of...
History of the Mexican Flag
Mexican Flag, the tricolor featuring the green, red, and white colors, depicts the coat of arms at its center. Know about the history of the Mexican Flag.
Mexican American War
If you want to know about the Mexican American war, read this article.
Instructions for a Marvelous Homemade Pinata to Pump Up the Party
Nowadays, pinata games are common in parties, especially those on kids' birthdays. If you are interested in homemade pinatas, then, here are some instructions for making one.
Incredibly Amazing Pinata Ideas to Make Your Party a Massive Hit
A piñata is a fabulous and fun game to have at any birthday party. It is very enjoyable not only for kids, but for adults as well. This article provides some ideas for the same.
Mexican Birthday Traditions
Mexican birthday fiestas brim with happiness and merriment as lot of people gather for enjoyment. Themes are complied and dresses are adorned, keeping tradition as the main element. We have provided you the most popular birthday...
How to Make a Mexican Dance Dress
Want to go to a Mexican dance festival, but don't have a dress to wear? Fear not, because we are going to tell you how you can make a Mexican dance dress at home.
60 Outrageous Mexican Superstitions You Probably Didn't Know
Mexican superstition
Many of the Mexican superstitions can be traced back to ancient Spain or Old Mexico. They have elements of ancient numerology, astrology, and folklores. Most of these Mexican superstitions can sound hilarious but they definitely...
Traditional Mexican Clothing
Traditional Mexican clothing
Cool, comfortable and beautifully embroidered - indigenous clothing of Mexico is still quite researched by people who wish to own a garment of this kind. Vivid and strong colors form a part of the Mexican clothing. It has a major...
Traditional Mexican Clothes and Costumes
Tradition Mexican clothes and costumes
Mexican clothing is a unique blend of native and European cultures. They are vivid, comfortable, and beautifully crafted. A variety of fabrics like cotton, silk, wool, and bark are brought into use to make them.
Mexican Customs and Traditions
Cinco de Mayo Mexico
Known for its varied customs and traditions, Mexico has a long history that can be traced back to the pre-Hispanic era. Mexico lies to the south of USA. It is the 14th largest country in the world and 4th largest in North America....
Cinco de Mayo: Enchanting Traditions and Activities
Cinco de Mayo activities
Cinco de Mayo refers to the fifth day in the month of May, in Spanish. The Mexican regional holiday commemorates the defeat of the French in the Battle of Puebla on the same day in 1862. The leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza...
The Soulful and Foot-tapping Styles of Traditional Mexican Music
Traditional Mexican music
Mexico is quite the barometer for cultural music by just visiting their big cities. Mexican culture is unique in its way. It contains traditions from the clustered native settlements, which were later influenced by European styles...
Creative Ideas for a Colorful and Vibrant Mexican Costume
Mexican costume ideas
Mexican costumes are colorful and vibrant, and an instant success at costume parties! For your next party, be sure to select a Mexican theme!
Understanding the Difference Between Mexican and American Culture
Difference between Mexican and American culture
There are distinctive cultural differences between Mexico and the United States, although they are neighboring countries and parts of the same continent, North America.
Facts about Mexican Folk Dancing
Famous Mexican folk dances
Evolved over five centuries, Mexican folk dancing is seeped in the history and culture of Mexico. A look into these Mexican folk dancing facts, reveal the stunning vividness and cultural richness of this beautiful dance form....
A Brief List of the Vivid Types of Mexican Musical Instruments
Mexican musical instruments
Mexican music has always been fun to listen to. Be it weddings, birthdays or other occasions, this music works its charm on everyone listening to it. We give you a list of Mexican musical instruments without which this music would...
Day of the Dead Facts
Day of the Dead fact
Day of the dead facts highlight the belief of Mexican people in life after death. For them, death is a window, which releases them to another world that exists beyond ours and they celebrate this fact by honoring their dead...
Mexican Wedding Traditions
Mexican wedding tradition
A Mexican wedding is a gala affair. Not only is it marked with fun and festivity, it also depicts an amalgamation of customs that come from other cultures including Spanish, Native American, Aztec, Anglo American, and the like....
How to Make a Piñata at Home
A great decoration and entertainment for any party, you can make a piñata in any shape and size. Read the Buzzle article to find easy-to-follow steps to make one at home.
Pretty Cool Mexican Last Names for You to Choose From
Mexican last names
Want to know some pretty cool Mexican last names? Here are some last names for you to choose from.
Pointy Boots - A Popular Men's Shoe Style in Mexico
Fact about Mexican pointy boots
If you're among those on the lookout for fashion that truly blows you away, you've landed at the right Buzzle post. We're featuring Mexican pointy boots in this post, how they came into being, and how ... just how!?!
Mexican Tattoo Art
Mexican tattoo art has a unique appeal, which can be attributed to the influence of both ancient and modern tattoo art. Mexican tattoos reflect the rich cultural history of the nation, as well as the influence of the ancient Aztec...