Extended Metaphor Examples
Extended metaphors are literary devices that are used as a way of carrying forth a set metaphor to great heights. It is through extended metaphor examples that a clear understanding of this concept can be better achieved. In the...
Similes and Metaphors Examples
The examples of similes and metaphors are often used by people to sometimes compare or exactly mean some object or person. Understand the difference between the two and take a look at some examples in the following article...
What is the Domino Effect
This article will help you understand the Domino Effect and its varied applications. Read more...
Difference Between a Simile and a Metaphor
If you are confused about what is the difference between a simile and a metaphor, this article will help you identify it clearly. By the time you are through with this article, your mind should be crystal clear about how exactly do...
How to Teach Metaphors to Children
Need some handy tips on teaching metaphors to children in your language class? This article has the answer for you. Try them out!
Metonymy Vs. Metaphor
Highly similar in function yet different in concept, metonymy and metaphors are both figures of speech that we tend to use on a daily basis. Here, we identify the difference between these two. Take a look.
List of Commonly Used Metaphors
You must have heard people around you using metaphors to describe things in their vicinity. They are so common that we end up using them all the time, in any circumstance. Given below is a list of commonly used metaphors. Take a...
Extended Metaphor
A unique literary device used to enhance any piece of writing in the English Language, here is an overview of extended metaphors with the help of some examples.
Understanding Implied Metaphors with Examples
Implied metaphors example
Whether you say in a downright demeaning tone that someone is a mule to act annoyingly willful or put it in a less ostentatious, indirect way by saying that someone brayed his reluctance, there's still one mule you can't stand and...
Understanding Visual Metaphor with Examples
Visual metaphor example
Have you seen pictures of an hourglass with money in it? These pictures represent the idiom "time is money," which means that time is as precious as money. Such a representation is an apt example of a visual metaphor....
Metaphor Examples for Kids
Apple of eye metaphor
It is very easy to confuse a simile with a metaphor. So that you do not do end up with the same confusion, why not look at some metaphor examples for kids, which help with the differentiation... The most commonly used example of...
List of Metaphors
Examples of metaphors
A metaphor is one of the important figures of speech in the English language. It is used for comparing two things indirectly. Unlike a simile, the words 'like' and 'as' are not used, in fact no direct words are used for comparison....
List of Similes and Metaphors
Metaphor and simile examples
Figures of speech can render a piece of art with so much more appeal than a plain text, don't you think? Similes and metaphors are simple to understand, and they make for some very interesting pieces of art. In fact, they are some...
Metaphor Examples
Metaphor example
One of the oft-repeated metaphor examples is "America is a melting pot". However it is hardly ever considered an example of a metaphor. There are many such phrases that we use in our day-to-day lives, but we rarely take...
11 Meaningful Songs with Metaphors in Them
Example of song with metaphor
If you thought the modern troubadours burst into songs with lyrics that are destitute of profound emotions and observations, then the following list of 11 meaningful songs with metaphors will make you feel some deferential regard...
Analogy Vs. Metaphor - Know the Difference
Difference between analogy and metaphor
A metaphor involves the figurative use of words rather than their literal use. It equates two different things, while stating one to be the other, whereas an analogy is the comparison of the relationship between two objects, people...
Metaphor Examples in Literature
Trying to convey a message by comparing two unlike entities that have something in common is known as metaphor. Metaphor examples in literature is what we will be looking into in this article.
Metaphor Examples for Students
Finding it difficult to explain metaphors to your students? The simple examples in this article could make your job easier. Try them out.
Funny Metaphors
Are you looking for a few moments of rib-tickling laughter? The metaphors listed in this article should serve your purpose of laughing over nonsensical comparisons.
Examples of Similes and Metaphors in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'
Simile and metaphor in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'
'To Kill a Mockingbird' is a prize-winning American classic, which deals with serious issues like rape and racial inequality from a child's point of view. The author makes use of literary devices throughout the story, that bring it...
List of Metaphors in Fahrenheit 451
Example of metaphor in Fahrenheit 451
Metaphor is a comparison done on the basis of similarity or resemblance of two or more objects. Ray Bradbury's dystopian novel, Fahrenheit 451, is flushed with figurative language. This Buzzle piece lists out examples of metaphors...
Pyrrhic Victory
A fool's paradise. Bag and baggage. A drop in the bucket. All such phrases and idioms are a part and parcel of our daily language. A rare but significant phrase is a Pyrrhic victory. To learn more about this phrase, scroll below.