5 Hairstyles for Balding Men
Hairstyle for balding men
Don't lose hair over your losing hair guys! You can look stylish even when your hairline is receding and hair is thinning. Yes, it's possible; with the right hairstyles, even balding men can look dapper and attractive. Take a look...
Short Trendy Hairstyles for Men
Short trendy hairstyles for men are easy on maintenance, and hence, catching on! Here are some tips to sport the best-suited look for those who don't like to grow their hair long.
Popular Male Hairstyles
The fashion world today is experiencing a drastic change, where it is not only the women who keep changing their style with the trends, but the men, too, are keeping up with the latest fads. And, it is not just about the clothes,...
Cool Hairstyles for Boys
Why should girls have all the fun?! Get yourself up to a hair-dressing salon, ask for a fresh haircut, and look like the coolest thing on the streets! Get one which suits your hair type and will enhance your personality. You could...
Braid Designs for Men
Braid designs for men
With some cool braid designs for men, you can tame your long hair into super cool and neat looking hairstyles. Here is an article with pictures of various braid hair designs and styles.
Men's Haircuts for Fine Hair
If you have fine hair, then you need a haircut that makes your hair look fuller and more voluminous. In this article, we give you some of the best haircuts for men who have fine hair.
Hairstyles for Men with Receding Hairlines
Many men with receding hairline are not sure what type of hairstyle would suit them. To make their life a little easier, here we present to you some of the most flattering hairstyles for men with receding hair.
Hipster Haircuts for Men
Hipster haircuts are no more the same long wavy hairstyles. Hipster haircuts for men and women have undergone a lot of change. They are more subtle and stylish looking hairstyles...
Hair Designs for Black Men
There is no dearth of hairstyles and hair designs for black men that look cool and trendy. This Buzzle article tells you more about some of the most famous hairstyles for black men.
Long Hairstyles for Boys
Long hairstyles for boys are meant for those who want to have a punk look that will go with the current fashion trend...
Perms for Men
Are you wondering if perms for men a good idea? It surely is. Just that you need to take care to get the right style. Here are the useful tips that will help to pick up a good one.
Caesar Haircut
The Caesar haircut is one of the most low maintenance haircuts for men. Read the following article to know more about it.
Taper Haircut
A regular taper haircut is a style wherein there is gradual change in the length of the hair from the crown to the nape, by cutting the hair progressively shorter. This write-up provides a few variations of this sleek hairstyle.
Scene Hairstyles for Guys
If you wish to sport the scene look, you should be willing to don a choppy layered haircut and experiment with hair colors. This write-up provides a few options for scene haircuts for guys.
Black Men's Hairstyles
Whether it's shaved, short, long, curly, high fade, or a buzz cut, African-American men have lots of choices when it comes to styling their hair. Here is a Buzzle article that gives you a few hairstyles to pick out from.
Cornrow Styles for Men
Cornrows are no longer restricted to women, men are equally adventurous while opting for this fashionable hairdo. This article helps with some information about the same.
Hairstyles for Asian Men
Your search for cool hairstyles for Asian men ends here. The following article will cover some cool hairstyles that you can try out to change your looks. Read on to know more.
Men's Hairstyles for Round Faces
Hairstyle for men with round faces
Men have a lot of hairstyle options in each category. With the right choice of haircut you can look as smart as never before. Shape of your face is one of the basic factors to be considered while choosing a hairstyle. Some classic...
Dreadlock Styles for Men
Dreadlock styles for men
Dreadlock styles for men are also known as dreads. These dreadlock hairstyles have their basis in the Jamaican culture and religious ideology. The dreadlock hairstyles is a sure way to get a man stand apart and gain attention....
Braided Hairstyles for Men
Braided hairstyles for men
Braided hairstyles are a rage among men today. They give a really cool look to hot dudes.
Hairstyles for Men with Thinning Hair
Hairstyle for men with thinning hair
The problem of hair thinning in men can be addressed with a wide range of smart and sleek hairstyles. While choosing a particular haircut, several factors other than hair thinning and bald spots, are required to be taken into...
How to Choose the Right Hairstyle for Men
Hairstyles for men
A lot depends on your face shape while choosing a haircut. Trends in men's hairstyles, like everything else in the fashion industry, come in phases. Which is why, whenever you run out of original ideas, the best thing to do is to...
Braids for Men
Braids for men
Braids are a cool way to give yourself a different look. Men can choose from the various types of braids that are in vogue and flaunt them in style!
Undercut Hairstyles for Men
Undercut hairstyles aren't just for runway models and punk rock stars, but also for ordinary folk like you and me. Celebrities, especially women, have caught on with this rising, uber-sultry trend, experimenting with it in all...
8 Amazing Hairstyles for Men with Widow's Peak
Hairstyles for men with widow's peak
For men with a receding hairline, the most worrisome thing is the appearance of the widow's peak. If that little space is sending chills down your spine, sit back and relax because in this Buzzle article, you can go through...
10 Popular Korean Hairstyles for Men
Popular Korean hairstyles for men
Longing for a makeover to break the monotony of your present hairstyle? In your search for current hairstyles of the season, here is Buzzle, presenting the top ten trendy Korean hairstyles for men. From more formal styles to...
Sideburn Styles
Stretched sideburn
Thinking of grooming yourself with the latest in sideburn styles? Go through this Buzzle article to get an idea of the kind of designs you can choose, ranging from the formal to the rugged.
Hair Twists for Men
Hair twists for men have become quite a rage lately. If you wish to try them too, read on this Buzzle article for some interesting tips.
Cool Hairstyles for Men
With time, the way the modern man dresses up and styles his look has changed drastically, and for the good, too. Hair, the crown of our personality, is being taken up very seriously by him. Now, it is not only the fairer sex who...
Sophisticated Hairstyles for Men
There are many sophisticated hairstyles for men in fashion these days that differentiate the men from the boys. So, if you are an ultracool and uber chic man looking for suave hairstyles, you are at the right place.
5 Cool Ways to Spike Your Hair
Tip to spike your hair
From the lethally attractive mohawk to the slick, boxy, flat-head spiked hairdo, men can seamlessly alternate from the defiantly brazen to a charmingly fetching look using simple spiky hairstyle tricks. In this Buzzle article, we...
What is a Wave Cap and How is it Used?
Use of wave cap
Though short hairstyles are easy to manage, styling short hair might be difficult. How about styling short hair with the use of just a cap? Wearing a wave cap can do the trick of creating waves in your hair and give you a new look...
Hair Makeover for Men
Despite popular belief, men can be as fastidious about their appearance as women. Well, very nearly. Thus, a hair makeover can be a very good idea for men, especially for those who pay that extra bit of attention to their...
Trendy Hairstyles for Guys
Trendy hairstyles for men
Check out these trendy hairstyles for guys who want to keep it in style all yearlong, without having a hairdo that is shabby or outdated. Learn about tips that can change your whole look within minutes, with a hairstyle that is in...
Shaggy Hairstyles for Boys
Want to get a relaxed-looking messy hairstyle? Here are the various ideas of shaggy hairstyles for boys...
Wavy Haircuts for Men
Wavy haircuts for men give a messy and sexy look. The secret to hairstyling wavy hair is to use a sea salt spray and stay away from the hairbrush. This makes wavy haircuts for guys extremely low on maintenance.