Choosing Handkerchiefs for Men
Men are deemed clumsy when they do not carry a handkerchief, more so when they have their nose leaking profusely. Handkerchiefs for men are a necessity as much as they are for the female counterparts. So what if you stray from the...
Men's Fashion in the 1900s
Fashion is one part of life, that is as old as man, yet changes itself everyday. Scroll below for a description of menswear in the 1900s...
Fashion Advice for Men
The following article provides some useful fashion advice for men, which should be followed to look and feel great anytime anyplace.
Fashion Tips for Men
Fashion, especially related to clothing turns out be an arduous task for many men. To look smart and improve the style quotient, keep reading.
How to Wear Cufflinks
Cufflinks are the most elegant of the few jewelry items available to men. Read on to know more on wearing and flaunting them...
Handkerchief Folding Styles
Learn various handkerchief folding styles, and add an interesting accessory to complete your formal attire. Each of the following styles has special significance and is suitable for various occasions.
80s' Fashion for Men
80s' fashion for men
The '80s was one of the most iconic decades of fashion, especially for men. There were a slew of trends that men followed, some of which can still be seen on modern-day men and runways alike. Ready to travel back in time to see...
Fashion Tips for Men Over 40
Business casual look for men over 40
No matter what your age is, do you even need a reason to stop impressing people with how you look and dress up? We say, get naughty at forty. Buzzle wears a guide coat to suggest fashion tips for men over 40.
Tips for Men to Wear Suspenders the Right Way
Suspenders for men
Suspenders or braces may seem outdated or old-school sophistication, yet if worn the right way can spell classic style and finesse. If you are unsure about this clothing accessory, go through these tips by Buzzle on how to wear...
7 Must-have Accessories for Men
Must-have accessories for men
Who says that only women should accessorize and look stylish? Men need to look into their appearance too, by getting that timely haircut, manicure, wearing clothes that are in vogue, and accessorizing appropriately. Buzzle enlists...
Tips for Men to Incorporate the Rockabilly Style
Rockabilly style icons
Rockabilly is a mix of Western and Country music of the 1950s; the dressing sense of these old rock and roll artists was unique, and has become a fashion trend ever since. How about dressing up the rockabilly way? Buzzle suggests...
Top 6 Men's Fashion Magazines
Top 6 men's fashion magazines
Get the man in your life interested in fashion, style, and everything to do with dressing up well. Introduce him to some of the biggest men's fashion magazines out there. Buzzle makes you a list.
Men's Fashion Trends 2018
The men's fashion trends 2018 is all about comfort and sophistication. Get an idea about how to mix and match the latest designs, so that you too can hop onto the gentlemen's bandwagon of class and elegance.