Best Way to Iron a Suit
Nothing speaks formal for men like a well fitted suit does, but for it to look up to the mark it must be just as well ironed as stitched. For those unsure about how to iron a suit, let this article be your guide.
How to Ensure if a Suit Fits You Properly
If you are thinking of buying a suit for a very important day, then you have to make sure that the suit fits you properly, before you actually buy it. Read the following article to ensure that you buy a suit that fits you properly.
How to Look Good in a Suit
You might think it is easy to know how to look good in a suit, but sadly, it isn't. In the following article, we tell you how to look good in one, by first telling you how to buy one and then, how to wear one, depending on your...
Semi Formal Attire for Men
Want to know about the right semi formal attire for men? Here are some tips that will help you pick the right pieces and dress up perfectly.
Shirt and Tie Combinations
For a perfect gentleman look, everything should fall into place precisely. This Buzzle article helps you know what kind of shirts go along with which kind of ties, and how to enhance your overall look.
Types of Hoodies for Boys
Sleeveless hoodies are becoming very popular among the guys who wish to express their attitude in a unique style. What makes it better is that there is a multitude of options to choose from. This article lists down a few varieties.
Overview of Camouflage Shorts for Men
Camo shorts are a must-have in every man's wardrobe, not only for the comfort they provide, but also for the style statement that they make. This article will provide you with an overview of camouflage shorts for men.
Wardrobe Essentials for Men
There are certain wardrobe essentials for men, and the sooner you know them, the quicker you can become real, elegant, and charming self. Take a look at these essentials mentioned in this article.
Hippie Clothes for Men
What was so different about the hippie attire that it stands out when you talk about fashion trends for men over the decades? Let us try to find it out in the following Buzzle article.
Renaissance Clothing of Men
Renaissance clothing expressed voluminous richness. If you want to know more about the rich and elaborate fashion during the medieval renaissance age, then this article will prove to be helpful.
Affordable First Date Outfit Ideas for Men
First date outfit for men
For a stress-free and fun first date, wear clothes that exude trend, yet comfort. Dress for the occasion with some affordable first date outfit ideas mentioned in this Buzzle post.
5 Classy Ideas to Coordinate Shirts and Ties
Wear a solid shirt with metallic tie
Do you resort to wearing the same shirt-tie color combination for a majority of the week? Are you unsure of how you can experiment? Buzzle gives you 5 of the best shirt and tie combination ideas that you can depend on.
Types of Men's Suits
Types of men's suits - Tuxedos
At a very simplistic level, a suit is a pair of jacket and trousers made of the same fabric, supposed to be worn together. At a more logical level, there is way, way more that you need to learn about suits. Here's Buzzle's suit...
Men's Shirt Size Chart and Sizing Guide
Shirt sizes for men
With latest fashion trends and styles, buying a shirt that fits you well can be a confusing task. Let us help you find the perfect shirt that not only suits you, but will also increase your self-confidence. Here is a look at the...
Cocktail Attire for Men
Cocktail attire for men
Cocktail parties are a great place to show off your dressing skills, with a mean, uber chic suit.
Shopping Tips for Big and Tall Men
Shopping tips for big and tall men
Knowing how to pick the right clothes from the big and tall section can make you look smarter, slimmer, and feel good about yourself. Here are some shopping tips to help you along the way.
Classy Ways to Wear a DB Suit
Classy ways to wear a DB suit
A DB or double-breasted jacket is considered the ultimate formal attire, and every well-dressed gentleman must have one for any important occasion - be it an interview, an award function, or an annual board meeting. The type of DB...
Tips to Choose the Perfect Shirt Collar for Your Face Shape
Tips to choose the perfect shirt collar for your face shape
Your shirt's collar should suit the shape and frame of your face. The type of collar that suits a long and thin face may not be suitable for a round face. Similarly, the kind of collar that complements an angular face will be...
Different Tuxedo Styles for Men
Tuxedo styles for men
Ah, what a sight, men in tuxedos and women in gowns. Whether it's prom night or the big D-day itself, a man is incomplete without the fabulous tux. Buzzle brings you a few tux styles to try on and make that lasting impression.
Traditional German Clothing for Men
There is a difference between clothes worn daily and what is worn as part of one's heritage and tradition. National costumes or dresses vary from country to country and even regionally, with different styles being adopted in...
28 Great Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas for Guys
Valentine's day outfit ideas for guys
Who knows what a Valentine's night has in store for all of us? Shouldn't you be ready for anything that may come your way? With Buzzle by your side, look sharp and dashing with these 28 handsome Valentine's Day outfit ideas, no...
14 Outfit Ideas That Go Well With a Bow Tie
Bow tie with denim
If you ever had the opportunity to lay your eyes on a man sporting a bow tie, we are sure his image must have lodged into your memory like a stain. That is the power of the bow tie. So, if you are looking to get a shove from...
Tips for Choosing Summer Wedding Suits
Summer suits for weddings in unique colors are the best ones for grooms to don that out-of-the-crowd look. Here are some tips on choosing these and looking cool during hot summers.
Best Online Shopping Websites to Buy Men's Clothes
Online shopping websites to buy men's clothes
Wondering which are the best places to buy men's clothes online? We have the answer for you! Check out the best websites to buy men's clothes in this Buzzle post.
Tuxedo Vs. Suit - Which One to Choose?
Difference between tuxedo and suit
Whether it is a tuxedo or suit, a man just drips charm and style when he wears it, and yes, women give ample glad eyes to such men. While both of them are imperative for a man's apparel arsenal, there's a fine distinction between...
How to Pick Out the Best Tuxedo for Prom
Tip to pick a tuxedo for prom
Picking the right tuxedo requires certain amount of homework and knowledge. To save your time, we've compiled a few tips to help you pick the perfect tuxedo for your prom night.
Things to Look for When Buying a Men's Suit
How to pick a suit
Buying a suit can be a traumatic or an exhilarating experience depending on how much you know about what you want. This guide to buying a good suit will ensure that you enjoy the process of finding one that will make you want to...
Nightwear for Men
If you are searching some cool styles in nightwear for men, then make sure that you read the following article and get an idea about the best picks in this category. Here's all about the best fabrics to opt for and popular...
Overalls for Men
Overalls for men have been a popular garment for over a century and continue to be remain so. This garment is often preferred by mechanics and construction workers, who consider it to be an easy, sturdy, and convenient overall for...
Best Khakis for Men
You can choose the best khakis and pair them up with your dressy casual attire. Read the following article about the best khakis for men.
Slim Fit Dress Shirts
Slim fit dress shirts are very classy and stylish. This article explains what these shirts are like, who can wear them, and where to find them.
Overcoats for Men
There are a few things that you need to know before purchasing overcoats. This article talks about overcoats for men which will make your purchase decision easier.