The Difference between Meditation and Prayer
Prayer and meditation
Many people think that meditation and prayer are pretty much the same - but there are differences in the motivation behind both of them.
Rosary Meditation
This article gives an explanation of the meditative process of praying with the rosary.
Significance of Brahma Muhurta
Significance of Brahma Muhurta
Ayurveda has always propagated the importance of early morning rituals. During this time, our mind and body is relaxed after a good night's sleep. Even the environment is peaceful and unpolluted. Hence, Brahma Muhurta (an hour and...
Chakra Meditation for Beginners
Ajna chakra activates your dormant intuitive powers
Chakra meditation is a very old form of meditation. The world has been learning its ways for sometime now, and realizing its several advantages. Chakra meditation is a way to connect with your spiritual self and reclaim your life.
Postpartum Meditation and Relaxation for Beginners
As a new mom, chances are that you have stepped into the world of sleep-deprivation, chaos, and stress. Whether you are breastfeeding, or just looking for a natural or alternative treatment for postpartum depression, stress, and...
The Power of Chanting Om
Fact about the power of Om
Om is the beginning. Om is the end. It is an all-encompassing entity. The word 'Om' literally means "that which is sounded out loudly".
Meditation Techniques for Stress
Meditation for stress
Stress has become synonymous to today's fast-paced life. It is a leading cause for poor mental and physical health. In order to cope with stress, we need to adopt certain meditation techniques that will lead us to happier and...
Meditation for Improved Creativity
Discover new sources of personal inspiration and creativity with the help of introspection.
The Power of Mantra
Borrow from the meditation toolbox of the ancients and bring the power of the mantra to your own practice.
Mindfulness Exercises
Thich Nhat Hanh quote on mindfulness
Mindfulness exercises, when practiced on a regular basis, make us more aware about our thought patterns, and rejuvenate our emotional and physical health.
Visualization Meditation
Meditation techniques
Meditation is known the world over to bring mental and physical relaxation, peace of mind, and relief from stress. Visualization meditation is equally effective and is soon catching up. Many attribute their newfound selves and...
Healing on a Cellular Level Through Meditation
Healing through meditation
Doctors, pharmaceuticals, and physical treatments are usually the first plan of attack for most people whenever an illness or injury appears. But meditation and belief can bring about healing, even in extraordinary circumstances.
Third Eye Meditation
Third eye meditation
Living without experiencing things with your third eye is akin to keeping your eyelids shut in the real world. But you can achieve the enlightenment by practicing the third eye meditation. The sense of freedom and liberty attained...
Types of Meditation Music
Music for meditation
Meditation can provide motivation, help manage stress, and other emotional and physical benefits. One of the complementary aspects associated with meditation is music.
Christian Meditation Techniques
Psalm 16:8 quote
Christian meditation techniques keep us in touch with God and help us reflect upon His revelations. It is a structured meditation which not only praise the miracles of God, but also thank Him for bestowing beautiful things in and...
How to Meditate Deeply
Guided meditation improves concentration
Claimed to be one of the best alternatives for relaxation, meditation, if done sincerely and properly, helps improve blood circulation, respiration, memory, and creativity. It also relieves stress, reduces anxiety and depression,...
How to Lead a Guided Meditation
For those of you who want to head a group of meditating people, you can learn how to lead a guided meditation to successfully train people on how to work on their minds and energies. Acquire helpful tips on how to gain lasting...
The Long History of Meditation is Evidence of its Benefits
Meditation slows aging of the brain
The numerous traditions and practices associated with the various forms of meditation have been intriguing and beneficial to people of all nations for centuries.
Types of Meditation Cushions
Meditation cushions
Meditation is becoming an integral part of our lifestyle and so do the accessories follow. There are many types of meditation cushions available for making your meditation all the more comfort-oriented and also help you in reaping...
Active Meditation During Daily Activities
Tip for meditating during daily activities
You don't have to set aside three hours a day to meditate effectively. In fact, there are probably several times during the day when you engage in routine chores or easy activities perfect for adopting a calm, meditative attitude....
Integrative Body-Mind Training (IBMT)
IBMT against mental illness
Integrative body-mind training (IBMT) is yet another step in understanding how meditation works and helps to make better use of one's faculties.
Different Types of Meditation
Om symbol is related to the Ajna chakra
The different types of meditation are the kind of everyday techniques you want to incorporate in your lifestyle to make the most out of its healing and calming effects.
Meditation Techniques for Beginners
Meditation for beginners
It is said that people who practice meditation are able to achieve greater success than others. The secret to this may lie in the higher concentration levels achieved by practitioners of meditation.
The Greatest Mantra: Soham Meditation
Soham meditation
In beginning of time, before there was any language, even primitive man had a basic mantra to focus on, that is "Soham". By practicing soham meditation all earthly effort and struggle will be replaced with God's grace and...
Filling Your Mind in Order to Empty It
David Lynch quote on meditation
Most types of meditation begin with the instruction to empty your mind. Easier said than done! You can try other techniques instead, like filling up your mind with interrelated thoughts for clearer focus of thoughts.
Meditating With Sound
Meditating with sound
Although meditation is very often a silent practice, meditating with sound can be rewarding and add an element of fun to your meditation while helping to keep your mind from wandering.
Meditation at Work
Meditation at work
In an increasingly hectic work-culture, meditation is fast gaining recognition as an effective way to combat stress. Know the various meditation techniques to adapt it to your work routine, for inner peace and work productivity.
What is Qigong?
Qigong meaning
Qigong (Chi Kung) means cultivating energy. It is a system practiced for health maintenance, healing and increasing vitality. All the types of Qigong, involve a posture, (static and dynamic), breathing techniques, and mental focus....
Yoga Nidra Meditation
Benefits of Yoga Nidra
Practiced by ancient Indian sages for centuries, yoga nidra meditation is a technique that has been used to reach a high level of consciousness while sleeping. It is a stage between 'going to sleep'. The concept of yoga nidra has...
Tranquility Can Be Achieved by Concentrating on a Flame
Tranquility by concentrating on a candle flame
People have used a flickering flame as an object of meditation for thousands of years. You can even try this to achieve inner peace and bliss. Through regular practice, you can witness stable flow of energy in your body, which will...
The Zafu in Meditation
Zafu pillow in Japanese meditation
Whether it's accompanied by a zabuton or not, the zafu is often as central to the meditation experience as seeking an enlightened state of mind.
The Power of Positive Chanting
Power of positive chanting
Hare Krishna meditation techniques, including the chanting that many people associate with the movement, have been developed through centuries to help followers unleash their own personal power. The power that rises from positive...
Types of Meditation Yoga
Meditation yoga types
Yoga is an ancient Indian practice of exercise and meditation that benefits individuals in different ways. The various types of Yoga that involve meditation enables one to channelize one's mind, relieve stress, and provide the body...
How to Practice Compassion Meditation
Compassion meditation
Compassion meditation helps you become more compassionate towards people in your life and even yourself, thus improving your relationships and life.
Buddhist Meditation Techniques
Zen means meditation
If you practice Buddhist meditation on a regular basis, it can enhance the quality of your life and those around you. Buddhist meditation can be followed by practicing Zen or Tibetan Buddhism techniques, for calmness and wellness...
Meditation Techniques
Meditation makes us turn inwards
Practicing certain meditation techniques daily can help to relax the mind and ease the stress. There are various forms of meditation like Mantra meditation, Flame meditation, and Zazen, which you can choose for utmost relaxation.
How to Sleep With Your Eyes Open
Sleeping with your eyes open
Are you new to the concept of sleeping with your eyes open? Frankly, when I read about sleeping with eyes open for the first time, I was astounded; obviously, because I hadn't heard about it ever in my life. As funny as it may sound...
Buddhist Thangkas Enhance the Contemplative Meditation Experience
Fact about Thangka
Tibetan thangkas are Buddhist paintings used as visual support for practicing meditation. They are intended to serve as a guide for contemplative experience, and the anonymity of their creators serve to enhance their usefulness to...
Being Your Own Witness with 108 Meditation
Significance of 108 in meditation
The meditation technique known as 108 Meditation is perhaps the simplest, yet most revolutionary, way to clear your mind of all distractions and live in the present.
The Healing Power of Deep Meditation
Amit Ray quote on meditation
Meditation has been practiced for centuries to relieve stress, calm the inner soul, and find peace in an otherwise chaotic world. But researchers have found out the healing power of deep meditation, which offers numerous benefits...
The End of Guilt Meditation Technique
End of Guilt meditation
The End of Guilt meditation technique helps people overcome negative feelings about themselves. It is an important technique that can help you think positively and instill a sense of confidence in you.
Your First Time Meditation
The benefits of meditation are so well-known that even Western doctors are recommending it for stress relief - but you can't get those benefits if you can't get into the meditation. This practice exercise will help you slip into...
Yoga Poses for Meditation
While emergency anti-stress meditation can be done anywhere, anytime, a true extended session requires attention to body positioning. Try basing your posture on the mindful positioning of yoga to free your mind and attention for...
Water Meditation
There is nothing more essential than water, except maybe air - and water is one-third oxygen. Use various forms of water in your meditation to clarify your thought process, like nature's visual aid - even if it's only a puddle.
Five Senses Meditation
Take advantage of your portals unto the world. Instead of shutting down the senses, send one into overdrive to reach a state of bliss.
Holosync Meditation
What is Holosync meditation? How is it different from the other forms of meditation? Read on to find the answers.
Meditation Can Alter Your Genes
Meditation can change the body's gene response to stress, say scientists.
Hatha Yoga as a Path to Better Meditation
Hatha yoga was originally designed to prepare the body and mind for meditation practice.
Meditation as a Tool for Addiction Recovery
Meditation for addiction recovery
Meditation helps addicts examine their life, thoughts, and feelings without any judgment. They learn to forgive themselves and others, thus helping them to transition more effectively. Meditative yoga and other techniques...
Reading Fiction as a Form of Meditation
Ralph Waldo Emerson quote on books
Most people don't think of reading as a form of meditation, but a new study shows that, when you read fiction, your body feels the same effects as a session of meditation. This same study also showed that reading fiction can change...
Meditation Techniques for Sleep
Soothing music to induce sleep
The key to a good night's sleep is relaxation. Meditation before bed is one of the best ways to relax your mind and body (insomnia patients should consult the doctor if the condition persists).
Clearing Your Consciousness into a Blank Slate
Blank screen meditation technique
The Blank Slate meditation technique helps you clear unreality from your consciousness so you can be aware of life as it happens. The Blank Screen meditation technique takes place in the here and now, and is performed consciously....
Meditation Techniques for Depression
Meditating on a regular basis has helped people improve their overall thinking patterns. It has helped them get rid of anxiety. This article provides information on the effect of meditation techniques on mood swings and depression.
Meditation? Me? - Why Even You Should Meditate
Why we shouldn't let stereotypes keep us from this excellent form of relaxation and rejuvenation.
Distance Running as Meditation - The Overlapping Concepts of Both
Runner's high explained
Distance running and other strenuous exercise can lead to a state referred to as the "runner's high", and lead people to a meditative state that is both powerful and healing. Only a person who has engrossed himself in...
Vipassana Meditation: The Soothing Divinity of Sound
Fact about meditating position
The practice of the 'sound current' used in meditation is the foundation practice at the root of linking the body directly with the soul.
10 Best Meditation Apps
10 best meditation apps
Meditation is one of the best ways to relieve stress and get back in touch with your inner self. This Buzzle article lists some of the best apps that help you meditate.
Mandala Creation Meditation
Making a mandala is more than just doodling in a bullseye. It can be an intense journey into your soul and mind, and you end up with a meditation tool that leads you down a long-term path to enlightenment.
Can Meditation Really Help to Lose Weight?
You may have often heard that meditation helps you keep your mind and body fit. But, have you noticed how all yogis and most spiritual people stay lean naturally, and live a long life? Could meditating help you detoxify your body...
Quick and Easy Meditation
Meditation doesn't have to take forever. Follow these tips to do a quick and easy meditation routine that fits in your daily schedule.
Meditation for Prosperity
Meditation can be a powerful tool to help you achieve what you want. If prosperity is what you desire, you should try meditating to help you achieve it...
Yoga for Meditation
When people think of yoga, they generally think of either an energizing morning workout or a relaxing session at the end of the day. When yoga is used for meditation, it can be both.
Do Mantras Really Work?
Mantras are words chanted in order to attain concentration and meditation. Everything that a human thinks; his thoughts, ideas, action and speech, all of them affect his being. Mantras, if recited in the right way, can have many...
Meditation Techniques for Kids
Using meditation is one of the best ways to promote concentration and prevent the onset of several psychological conditions like low self-esteem and anxiety. In the following article, we will give you a list of some simple, yet...
Mindfulness Exercises for Anxiety
Many people are searching for mindfulness exercises for anxiety that can be practiced on a daily basis. Here's an article that provides you with exercises along with information on what mindfulness is all about...
Effects of Meditation Music
Meditative music helps the mind relax. It reduces stress and makes the individual feel at peace. Soothing music has an uncanny way of making you feel good about yourself.
Meditate Anywhere, Any Time
Meditation is often thought to be a time-consuming activity that is too demanding for those of us with hectic schedules. Taking the tadasana yoga pose can be a quick meditation solution that can help you stay calm and balanced in...
Meditation Techniques for Concentration
It is a known fact that meditation builds and strengthens your ability to concentrate, which in turn helps you focus on a particular thing with ease and makes life much easier for you. This article shares some very effective...
Exploring the Health Benefits of Meditation
Meditation was long the purview of various eastern religions, but has entered the mainstream over the past several decades and is now being studied as a source of greater physical health.
How to Meditate for Beginners
Many have tried to capture the essence of meditation through the power of words. But one doesn't realize it until its tried to its best. Here's your chance. Read on to know how to meditate to experience the spiritual bliss yourself.
Understanding Who You Are Not
The concept of "you" is vast and is one of those that every individual think about in general. However, in these turbulent times, it is essential for all to understand who they are not. Read the following article to...
Meditation Techniques for Anxiety
More than 60 percent of the world's population is affected by anxiety in some way or the other. Here are some effective meditation techniques for anxiety relief.
Chanting a Mantra - You can't Go Wrong
When it comes to meditating by chanting om or a mantra, there is no "wrong" way to do it. Read on to know more about this topic.
Can We Train Our Brains Through Compassion Meditation?
A new study shows that with regular meditation, areas of the brain responsible for feeling empathy and kindness can literally be expanded.
Vipassana Meditation: Touching the Blue Sky Within
Vipassana is an age-old meditation technique that has its origins in India. Read about my experience with this form of inner healing.
Meditation Techniques: Finding Time to Be Quiet
Meditation is the physical and intellectual exercise of calming the mind and spirit. It is one of the oldest practices for maintaining positive mental and emotional health.
Invoking the Power of the Spoken Word for Universal Harmony
Hare Krishna meditation techniques seek to unleash personal power through the positive pronunciation of potent mantras.
Meditation: A Way of Life
Meditation opens up your mind, helps you know yourself, and is a great way to relax.