Meditation can be a great instrument for finding what you want from life. By focusing on one thing, and calming your mind and body, you can envision what you want and reach for it. It is the same idea with sports players visualizing a specific play or movement; if you see it, you can reach it. In the same way, if you visualize prosperity, you can get it within your grasp and experience much success in life.
Defining Prosperity
If you want to try meditating for prosperity, you may want to begin by defining prosperity for yourself. People can experience prosperity in many different aspects of their lives. Prosperity in love, for example, can mean finding someone you can spend the rest of your life with. Prosperity in family can mean having many children, or as many as you want. Prosperity in business or money can mean making that sale or getting that job you've been working so hard for. No matter what you are seeking, it is important to be specific in your goals. Part of meditation is to visualize the goal, and if you are not specific in your goals, that may be difficult to do. It is also proven that the more specific the goal, the more likely you are to attain it.
Meditation Basics
The first thing you want to do when starting any meditation is to set a time of the day to do it, and do it at that time as much as possible. If you don't make time to meditate, you may forget to do it during the day, and then you won't realize its full benefits. Once you choose a time, you need to choose a place. Meditation can be done sitting or lying down, but no matter what, it is most important to be comfortable. You'll want to rid yourself of distractions, like turning off your cell phone and computer, and making sure your children are cared for while you meditate. It is important that you do not experience any interruptions. Finally, focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths and exhale completely, counting to five each time. This can help calm your mind and body, and prepare yourself for meditation.
Meditating for Prosperity
There are many meditation techniques for prosperity out there, and if you do a quick Internet search, you will find many of them. A very popular one, however, is to close your eyes and breathe deeply, and visualize a field. In this field are flowers and green grass that feels cool on your feet as you walk. Soon, you see trees and a stream of water. The stream is calm and clear, and there are birds that guide you downstream. Then you see a waterfall and a pathway under the waterfall. You need to follow that path. The water washes away all of your worries and negative feelings.
How it Works
The idea behind this meditation is that you cannot achieve your dreams if you are blocked by negativity and doubt. If you doubt yourself, you will hold yourself back from the prosperity you seek. The waterfall in this meditation is designed to take all of that doubt and worry away and leave you feeling refreshed, cleansed, and confident. When you think about a job interview or a big sale, confidence or lack thereof can make or break your success. When you feel confident and worry-free, you can do anything. Therefore, let the waterfall wash your worries away and go forth, confident that you can be prosperous.