Best Mattresses for Heavy People
The big fat woes just got bulkier with sleep allergic mattresses? Check some of the best mattresses for heavy people below, a quick and easy guide with comfort and value.
Futon Mattress Sizes
Do you want to order for a futon mattress? There are many factors you should consider before ordering one, like the type of the material of the futon mattress, the thickness of futon mattress, the size of the mattress, etc.
Best Mattress for Side Sleepers
Sleeping on the right kind of mattress is essential for getting a good night's sleep. This Buzzle write-up provides information on tips for selecting the best mattress for side sleepers.
Mattress for Back and Neck Pain
It is important to choose the right mattress for back and neck pain relief. Often a poor quality mattress creates a dip in the middle and conduces to back pain. To alleviate the pain caused, it is important to get a more firm...
Best Mattress for Kids
Kids require sleep for the larger part of the day, so it's very necessary that you know good mattresses for them.
Heated Mattress Pad Reviews
Before you look at the reviews of heated mattresses, consider the tips for choosing them. Important factors to look for while buying them are given in this page.
King-size Mattress Dimensions
There are various king-size mattress dimensions available in the stores, and depending on your requirements, you can purchase them. This article will acquaint you with the various dimensions of such beds.
Types of Mattresses
A good night's sleep rejuvenates us and helps us keep our energy, enthusiasm, and vivacity high, and a good bed helps us sleep comfortably. Let us find the types of mattresses you can choose from, to ensure that you get a...
Waterproof Mattress Covers
Quality waterproof mattress covers not only provide protection and comfort, but also increase the life of your mattress.
Sleep Number Mattress and Beds
Due to the advancement of technology, almost everything is undergoing a revolution nowadays. Sleep number mattress and beds have revolutionized the way we rest. Here's a brief informative article on what they are all about, their...
Guide to Buy a Mattress
"Sleep is the best meditation" and the key to a good night's sleep is a good bed mattress. Here is a guide that will help you in buying the perfect one.
Information about Inflatable Camping Mattresses
Inflatable mattresses have made camping easier and much more fun. This article tells you why you should never leave on a camping trip without an inflatable mattress, and how you should select from what is available in the market.
Best Mattress for Back Pain
It is hazardous to continue using an unsuitable mattress as it tends to aggravate back pain. Here is information about mattresses meant to relieve back pain.
Aireloom Mattress Rating
Aireloom mattresses are luxury mattresses, targeted to high-end clients, and are pieces of extreme comfort and luxury. The high quality materials and handcrafting used in these mattresses have caused them to be sought after pieces...
Twin Mattress Dimensions
Before purchasing a mattress for your twin bed, it is essential to do a little bit of homework to determine the available dimensions that can best fit your requirements. This Buzzle article throws light on twin bed mattress...
When is the Right Time to Change a Mattress?
Right time to change a mattress
Are you waking up with a stiff back almost every other day? The reason could be your mattress. A lumpy or saggy mattress can affect your posture and cause stiffness. So if you don't remember when you last bought one, just change it!
Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Mattress Online
Tip to buy a mattress online
Buying a mattress is a major investment. After all, you're going to spend more than 8 hours a day sleeping on your bed. A good night's sleep is the most important component for good health. There are certain very important things...
Are Box Springs Really Necessary for Mattresses?
Fact about box spring
A good night's sleep is essential for your engine to keep humming, and this to a great extent hinges on your mattress. What do we mean by a good mattress? The one that comes with a sturdy bed base and affords good support and...
When is the Best Time to Buy a Mattress?
Best time to buy a mattress
Both, the availability and the prices of mattresses are dependent on the time of the year. It is quite possible that a mattress worth gold at one time, is sold off for mere coppers at another. In this article, we tell you which are...
Twin Mattress Measurements
Federal law about twin mattresses
Quite often when purchasing a twin mattress, we overlook the measurements and focus only on the manufacturer and the softness or hardness of the mattress.
Mattresses for Platform Beds
Mattresses for platform beds
Platform beds are a very common incorporation in modern bedroom designs. Find some comfortable mattresses for these beds mentioned here, just for you.
How to Make a Nap Mat
Benefits of nap mats
A nap mat comes very handy when traveling to a different place or staying at someone else's house. You can easily make it yourself; all you need to know is choosing the correct materials and proper stitching.
Best Way to Clean a Mattress
Mattress care tip
Keeping a mattress clean from dust, dirt, and stains can be a challenging task, especially if you have children and pets in your home.
Tips on Buying a New Mattress
Benefit of using memory foam
Do you know that you spend one-thirds of your life in bed? Isn't that reason enough to make sure that you have the right mattress going for you? For each age and body type, there is a different size or type of mattress that is most...
Full Size Mattress Dimensions
Full-size mattress size
A preference above twin beds, full size bed mattresses are in vogue these days. Comfy, sneaky, and chic, full size bed mattresses are oft chosen if you have a young family. A bedtime story or sibling time, for the comfort of guests...
Waterbed Mattresses Guide - How To Choose A Waterbed Mattress
Best waterbed mattresses
Waterbed mattresses gained a lot of popularity in the seventies when they first made their appearance. People all over the world wanted one for their bedroom. There are different types of waterbed mattresses. Deciding on the pros...
How to Remove Urine Smell from Mattresses
Ways to remove urine smell from mattresses
If you have a small baby or a pet, then chances are that you know something about removing the odor of urine from mattresses. Removing the stench and mark left behind becomes a tedious task, if not done in a proper way. But with a...
What to Look For in a New Mattress
Medium-sized mattresses for back sleepers
Buying a new mattress is not like any casual bedroom shopping; rather, it calls for a lot of attention and research to decide upon the kind of mattress that could suit your body. Also, seeking medical advice before choosing a...
How Often Should You Flip Your Mattress
How often should mattresses be flipped
The process of dusting and cleaning the bedroom is incomplete till the mattress is done. Cleaning the mattress does not confine to changing bed sheet or pillow cover but also a periodic flipping and rotating has to be done to equal...
Sofa Bed Mattress Buying Guide
Tip for choosing sofa beds
A nice, comfortable mattress can make sleeping on a sofa bed a wonderful experience. With the perfect size and space, sofa beds are a great option to sleep on. Sofa beds usually have a firm seating considering their dual purpose...
Tips for Buying a Trundle Bed Mattress
Fact about trundle beds
Trundle beds, which are also called trumple beds, allow you to keep two beds in the space of one during daytime. The second bed is stored under the main bed. Mattresses for such kind of beds should be soft and thin so that the...
Organic Mattress Bedding: Toppers, Pads and Beds
Organic mattresses are healthy
Organic mattresses are available in various materials such as wool and cotton. These have certain advantages over non-organic ones with regards to health concerns. Organic material is also used to manufacture pads/toppers.
The Elusive Perfect Mattress
Most people don't even think about replacing their mattress until it's so bad that they wake up in pain every day. Don't wait this long. If your mattress is around seven years old, chances are it's time for a change. Do some...
How to Remove Urine from a Mattress
If you are new to motherhood, you might be wondering how to remove urine from the mattress. With simple cleaning tips, you can succeed in removing urine stains as well as odor from your mattress.
Tips for Cleaning a Futon Mattress
Cleaning a mattress is a difficult task unless you know the right way to deal with it. Here is an article for all those who want to know the correct method to clean a mattress. Continue reading to get some easy tips for cleaning a...
How to Select a Futon Mattress
A futon is probably the most popular piece of furniture in small houses, since it can double up both as a couch and a bed. Here is a brief guide that will tell you how to select a futon mattress.
Best Mattress for the Money
Best mattresses
Are you looking for a good-quality mattress that is well worth your set budget? This Buzzle article can help you. Presented below are some options available in the market that have gained popularity for being among the best...
Latex Mattress Reviews
The mattress industry has come a long way since the coir and beaten-cotton stuffed mattresses and comforters. Today, latex mattresses with acupuncture-influenced pinholes and foam lining are more popular among the consumers.
Best Mattress Topper
With so many types and brands of mattress toppers available, it is natural to wonder which is the best mattress topper available. When there are too many options, making a choice can seem mind-boggling.
Serta Mattress Reviews
Perusing through some Serta mattress reviews will give you a better idea of the brand and the different kinds of mattresses available under the Serta umbrella. Serta mattresses have been catering to society for the past 75 years....
World's Best Mattresses
What would sleeping on the world's best mattresses feel like? It's an unimaginable and incomprehensible feeling, right? Read on to unravel the mystery of the world's best bed.
Aireloom Mattress Reviews
Aireloom mattresses are known for their finesse and luxury. They are considered to be the best in the market. Are you thinking of buying one for yourself? Well, in that case, these Aireloom mattress reviews will definitely prove to...
Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews
Memory foam mattress toppers
Memory foam mattress toppers are great for making a traditional mattress more comfortable without spending a huge amount of money. Find a discussion about memory foam mattress topper reviews in this article.
Good Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers
If you are a stomach sleeper and are not able to sleep well, then all you need is a good mattresses. Since one spends as much as one third of ones life in bed, investing in the right mattress is important.
Most Comfortable Mattress for Side Sleepers
Not all types of mattresses are comfortable for side sleepers. Then how to choose the best mattress for side sleepers? Read on to know more...
Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Reviews
The following Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress reviews will guide you about the styles, pros and cons of these mattresses.
Serta Mattress Styles
Serta is a reputed mattress-making company which has been in this industry for almost a century. Their mattresses are very popular, and are preferred by many people all over the world. The following section gives more information...
Air Mattress Reviews
If you are planning to buy a portable mattress, air mattress reviews are here to help you. Get information about the top products in this category and pick the one that best suits your requirements.
Kingsdown Mattress Reviews
Do Kingsdown mattress reviews say the same things as the claims of its manufacturers? Well, read the following article and find out more.
Good Mattress Brands
There are quite a few good mattress brands out there to choose from. This article lists the factors to consider while selecting a mattress and some popular brands.
Top-Rated Mattresses for Bad Backs
Are you having trouble sleeping because of an uncomfortable mattress? In this article, we are discussing some of the top-rated mattresses for bad backs.
Top-rated Mattresses
Are you planning to purchase a new mattress? We bring you the details of top-rated mattresses in various categories such as latex, inflatable, and memory foam mattresses.